Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Steven Karageanes
Lance Henriksen as Alexander Crick
George Pogacich as James Ross
Jan Cartwright as Nurse Doris
Gabrielle Brown as Orderly
Rachel Bellack as Researcher
Cindy Chu as Amy
Michael Traynor as Everett Barnard
Alara Ceri as Ginny Jenner
Jordan Trovillion as Sarah Hanna
Katie Savoy as Marie Blackwell
Jack Noseworthy as Boris Whipple
James Cowans as Mr. Morelli
Linda Boston as Alice
Harry Lennix as Ray LeGro
Storyline: A desperate doctor locks down South Union Cardiac Hospital to keep the greatest discovery in human history to himself, while a young intern races to save a dying young dancer, his ex-girlfriend, and his best friend, and stop his mentor.
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Refreshing Horror Film
A real horror film! That is- a believable horror film, I am so tired of seeing ghosts coming out of mirrors, hands coming through walls, etc., etc. This is a horror film that one could actually believe could happen. This film was also shot in a real hospital and had enough chilling effects to it that it kept me on the edge of my seat for most of the film. I did find it confusing but amazingly, that just brought me back to watching it again and enjoying it even more the second time around. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to see a real horror but also to anyone who isn't planning on going into a hospital anytime soon. Of course, the actors, Michael Traynor and Lance Henriksen are well known and the women, Alara Ceri and Katie Savoy, were definitely worth viewing.
Entertaining horror
Really enjoyed this movie, it's a horror flick with a plot that sets it apart from most horror movies. Set in a small hospital, Jack Henrikson plays a retiring head surgeon and brings the acting chops along with that great delirious laugh of his. Great supporting cast, well acted and some interesting ways to die/get killed.
I thought it was a horror film, but it was just a poor soap opera.
Let's face it, the only reason I even decided to watch this film was because I noticed Lance Hennrikson was on the cover. There is never enough Lance in ones life so I decided to watch.

Unfortunately this film was advertised as a horror film, but for the majority of the film I felt like I was watching a poor ER soap opera. I really was hoping for more horror elements, but they were few and far between.

On a final note why does the suicide victim seem to always have perfect make up on even those she is chained down to the bed and the rest of the cast look they have none.
See one. Do one. Teach one.
The film takes place in a typical horror film hospital, one that is huge on the outside but has 3 patients and a small staff inside. I guess all the sick people have left Detroit. Evil mad scientist doctor played by Lance Henriksen is creating an immortality serum from stem cells from humans and not the jellyfish he rants about. Much of the film is dedicated to a soap opera drama between the returning Dr. Everett (Michael Traynor) no longer an intern and his hot ex-girlfriend Marie "sports bra" Blackwell. What made the story good were the one liners from the support cast such as Jordan Trovillion and Linda Boston. The problem was with the hack plot itself and a lack of scare and urgency, even with a crazy guy taking an ax to a door. WOW! Never saw that before. I didn't feel it. Lance's character was not well developed. You could do worse, just don't expect a horror hospital classic.

Guide: F-word (I caught 2). No sex or nudity.
Locked in a hospital with a few recognisable actors
NEEDLESTICK is a very low budget horror film with a hospital setting. It isn't a great movie but I did end up enjoying it more than most films in this genre, although that's down to the presence of a couple of the actors. Otherwise it's a single location effort that plays out as more of a thriller than anything else, although there are a couple of gruesome moments and action bits. The story is about a crazy doctor who traps a group of patients and staff in a hospital with murder in mind in order to cover up a secret.

The movie features no less than three recognisable actors. Jack Noseworthy, a '90s star of such films as EVENT HORIZON and BREAKDOWN, has a minor part as a heavy. TV's Michael Traynor, well known for a recent supporting role in THE WALKING DEAD, is the hero of the piece and likable with it. Best of all is the great Lance Henriksen who doesn't let the passing of years slow him down and who gives an imposing turn as the bad guy. Without these actors, NEEDLESTICK would have been a real bore; with them, it's mildly interesting.
Bad story, horrible script
Decent enough production value and camera work but horrible story.

An atrocious script consisting of sheer and pure stupidity and bad thinking in general.

Actors have nothing valid to work with -and do the best with what they are given...which is nothing...or just drivel generated from the trash compactor.

Poor color and as this is supposed to be a hospital - there is only a staff of 6 people and 4 patients.

Look for something much more interesting of to sleep and dream of something much more interesting.
Independent? Very. Bad? Not even close.
While it may not have enough humor to be considered horror comedy, this is the type of movie that doesn't take itself seriously. Probably due to the low budget and inexperienced cast and crew, the whole thing looks like a YouTube video. A rather good YouTube video though.

It's not a slasher, it's barely horror. It's way more of a thriller, with some good character development that is never too complicated or too simple. It's done just right, there's some original dialogue and subplots (the romance aspect surely was interesting and more realistic than most movies).

If this movie had been made in the 70's or 80's, it probably would've achieved the cult status by now. I don't think it has what it needs to be a classic, but it's definitely worth a check if you have an open mind.
Disappointing, dull and almost unwatchable
Returning to work for his mentor, a young doctor at a hospital finds that his mentor has turned his studies of a dangerous disease into reality by trapping everyone inside and begins slaughtering them all one-by-one for his study forcing them to fight him off to escape alive.

For the most part, this one wasn't all that impressive an effort. Among the many problems here is the fact that this one really doesn't have much of anything to do with being a horror effort. The first half of this one is an utterly bland and paltry soap opera about the returning doctor to the hospital and what's going on with the different experiments they're conducting behind the scenes which is not interesting in the slightest, and when added together with the lame treatment with the patients or their own past romance coming back to the forefront just isn't that effective to start the film off. It's just so dull and so far removed from what's supposed to be a horror effort during these moments that it takes even longer than it really should for something to start happening which means that there's a rather low amount of suspense or even kills inside this for a large part of the film. Even some of the later scenes aren't any better, as this one introduces the lame subplot about the suicidal patient that doesn't mean anything and the rampaging killer motif is dropped about ten minutes after it's introduced which renders the entire purpose for its inclusion meaningless by being disposed of quite easily, and once it showcases the struggle in the final half away from the serial killer trope where it focuses more the two being trapped together with the mad scientist route there's just a rather lame and useless thriller style angle being played out with the doctor teasing them and bringing them into his hold before having to fight their way out of it is a rather lame finish to this which ends this on a rather distressing and disappointing note without a whole lot of horror happening throughout this one. These here really hold this one back even though it does have some decent points. The main thing to like here is the featured stalking in the hospital done by the killer who's on the loose, and the impact of the killer stalking the long dark hallways in the hospital and cornering victims in the small, confined rooms makes for a somewhat chilling experience, especially down in the basement where they try to find a hiding space and come upon the true point of the whole exercise as it really interjects some actual action in the matter. That it's helped along with the fine look of the killer who's somewhat imposing, and the kills do provide some nice gore as well which makes for a film highlight. The concept behind the finale is certainly chilling on a whole, even though it doesn't work, and overall makes for a few decent parts to like about this one even though it doesn't work well enough to overcome the positives.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Language and Brief Nudity.
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