Pitching Tents
IMDB rating:
Jacob Cooney
Allie Marshall as High School Student
Marco James as Phil (as Marco James)
Michael Grant as Danny
Ashley Tramonte as Jeannie
Jim Norton as Mr. Mulligan
Kevin P. Farley as Neal (as Kevin Farley)
John Farley as Jack
Chris Ellis as Principal Don Bishop
Richard Riehle as Grandpa
Storyline: In a working-class town in 1984, a high school senior's future creates a tug-of-war between his no-nonsense father and his crackpot guidance counselor until an encounter with a goddess helps him uncover his true destiny.
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Very nostalgic and funny for a modern film!
A definite feel good film from the perspective of a teenage boy and the events he experiences.

Definitely some plot point of views that are indigenous to the location and time of the film.

Most people won't know what trout camp is, but can definitely relate to the "hide from your parents party in the woods". Overall I really enjoyed the film.

It's not just about crude humor and slap stick antics, but also contains a level of moral decision making and which path is the right path to choose. Who knew that a trout had such sharp teeth...
I admit that I was only drawn into this movie because the description said it was set in 1984. This movie is nothing like movies from the 80s. If you're hoping to find a modern version of Sixteen Candles or any other Hughes-esque film do yourself a favor and look somewhere else. The ONLY good thing about this movie is the music. With only a few exceptions the acting is below average. The writing and directing is really bad.
Great Feel Good Movie
This is a great throwback to 80s movies, with some fantastic characters. The school counsellor is hilarious delivering excellent one-liners. The quality of this film is far beyond what one should expect from something of such a limited budget. The writing is quirky and intelligent, reflecting very well Pennsylvania during that time period. Definitely a film I'd recommend for a fun night in, especially if you're lucky enough to have been an 80s teenager.
Oh yeah... good one here!
For me, this movie had it all. Love it when the laughs are real and not forced. Dug the way the friends were cool to each other but also teased and joked around with each other. Seemed natural. Totally could relate with the kid and his family and pressure of not knowing what to do after high school. The guy who played the stoner was a riot! Jim Norton as the counselor was a bit much, but I gotta say, I laughed every time he was on screen. And whoa... the lead actress was smoking! Can't wait to see more of her! Recommended to a few buddies and they've all liked it. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.
Feel good coming of age story!
I love the hometown feel Pitching Tents displays - brings me back to my crazy teenage years! I love the high school counselor and how his character added funny aspects! The writers and producers were able to capture the events of high school students during that time and turned it into a dramatic love story that connected a boy to his love of art to his love of his family. Definitely recommend.
Very Nostalgic, highly recommend.
If you're looking for a great 80's throwback this it! It reminded me a lot of SIXTEEN CANDLES and ONE CRAZY SUMMER. I highly recommend watching this movie if you grew up in the 80's, are a teen, or just want a good laugh while with friends. Great coming of age comedy all around, highly recommend!
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