Germany, France
Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Steven Quale
Ewen Bremner as Jim Rainey
Artjom Gilz as Levin's PFC
Petra Vukelic as Anton's mother
Slavko Sobin as Partisan leader
Marko Paradzik as Partisan
Marc Hodapp as Nato Guard Sergeant Cosme
Dino Bozicevic as Serbian Soldier
Karim Cherif as Milenko
Storyline: A team of Navy SEALs discover an underwater treasure in a Bosnian lake.
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More like $300 Rusty Metals, One Lousy Mission
The premise started off mediocre, somehow reminding you of The Expendables series. The audience would probably think of it as a rip-off to the movie as it has that similar environment with its freakin' huge tank smashing through walls and smearing dirt over the roads while the S.A.S (Rival) trying to put a stop to it and arrest them for their own sake. The scene here did not fortify anything for the sake of the plot except on showing the team they were reckless enough on a very confidential mission.

As part of that, most of the actions scenes, well probably all of them that were shown in the official trailer were seen only in that first 20 minutes of the film. The second and third act did not maintain its action-heroic sequences that we thought it's going to take place on that before the screening started.

The dialogues were kind cheesy, saying words and the quite bland witty one-liners that merely gave us a smile or a sudden chuckle.

The cinematography was corny. For one, the color effect did not live up to its standard expectation as for us who are living in a world surrounding with techs. The coloring style was dull that added the clichéd-ness of the entire film.

Sullivan Stapleton did a good job with his acting but not as great as he was previously in the five seasons of Strike Back. J.K. Simmons also put some hope for the film to lighten its mood but the rest of the casts seem to be against the notion.

As the film went on until the final climax scene, we were expecting probably an action scene to wrap the movie nicely but surprisingly, none of the mentioned scene was provided unless if you call a dozen of grenades being anchored into the deep water and a 20-second featuring soldiers firing guns an action scene then.. hell yeah.

Not a great movie to be made in 2017. It should have been done 10 years earlier as audience would appreciate this popcorn flick film. 30/100
I love this one quite a bit despite many say otherwise
I don't usually go for action thriller, unless there is no better option. I went to watch this movie in cinema despite reading much bad reviews about it after watching the trailer. I would say I greatly enjoy the show! Overall plot is good enough. Most of the actors are fine. Bombing scenes are intense. In fact, I would recommend my friends if they are into action movies.
Okay for entertaining, but not an intense action movie as expected!
Renegades - Nice choice for a relaxing weekend I was wondering which movie to watching during the weekend with my friends and unintentionally watched the trailer of Renegades. To be honest, the first impressions were the filming technique and good-looking casts, not so wow with the story line. That is still true after my watch.

Don't expect too much on the plot twist, heavy-action scenes or any dramatically surprising ending. They did good jobs on: 1. Natural acting with humorous conversations 2. Very good filming technique that delivered quite good scenes under water 3. Yeah, the good-looking casts as I mentioned

I was hoping to see more than those, and they let me down with these: 1. There will be no surprise or sudden deaths (common key hooks of action movies like this). 2. The villain role is quite blurred and out-of-date from weapons (even they were in the war, I felt no pressure to the team). 3. The connections among story parts are quite confusing and easy-to-predict next things.

Hope to see the better one with this kind of movie. Thank you!
Amazing movie,i just watched it in cinema yesterday
What to begin! First i talk acting-it was very good. Story is fresh to me,and i love the underwater village. When movie goes year 1995 and the escape part was rolling,i was thinking of one other movie expendables and it reminds of that.Becose of lot of special effects and destroyed machines and buildings. Ending when bad guy gets killed was little bit bad(to fast).But i liked when he got shout they show is eyes. All movie is worth all my money what i spend,and i really hope the DVD come out Estonia to. :)
Not going to happen
For a very long time (Since the time of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services, O.S.S. of World War 2) Procedures, Measures, Programs have been Implemented to stop U.S. Military Special Operations Forces (U.S. Army Special Forces, U.S. Air Force Special Operations Wings, U.S. Marine Corps MARSOC, U.S. Navy S.E.A.L.s and others) from going "Rogue".

The Personnel Reliability Program (P.R.P.), go Research that. A little higher Level than the U.S. Nuclear (Weapons) Personnel Reliability Program (N.P.R.P.), Biological(Weapons)Personnel Reliability Program (B.P.R.P.), and Chemical (Weapons) Personnel Reliability Program (C.P.R.P.).

The Next Level above the U.S. Military's Special Operations Forces, monitors All U.S. Military Special Operations Forces including their Commanding Officers for "Unusual Activities", especially those that had been Successful at the Overthrows of Other Nations "Established Governments" (capable of Overthrowing the U.S. Government).

There are other Levels above the Level above the Next Level that monitors U.S. Military Special Operations Forces. With each Level monitoring the Levels below (including those not directly below) as well as above. Can you have a Covert or Discrete Conversation with other U.S. Military Special Operations Team Members, Nope, even conversations with Family Members are normally Monitored for Operational Security (OPSEC).

After each Mission, or Operation, U.S. Military Special Operations Forces Team Members are Debriefed, After Action Reports as A.A.R.s (including Detailed Actions and Evaluations of each Team Member) are written by each Team Member as Team Member Peer Evaluations, part of that Debriefing is a Routine Mandatory Psychological Examination as part of the Personnel Reliability Program.

The only reason I rated Renegades 2017 a 5 and not lower is because of "Entertainment Value". Did like the use of a AH-6/MH-6 and routine Nap of the Earth (N.O.E.) flying as done by the U.S. Army's 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment (S.O.A.R.), Russian Federation Tanks sold to Foreign Nations, really unrealistic about the murky water scenes for those that have done those kinds of dives with U.S. Military Special Warfare's Rebreathers (not the same as "shallow water" version) as U.S.N. BUD/S Training (deeper you go the clearer and colder the freshwater gets). Underwater Night Vision Devices, extensive use for Night Time Underwater Operations against Heavily Guarded Enemy Vessels at Harbors, Docks, and at Ports (or even underway at Sea).
Surprise: action adventure written by Luc Besson which is not camp or trashy!
A team of Navy SEALs discover an underwater treasure in a Bosnian lake. And then they will go for it. The actors are all unknown, except J.K. Simmons as their boss and Ewen Bremner, atypically not really there to provide the comic relief. The latter is the responsibility of Simmons, and as in every role, ever, he's great at it, with his sarcasm and dry wits and all. Amazingly, at the moment of writing this in the early morning of September the 6th, there is no single critic review of „Renegades" on Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic, and the IMDb user score 5.6 out of 10 doesn't seem to promising either. Even the image selection published thus far is shitty. Let me be the bearer of good news, then: „Renegades" is not some bullcrap deserving to be forgotten right after premiere. It is a very OK action adventure which I happened to enjoy from the beginning to the end. The action is fine, the story is fine and the cast of nobodies is cool also. Simmons, of course, steals the show but it would be difficult for anybody to wrestle with this cinematic magnetic force of a bald old man. "Renegades" is smart enough to not take itself too seriously so the story and the characters won't get boring. But it takes seriously the punching and shooting part, evoking the nostalgic atmosphere of old war (or maybe 1980's action) movies where the good guys always hit the mark and look good doing so. Luc Besson, one of the writers and producers, has been known for his „eurotrash" approach to action movies where the realism is out of the window and dirty fun factor is up to eleven. Well, surprisingly, this one's not trashy but rather a solid little actioneer that you could bring home to show to your parents, or something. The characters and their relationships are surprisingly subtle too, not a single sex bomb Eastern European chick on sight! The men are not complicated, mostly used as a means to move the story along, but they feel real enough to root for them. Oh, and the settings look beautifully pictoresque, especially the lake hiding the treasure. And it should, considering that it was shot in Croatia and Malta, among others. If one is to try to find the faults with the movie, the underwater part could have been shorter, maybe. It's not the most gripping section because of the impaired visibility and freedom of movement (due to it being underwater) which slows the usual high-octane action down. Interestingly, Steven Quale has co-directed the underwater documentary „Aliens of the Deep" (2005) alongside the great James Cameron. His other works are more mundane, including 2014's „Into the Storm" and, er, „Final Destination 5". „Renegades" is well done in every major aspect, a polished and solid action movie totally worthy of your time. Well, my time at least. A hefty slice of competence porn of manly men doing the hard work no on else can and not counting bullets doing so cuz doing the right thing justifies the means!
A boring mess of an action flick
There is precisely one action scene in the movie which happens in the first 15 minutes after that it's boring exposition, Lazy Acting, and a few scenes that should qualify as action scenes but they're so dull and boring since you don't care about the characters and barely anything exciting happens anyways.

Jk Simmons performance is the only redeeming quality that nonetheless still does not save this shitty movie.

Don't watch it unless you want to get bored.
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