Plug Love
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Derek Scott
Vito Million as Gelo
Kyle Greenlaw as Officer Lanthrup
Demaris Harvey as Officer Jacob
Sino as Lorenzo
Murda Payne as Murda
NuNu Thurman as Rachel
Jessica Ryan as Carmen
Storyline: Carmen is everything you would want in a woman, sexy, classy, and loyal. Unfortunately being with her soon to be husband for 12 years who has cheated on her with a ton of women has caused her to go looking for love. She finds a man who treats her right and makes her feel like a woman, but it comes at a deadly cost. It's a small world, and isn't the root of all evil.... LOVE is.
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Plug Love
Another person wrote this was a stereotype of how Blacks live. No it wasn't. LOL. In some people lives they live just that way. I don't but I know people who do and I can't stand it or be around it. The only thing that got me was the fact of some of the filming was stupid. I can't stand when they are standing next to a car or someone has glasses on and you see the crew within them. At the end when she was coming outside look in the window. The only thing that was stupid is the fact he gave more respect to a hood boy than loving his girl and hearing her out. Just stupid. But stuff likes this happens. It was not the best film,but not the worst I've seen here lately. I can say it was entertaining.
I wish I could rate this a zero
I could not believe the disrespect for each other in every scene. Script was basically the N-word interlaced with profanity. If you have any self-respect or decency, you will not be able to relate to this narrative. I think it was an attempt to stereotype blacks in the worst possible way. I could not take this seriously as it depicted women as desperate to have any kind of man at any cost and the men were street dummies and Losers. Watching it was unsettling to say the least and utterly despicable in every aspect.
I am now a fan of this director
This is the third Derek Scott movie I have watched and I have to say that they kept me entertained through out the films. Let's keep it 100...everybody can't understand or relate to these films because they may not be in that type of environment. But that's the language and these things can and do happen. I like the stories and twist he put in these movies. And I can see most of these main characters on the big screen.
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