My Pet Dinosaur
Action, Adventure, Family
IMDB rating:
Matt Drummond
David Roberts as Doctor
Christopher Gabardi as Fred Tansy
Scott Irwin as Officer Alan Farraday
Stephen Davis as Will Spencer
Aaron Bonham as Military Personnel
Harrison Saunders as Mike Emory
Rowland Holmes as Col. Roderick
Jordan Dulieu as Jake Emory
Tom Rooney as Charles Altman
Annabel Wolfe as Abbey Tansy
Sam Winspear-Schillings as Max Merriman
Darius Williams as Jimmy Jonas
Beth Champion as Jennifer Emory
Tiriel Mora as Trevor Brown
Joanne Samuel as Doris Mercher
Meghan Drummond as Waitress
Storyline: When a young boy named Jake accidentally makes a new friend in an experiment gone wrong a troubled town is plunged into chaos. But with the creature rapidly evolving every day, Jake finds it increasingly difficult to keep his new pet secret. Jake's friends and new girl Abbie realize they are not the only ones interested in this strange, mischievous little dinosaur and soon discover that the only thing more mysterious than what it is, is who is looking for it.
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This movie was really annoying then entertaining
I really tried to watch this movie but I can't. There are music in every scene, I tried to focus on what's important but that annoying soundtrack just throws everything off. The annoying music makes the acting and action so boring, it was like torture. My kids love dinosaur movies but even they couldn't understand what is going on because the soundtrack music is louder then them speaking.
Don't trust the hater reviews, this is a fun, well made film.
I almost didn't watch this because of the poor reviews. The people who wrote them are completely inaccurate and I don't understand how IMDb can allow troll posts like these to stay up on their site. This is a well made family film with good actors, a decent script, very good cinematography and it is what its supposed to be, a fun film about a kid with a pet dinosaur. Definitely worth a look.
This is a terrible move
Perhaps the worst film I've seen for a long time and if I could I would provide a negative score for wasting my time.

It's like a 7th grader wrote, directed, edited and produced this for a school assignment.

The acting and writing is atrocious and the story line jumps around and there is little flow to scenes. The 'US ARMY' guys just turn up and it's the same guys with an assortment of military gear. Then when they start shooting it is comical, because the the firing a sound track from possibly every other army movie and no recoil and/or muzzle flash, and really this is just the an example... there are many, many more.

If you want to watch a film/TV show with great acting from younger actors, watch 'Super 8' or 'Stranger Things'.
I thought the Aussies liked America(ns)? I always pictured them (Aussies) as one big Texas...
At first glance one would think that this film may be a likable genre of Family adventure. You start out thinking the backdrop mirrors the setting of some small-town podunk secluded in our Northwest. Meaning that to escape union tradesmen fees and taxing whereas to reduce production costs, efficiency-minded Producers take to British Columbia's Vancouver; which is sufficient for the referenced setting.

Then comes the blatant, poor direction which leads to poor performances of such young actors. While youth could be attributed to their performance, it was the dialect coach who is to be blamed here. Whoever the person was, did not seem to be well versed in understanding how our youth express themselves and how they enunciate in word their emotions. Basically, an enforced acting all- the-while desperate in mimicking our American-English youth and dialect, and their emotion. FAIL!

When the Army rears it's literal ugly-head by way of Col. Roderick, I knew we weren't in Kansas anymore, neither in Vancouver! We're led to believe Roderick is an Officer with the rank of Colonel, right? Yeah, a Col. Sergeant First Class E-7... WAIT, WHAT? The chevrons of a Sgt. 1st Class are clearly seen buttoned to his outdated cammo fatigue collars. The AK's as mentioned here in post. The CGI inferred muzzle blasts as scripted recoil shrugs. The Jeep. The stolen Bio-hazard panel wagon, rightward steer, that is playwright to be "foreign"!? FAIL!

Why the American setting? The film would have worked much better as purely Aussie! Do they hate us so much to the point in riffing our lifestyle, our way of life? Hey, even our Policemen are misrepresented in this flick: they have no sidearms, nor two pairs of cuffs, a taser, pepper spray, magazine pouch, etc. While some Deputies and Sheriffs wear light clothing, most police wear the 'intimidating' line of wear - all black, jack-booted, crew-cut, Oakley sunglasses and the accouterments I identified as missing.

There is one scene when our misrepresented ARMY is seemingly shooting the pet dinosaur and is where, I believe, a commenter here sites 'no muzzle blast seen while pretending to mimic recoil'? This is the scene where the US Army tranquilizes the creature in subduing for analysis. So, no muzzle blast but, they should have CGI in a puff of vapor in signifying the difference.

Also, we're discussing a nation that literally sold-out their right to bear-arms. So, what we see here are most likely display models made from original parts but cannot be 'legally' converted or, soft- air models with the red muzzle indicator removed. Legal Movie Armorers do exist in almost all countries where in business to supply weapons of all varieties to production companies. Of course, all these must have stringent Quality Assurance and Safety measures and key personnel to insure that no 'live ammo' is present, only blanks.

My son was (is) so talented with CGI back in his teens; over a decade now. We have two Mausers in our vast collection of semi and full- auto weapons (they are all legally owned): one we shoot one we don't because it is considered Unfired NIB (new-in-box). On his My Space Page, he uploaded a video of him in the foyer where he explains in intricate detail the Mauser rifle (NIB), it's historicity and most of all, it's function. He then seemingly chambers a round, pulls to shoulder and squeezes off a round. Then by way of PC Programming, he edits in the report, muzzle blast and some residual powder-burn smoke. The response comments were unbelievable in where the majority thought he had actually fired the weapon indoors: What were you shooting at to stop the bullet? I see that you did not use hearing protection nor worried of pressures within a somewhat confined space. How did you overcome that? On and on about how stupid gun-wielding Americans were/are and their lack of restraint and ignoring safety and law. He answered them all as if he actually shot the weapon and kept them going for at least a month whereby answering intelligibly and defending himself honorably. Then he dropped the bomb shell - the before and after videos and the comments went silent. So, who is the more foolish? The fool or the fool that follow the fool? In this case the FOLLOWERS!
Oh Dear
I am totally convinced this was made by 4th graders and passed off as a serious flick. The acting by the kids is so bad even my 7 year old was rolling her eyes. The CGI looked like something a kid would experiment with in 3rd grade and the story line was just all over the place!People who are giving positive reviews for this one have either a vested interest or they are high on something. I have seen some terrible movies in my time but this really isn't that bad, it's just sad.
I'm not sure if they want to convince people that this is filmed in America, or they are making a joke out of it intentionally. Here are some glaring mistakes that I noticed that made this movie borderline unwatchable:

-Soldiers being transported around in a civilian truck -Soldiers carrying AKs. Their uniforms say US army... -Soldiers wearing covers, while others are not -Over half of the vehicles seen in the movie are not sold in the US -You can clearly see the steering wheel on the right side of the vehicle -Characters breaking accent and using strange language for everyday objects i.e. "bandage" instead of "bandaid".

Overall it was a pretty awful movie. They should have just had the movie set in Australia so there wouldn't be so many mistakes.
A cure for insomnia.
Currently on a visit to NSW, and staying with family in Lithgow, they told us that much of this movie had been shot in their street. So on our first evening here they put it on. After the drive up from Sydney, and then a few drinks over dinner, I soon began to doze off. I guess I ended up watching about half of it, but it really failed to interest me at all. I don't mind that it was a low budget offering, but what I could grasp of the plot was that it was pointless and rambling. The kids tried hard, so I will give it 3/10, but it is best avoided, or otherwise used as a cure for insomnia.
Excellent family film
This film is a delight. The story and characters are heartwarming and Magnus is just gorgeous. The young cast put in some really good performances. The accents at times seem to slip with a couple of them but overall they carry the film brilliantly. The only criticism I have is that I can't find anywhere where I can purchase a Magnus toy for my boys.

Do yourself a favour, Ignore the trolls. The real critics are spot on with this one.
dreadful just dreadful
I sat down and starting watching this with my family. the acting was poor and forced, with no conviction. The special effects where so bad I thought I was watching a 70s film lol. Half way through we all looked at each other and said " are you enjoying this" we all said "no" had to turn it off. Very sad excuse for a film, the makers should be ashamed.
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