Moontrap: Target Earth
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Robert Dyke
John Ager as Computer Tech
Michael Stephen Bryant as Truck Driver
Damon Dayoub as Daniel Allen
Steven Dutton as Trucker
Chris Newman as Carter
Jennifer Kincer as Nicole
Sarah Butler as Scout
Loretta Higgins as The Engineer
Charles Shaughnessy as Richard Kontral
Christopher J. Courtney as Truck Driver
Storyline: A long forgotten ancient spacecraft discovered on Earth. Investigations carried out by Scout transport her to the moon whereupon she meets the impressive machines preserving the wisdom of that long lost civilization.
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Low budget sci fi failure
MOONTRAP: TARGET EARTH is another indie science fiction film that fails to convince due to lack of budget. It doesn't help that the script veers between boredom-inducing exposition and incoherence. The story is about a spaceship that's discovered on the surface of the Moon and one character's trip there to discover something about civilisation, but none of it is remotely convincing. Half of it was filmed in a quarry which reminded me of the old DR WHO episodes while other parts are green screen. There are only three or four actors on screen at the same time. At the very end you get to see a robot whose look is copied from STAR WARS.
A hastily made movie

Usually I do not criticize acting performance for the entire movie but this one, well, I can't find anything good about the acting.

The script does not help either.

The scenes and the way the story is told make you sleepy at best.

I prefer watching again that very low budget film Moontrap that was filmed a long time ago... at least it was not too long and had a better script but most importantly better acting.

Don't watch this, even if you can see it for free, you will find very little that is good in this movie. Do not sacrifice your time for such movie, take a walk in the park and it will be more entertaining and artistic than this movie.
Truly dire and Awful
what can i say about this title i knew within the first 2 minutes how awful this was going to be but to my better judgement i carried on watching the acting was ham the story was like a 5 year old wrote it the whole thing was so bad towards the very end my DVD player stopped dead i think my DVD player had become sentient and decided to terminate itself i paid £5 to watch this DVD and i am going to blow torch it so no one else has to suffer this dire piece of trash.
how bad could it get?
saw this advertised thought "intresting" saw reviews and thought it cant be "THAT" bad, and i was right it wasn't that bad was worse i was thinking of writing some spoilers but after 5 Min's in any one with an IQ above own shoe size could tell you what is going to happen. do NOT waste time money your memory .
Wow. Hard to believe a movie can be this bad!
Just a really bad movie on every level. Not sure how they convinced the two lead actors to be a part of this movie but I can only imagine they both hate themselves for it. The director needs to give up the craft or perhaps enroll in film school. I am not certain of a single positive to take from this experience.
The original Moontrap is better
This movie is vastly inferior to the original Moontrap. The story is a mish-mash of elements from better movies like Prometheus, and the typical we don't want the populous to know of this, it will ruin society. The special effects are sub par and compare to the worse the SyFy channel dishes out. Moontrap was not a A budget movie but is made good use of the stars and budget. This one had only 2 robots and neither looked like the Kaalium. One plus is the character development, you cared about what was going on with them. The ending was unsatisfying. Overall a movie that needed to look at the original for better inspiration and better writers and effects.
No idea what it was about
Poor, bad, boring, weak, slow, disjointed, unintelligible, pointless, etc etc..

Probably every known negative adjective can be applied to this film.

I just wish I could have back the hour or so of my life that I lost watching this rubbish.
A sort of fun but weak sequel.
Let me get right to it, this film is really low budget. But honestly I still liked it, I have yet to see the first film.

I mean, it wasn't going to be better than the first film, most sequels aren't as good as the their predecessors but this has potential. What I mean by that is, this sort of sets up for more.

I honestly would like to see more stories to this little universe, I wouldn't mind If Sarah Butler's character came back in future sequels.

My only quip with this sequel is it didn't have enough action scenes, not a whole lot, but at least a little more than it did.

Overall, I liked it, I give it a 4/10. It's not a great sequel by any means, but it was kinda fun for what it is. Sarah Butler was good in it, and I hope to see more sequels to this soon.
It's Mooncrap, but it stars Sarah Butler, so we all need to watch it...
Yah, the movie is total garbage, but it stars Sarah Butler, so you need to see it. Sarah is awesome. She's stunningly beautiful, athletic, and when given the right script (like ISOYG) can deliver a brilliant performance. Unfortunately, she seems to not be able to come across those quality projects very often.

Like this clunker, Moontrap. The concept was ridiculous, script was terrible, the special effects were laughable, the sets were beyond awful, the soundtrack was painfully amateurish, and the production was made on a budget comparable to your local high school's chess club treasury fund. But, bad as it was for an hour and 25 minutes, it did star Sarah Butler, so you need to find a copy and see it, because it did star Sarah Butler.
Life is short; don't waste it here
You are hereby admonished to think twice about spending 100 minutes of your life watching a film made in Troy, Michigan. It may well have been a sadist's idea of a practical joke. There have literally been better movies made as a Film School student's graduation project. Had it been within my power would have rated this turkey with a negative number.
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