Power Rangers
USA, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Dean Israelite
Bill Hader as Alpha 5 (voice)
Becky G. as Trini (Yellow Ranger)
Ludi Lin as Zack (Black Ranger)
Cody Kearsley as Hawkeye
RJ Cyler as Billy (Blue Ranger)
Sarah Grey as Amanda
Matt Shively as Damo
Naomi Scott as Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
Anjali Jay as Maddy Hart
Robert Moloney as Ted Hart
Bryan Cranston as Zordon
David Denman as Sam Scott
Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa
Storyline: High school outcasts stumble upon an old alien ship, where they acquire superpowers and are dubbed the Power Rangers. Learning that an old enemy of the previous generation has returned to exact vegenance, the group must harness their powers and use them to work together and save the world.
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not completely bad
The Power Rangers led by Zordon battle Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) to protect all life on Earth and the Zeo Crystal. They send Rita to the bottom of the ocean but die in the process. Sixty five million years later, Jason Scott is the star high school quarterback in the fishing town Angel Grove. His prank turns into a high speed crash and life time of detentions. He saves peculiar Billy Cranston from a bully. He goes to the quarry with Billy and finds former cheerleader Kimberly Hart. Billy finds alien coins in the rocks. Along with Zack and Trini, the five teenagers turn into the new Power Rangers.

The five fresh-faced kids are perfectly nice actors. Billy is marginally annoying at times but the kids sometimes have good exchanges. The characters should start with better chemistry. They should probably do a Breakfast Club before going off on their adventures. They need to be friends before breaking up and the inevitable reunion. There are attempts at humor and plenty of CGI action. This sort of works until it doesn't.
Not a bad start.
Super hero origin films need to introduce you to both the origin of the hero as well as the origin of the villain and come up with a finale. Most super hero TV shows, cartoons and comics are simply good guys vs bad guys via fighting it out, these guys have giant robots as extension of that. So what were you expecting with this one?

Rather than like the TV show where evil is unleashed and the good guy mentor summons an unlikely team, the movie fleshed out a random group of people who aren't initially friends, who come together by chance and discover something long buried away that leads them to gaining enhanced abilities. Upon further investigation a potential purpose is then discovered.

This team is recruited and tasked with saving the world in a matter of days but they find they must grow as a team in order to earn the worthy right to unlock the full potential of being a ranger. So don't expect them to jump straight into being seasoned heroes from the start.

As a fan of the original series I was open to an updated movie version that I knew wouldn't be the same, and for the most part it was fairly entertaining as things kept moving. It wasn't perfect, but it was a fun exploration movie. I'd sooner watch this again than Batman v Superman.

If they do a sequel it won't be bogged down with origin story and can focus more on the plot of the threat.

The ranger suits looked good, but they could have done with more, or a longer scene of showcasing that section. The zords were a lot better than the CGI zords in the original movie. Though they did look a bit small at times. Goldar was probably the only real bad design in this remake, but mainly if you were a fan of the original. I think Rita could have done with a normal Goldar to have some dialogue with before sending him on a giant rampage.

Expectations are what ruin anything, especially if you are hung up on the original source. It's not too serious and not too silly. From the studio that it came from I'd say it wasn't a bad effort. Certainly better than any over blown over expensive transformers sequel film.
An awful reboot of an already awful television show!
Before I review the film, lets go back to the beginning of the awful television show.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers started airing on Fox Kids.

Its true genesis was as an Americanized version of a long running Japanese kids show called Super Sentai which premiered back in 1975.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (with its bad 1990s haircuts, fashion, and earrings) merged original Japanese footage from two Super Sentai shows called Zyuranger and Dairanger with absolutely horrid American footage that was a bad Saved By The Bell knock off which eventually joined Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as the latest craze on Fox Kids.

The third season, which ripped off Kakuranger, had the power rangers turned into children and replaced by "ninja" aliens. (Are you kidding me?!)

Fast forward to 2017. Power Rangers has lost most of its former popularity, so greedy plagiarist Haim Saban decides to reboot "his" power rangers (which was never "his" in the first place, it belonged to Toei who originally created Super Sentai/power rangers) the same way Ninja Turtles was "rebooted" for the big screen a couple of years ago.

This time, the new cast is completely dysfunctional and the first 90 minutes are a real DRAG ripping off other teen angst movies so much that many kids will undoubtedly find it BORING. (Which they did in my screening!) Its far more Chronicle/Fant4stic than power rangers.

Elizabeth Banks is the only one doing decent work as the new Rita Repulsa, a former Power Ranger looking to revive her giant monster Goldar.

Even Bryan Cranston is miscast and looks lost here as Zordon!

The ending does finally bring the audience its goofy power rangers (in the last ten minutes!) with even more ridiculous plastic costumes than the cheesy Zyuranger spandex on the old show and bargain basement, combining video game CGI visual effects for the end battle which really DOES looks like another Playstation 2 game.

The word CHEESE cannot describe how eye rolling and preposterous the ending is. (A megazord slap into outer space PUL-EEZZE)!

Not to mention the endless Krispy Kreme references/placements are downright embarrassing.

Do the world a favor watch a far superior comic book movie like Logan instead and save your money!

Power rangers was a HUGE disappointment, its poor box office worldwide proves it. (A sequel is VERY unlikely now!)

A one on a scale of 1-10.

Power Rangers is another box office BOMB for Lionsgate, which was on a roll after the great John Wick sequel.
Ignore the 1 star reviews
This movie does for Power Rangers, what the Xmen movies did for yellow spandex, or Batman begins did for the Batman movie franchise. It took something that worked on a campy comic book level and made it believable, no longer just aimed at children or teens. The character development for the first hour and a half makes the latter action and effects that much better.

For those that moaned about a lack of action, my three year old stayed engaged throughout the character stuff at the start without whining and because it isn't done in the normal typical way the characters are actually engaging and fun to watch.

I was blown away by the effects and the way they made brightly coloured suits and silly monsters look so good.

The only thing I would agree with in some of the negative reviews is perhaps the film doesn't always convey the best messages for kids but that said I don't expect every teenager to go out and copy everything they see in a film.

Take a chance on this, I had the lowest of expectations but was so impressed I hope this gets the recognition it deserves and a sequel to match!
Power Rangers meets 2017
This movie has high production standards, by far the best production standards for anything Power Rangers or Super Sentai ever. Secondly, everyone on screen does a great job with their characters. The kids in the movie are fantastic actors who will have many big projects in the future.

There are scenes that are intended for teens rather than kids, but if you can get over that and just enjoy the movie, you will be pleased. They are looking for a 15-35 demographic here.

The main issue is that there is a lack of memorable scenes and the movie needed more action spots. Maybe even dug a little deeper into the mythology behind the Power Rangers. Explain why they exist and who the dangerous people in this world is.

I believe the studio and producers were thinking that this would be an origin story and there would be many movies. But it did not do that well at the box office. New ideas are needed, maybe even doing a little more over the top stuff from the TV series.

Something is missing here, which is why it got a 7 out of 10 for me. There's so many places that future movies can get to, but not sure if we will get sequels.
Not worth the time it takes to watch
Rating: 1/5 What earned the film the rating: Absolute lack of any originality, banal story-line, a conflict built on unbelievable coincidence and 0 effort in trying to make any sense.

Comments The characters: There is 1 character in the film, Billy. He is a shallow character whose interestingness is derived from his mental condition which is never used by the writers in any meaningful way, but at least he can pass for what we would call a character. The rest of the people in the story are vanilla clichés with less depth than graphine. The other four rangers are attempts to pander to age/gender/racial demographics, Zordon is the stereotypical pretends-to-be-a-hard-ass-but-he-really-cares mentor stereotype and Rita's entire personality begins and ends with her quest for world domination through the destruction of Earth.

The performances: As you can infer from the types of characters in the film, there weren't much room given to the actors to shine the mastery of their craft, but there are two notes worth mentioning: RJ Cyler's performance of Billy pretty much single handedly made it possible to bear through this thing while surprisingly enough Elizabeth Banks's attempts at being menacing came off as comical.

The plot: It starts with a pile of coincidences where Rita happens to be discovered just as exactly 5 people randomly pop upon the 5 magic ranger crystals. Then it has a flat and almost conflict free build to the final battle which is a straight up face off with no tactical nuance that ends with an giant robot pulled straight from the writer's ass. Granted, bitch slapping the villain into space could have been a bad-ass end, but the amount of randomness, silliness and emotional emptiness that surrounds that moment takes away its edge.

The lack of any sense: Just a few of the major plot points that are left completely unexplained: Where do the rangers and their magic stones come from? Are there more like them in distant quadrants of space? If so, when Zordon's group disappeared, why didn't anybody come looking for the magic crystals? If not, then are the 6 of them responsible to guard every life crystal in every inhabited planet in the galaxy? If Rita can come back to life then how does being sunk in the ocean prevent her from doing so? Why did she sink in the first place? If she sank how could she have been caught up in a fishing net submerged to a depth where schools of fish swim? If Rita is the green ranger turned evil, then why are her powers completely and radically different from the others'? Why would the rangers morphing allow Zordon to come back to life? Why does it allow Billy to come back to life? Why is there a limit of 1 on coming back to life if the rangers can morph more than once? What are all the mundane authorities of the USA doing while a weird looking alien is killing people and blowing stuff up in small town America? When Rita captures the rangers what makes her spare the life of 4? How does the robots combining increase their power rather than simply limiting their mobility? If pulling the crystal unleashes a devastation of multitudinous nuclear explosions, and Rita is happy to stand in the epicenter of all that does it mean she could withstand that force?
Why was this movie made?
This is not a Power Ranger movies. You can see the title and think "Go, Go, Power Rangers!" in your head, but there the similarities end. I will break down what this movie is by percentages: 5% Pacific Rim, 15% Power Rangers, 40% Chronicle, and 40% The Breakfast Club. All the race changes do not make a cool movie. It makes the First five look bad, Alpha-5 look stupid, and Zordon look self-serving. Goldar is totally wrong and Rita was designed after a Power Rangers in Space villain. Zordon does want to stop Rita, who had Been a Ranger (?), 65 million years ago with Zordon (?)and was trapped in a cave or something, while Zordon was trapped in the Morphin Grid. I say Zordon is self-serving because the only reason, initially, is so the Morphin Grid will open and he can reenter the world a living being. The part that gets me is when Billy (now a black nerd with weak hip-hop moves "dies", Zordon has the chance to become "alive" again, and brings him back to life. This irks me as Zordon as the Blue Ranger would be most interesting, and would Billy have been stuck in the wall? Poor Zack is the most pathetic though. Now an poor Asian with a sick mother, he is so bland as Billy got the dance moves. This movie is Voltron meets Chronicle, and it is mostly boring trash.
The Breakfast Club with Super Powers
The Jock, the Nerd, the Outcast, the New Girl, the Edgy Loner....stuck in detention hell for the rest of the year, forced to put up with each other and learn that they each are more than their stereotype. Each as a personal chip on his/her shoulder....mostly to do with not being understood by their parents or society. But then....they coincidentally happen to be at the same location at the very same time on the very same day to discover that they were chosen to be....THE POWER RANGERS. This is 3/4th teen angst drama and 1/4th super hero action. Most of the movie sets up the characters, their personal relationships, their struggles with life and each other much more than the original TV series ever did so at least we truly know who these kids are and where they came. However the problem is that this is not The Breakfast Club; its "Power Rangers" but we never truly understand where the Power Rangers came from, who Zordon is, etc. The most that we're given is a few blurbs here and there and that actual costumed heroes don't even show up throughout most of the film.

In this regard, it feels like the Director isn't sure if his aim was to create a teen drama or a Super Hero origin story. While most of the performances are OK, Brian Cranston as the voice of Zordon and Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa drive stellar performances. Banks in particular is every bit as crazy and demented as you'd expect Rita Repulas to be. To be honest, I was skeptical when I heard that she was up for the role. The only performances I've seen of hers were in Judd Apatow- style comedies but rest assured than in Power Rangers, she really delivers.

For those in doubt, this film definitely takes it's cues from the campy TV show of the 90s. There's a big emphasis on "morphin' time" and certain characters and references taken directly from the show indicate that the writers and director were definitely trying to woo the dedicated fans of this brand.

In the end, it's not a bad movie. It is a fun popcorn film. The problem is that film seems a little confused about what it wants to be and that confusion ultimately hurts this reboot.
Power Rangers Re-Boot stole ideas from The Forgotten Ranger, Corporate Red
There are few spoilers, but also keep in mind this movie also plagiarized off another project. This movie is not only awful, but many across the world are now realizing this movie plagiarized off a online global hit short story, known as Corporate Red, The Forgotten Ranger. Created by Terrell Quentin Rogers during his teen years, for the three straight years the short story has been an online hit and caught huge interest from both Power Ranger and even Marvel fans. A producer from Lionsgate Films met with Terrell Quentin Rogers in interest of his script. During his speech last night at a screening for PR-reboot Haim Saban said Lionsgate Films presented him with a separate story. Saban then says that same story ended up not being used for the film, and that it was a separate story and with some knowing the insider of the story laughing in the audience. However its no longer a laughing matter as people are now waking up and realizing that both Lionsgate Films and Haim Saban did steal ideas from TQR's online global hit short story. Several ideas from Corporate Red are noticeable in the PR-reboot. Red Ranger being shorter than some of the rangers. Corporate Red is shorter than four ranger (Green, Lavender, White and Gold). Rita is equivalent of Corporate Green. Both Red and Blue are a combination of Corporate Red. Pink Ranger re-boot mean persona plagiarized off Corporate Pink. Yellow Ranger being lesbian equivalent to a script TQR shared with multiple producers including a Lionsgate producer of Green and Lavender being lesbian. If you hate seeing people's ideas stolen, do not see this movie.
How True is this Long-Awaited Reboot
I grew up watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers! Ever since the several "movie versions", I was waiting for this reboot as a movie from the Original 1993 TV Series. If I remembered correctly, this reboot was even "slightly" delayed. This review contains spoilers, kindly continue at your own discretion.


I appreciated the portrayal of ethnicity (as many as possible), gender, (and even included orientation in the essence of the characters).

Starring Dacre Montgomery as Jason/Red, Naomi Scott as Kimberly/Pink, Becky G. as Trini/Yellow, RJ Cyler as Billy/Blue, and Ludi Lin as Zack/Black. From one end of the world to the other, covering several different continents.

I most enjoyed is Naomi Scott. Even as Pink, I felt like she played "the backbone" of the team especially during the handling of the Zords. Despite as much as having some cultural diversity, with the actors and actresses representing, the attempt to portray "physique" was probably too tough when comparing to what I remember from the Original 1993-96 TV Series.

The next favorite of all the characters, is Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks).

What I mean by "physique" is not just trying to match "body type" to be just like the Original 1993 series. Over the course of training, we can see that Kimberly (Naomi Scott) showed more "artistry" and "put effort in training" from her "cool tough shoulder-to-headshot" which I really liked. I think it is due to Kimberly, bringing out her gymnastic background to show signs of physique or an all-around athlete. And even Trini was the next quick learner even though she was the one to show her speed in climbing from the side effects (a reference to Sabretooth), and then Kimberly caught up and even beat Zack to the top. Most likely intentional that the ladies were presented to be better than the guys (yet to see their stories for physique), which gets my thumbs up!

This is not a con of the movie but the ability to do that "huge leap" was a little bit awkward but a reference to "Superman/Hulk/Spiderman/etc"? I must say though, portraying the two ladies (both Trini and Kimberly) to be awesome at their landing. I laughed at the three guys who had their "trouble" with their "leap".

I like how though that "the battle phases" were short sticking true that good vs evil, it is always "practically easy for the good" to win. However, as far as "origins" or "starting from fresh", I think the battle phases could be longer or put more difficulty. We cannot forget about cameos! Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly/Pink) and Jason David Frank (Tommy/Green/White, or later Red and "Professor" at one point in each respective TV series).

On the other side, Elizabeth Banks as Rita, indeed quite marvelous. Of course, her tag line "Make My Monster Grow" was included in an okay fashion but I guess the original was just an exaggeration and "perhaps the final decision" was just to go with "a literal aspect?"


I feel like the cons in any review should first be reviewed based on the limitations of movie length. By that, movies have been gradually reduced in duration, now almost all of them vary between 1 hour 20 minutes and 2 hour 20 minutes, or otherwise taken to "Part 2" rather than "sequel".

Before I really go "in somewhat order of occurrence", I guess they tried to do it like you know "when after several episodes you don't really need to see the entire Megazord transformation", this 2017 reboot did that for the "Go Go Power Rangers..." song. I was actually very happy that they brought it in but then decided to use "a technique in TV Series" rather than playing the entire thing out and jump "almost straight into action" which is another film technique. Still, I would have preferred to have heard the entirety of the song, since they obviously took out the "cheesy Morphin'" with the "Morphers" or "some sort of hand-held equipment to morph". Another very notable downfall was "using techniques" to save a life. I think I don't have to say much more about that. This is before going back to HQ.

What I felt was "the meeting of characters was too rushed at the "Saturday detention". Detention, I believe it is a reference to "The Breakfast Club" (1985), by all means not even close, I found "The Slap", extremely funny, clearly girly for an outstanding quarterback (QB).

I understand that each character was showcased in a rather stereotypical manner from the beginning, I still think we can have more character focus.

Perhaps, kept for sequels to tie in "friendship" or "history of connection" for future characters who will become Rangers or "fit for being a Ranger because they were, for example, training partners or like a father's friend's son or like someone who long disappeared or that they left behind after "moving".

Back to the battle phases, perhaps length-limiting though unsure, "the discovery of combining into the Megazord" was "way too rushed" just as they are about to lose. And then that "backdrop suplex?", not a "special move" at all but simply from "training", as "the surprise factor" over an opponent now wielding a long-reach weapon.

Anyway, for better or worse, all the "cheesy" stuff made it "rather adolescent" resulting to a "degrading effect" in terms of "what is known with a reboot". From "The Slap at Detention", to "Trini's water bottle", to at the very end where Rita exclaimed "How?!" was extra comical, bringing back the exaggeration lost in "Make My Monster Grow", perhaps "The Second Slap" turned out to reference "why Rita and Gang were to be at the Moon Palace"?

I think it is good to stop here, to avoid seeming as though I am a 110%- perfect writer or director. I hope some of you may find the above long- windedness "up to standard".
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