Rough Night
IMDB rating:
Lucia Aniello
Ilana Glazer as Frankie
Ryan Cooper as Scotty
Eric André as Jake (as Eric Andre)
Kate McKinnon as Kiwi / Pippa
Jillian Bell as Alice
Bo Burnham as Tobey
Patrick Carlyle as Patrick
Colton Haynes as Real Scotty
Enrique Murciano as Detective Ruiz
Demi Moore as Léa
Ty Burrell as Pietro
Dean Winters as Detective Frazier
Storyline: Five best friends from college reunite 10 years later for a wild bachelorette weekend in Miami. Their hard partying takes a hilariously dark turn when they accidentally kill a male stripper. Amidst the craziness of trying to cover it up, they're ultimately brought closer together when it matters most.
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A fun watch!
Rough Night is hilarious! I found myself pausing the movie just to laugh. Maybe I just have a juvenile sense of humour or maybe the other reviewers need to learn to laugh a little. Who knows? Either way, Rough Night did not disappoint.

I found Alice really annoying right from the beginning but she grew on me after getting some more perspective later on in the movie. Kate Mckinnon's character was probably my favourite.

This movie sure was a fun ride with the cocaine, the 'sexy' couple, the groom, the crazy friends, the 'stripper', and the actual stripper (Colton Haynes)!
American comedy
Is very refreshing to watch Scarlett Johansson in such a role. Reason being why I decide to watch this film. The first 20 min of the film did threw me off; after that it got better. Why? because there was actually a plot, now you got my attention.

Overall an OK comedy film. Please don't expect that much. I will suggest this film if you want to get some laughs and you want to kill some time.
Not for everyone
Alright. This is not a bad movie in any way. Just not really for me. The acting was good, the story was simple and well paced. It just made me cringe for the most part.

The movie starts like all other movies like this do. In college, Yeah we will stay together for ever! Then 10 years later, they all have different lives but one friend is holding on to the "glory days" way too tight. Then the left turn is when they kill the stripper and all the way they make it worst. I got to say, if the movie was with a bunch of teenagers I would understand a little more but a group over 30 should really know better. I think that was what really got to me.

I did have a few laugh but other than that I guess Zoë Kravitz and Scarlette Johansson were nice to look at. Again, not a bad movie just really not for me.
Fans of R-rated gross-out comedies: Rejoice!
Stop reading right now if you find gross-out comedies repulsive and don't like legitimate, well-known actors doing disgusting things that could ruin you for seeing them in any more serious efforts in the future. I love seeing actors let their hair down and go for it in the spirit of having a good time themselves and (more importantly) making audiences laugh while doing so, and "Rough Night" is a very good example of exactly that. Everyone here clearly had a terrific time on set, I have no doubt some of the funniest dialogue was improvised, and that kind of free-spirited energy spills over for the benefit of any willing audience members who are there to go along for the ride and have a good time, too. Yes, the film could've used a quicker editing pace, does flag just a bit a few times, and cutting it to a 90-minute-ish running time would've likely made it an even tighter, funnier, zippier ride. But I mean to emphasize the most important thing: I laughed--a lot, and so did the audience around me. All of the main ensemble are a hoot, and one of the reasons I love this genre of comedy is discovering new talented comedians I didn't know before, usually in smaller supporting roles--here it's Paul W. Downs as a soon-to-be-married "6" (out of 10--the script's reasoning for his friends rating him a 6 are hilarious) who decides no one's going to stand him up at the altar. His efforts to fight back are easily one of the best running gags in the film. I'm a huge fan of Kate McKinnon's--sometimes just the way she facially reacts to other actor's lines can have me lost in belly laughs--and she's a standout here, but everyone genuinely pitches in and goes for it--and I love 'em for it! Good comedies are so rare these days, and I run to every one on opening weekend to pay to support them, hoping more will be made. Overall the mainstream multiplex movie fare leaves me wanting these days, and I hope all-out comedies, there for no other reason than to make us laugh and lighten our days, never go away.
2017-06-18 is so bad, it makes you wanna punch someone
even good actress cannot make a bad movie... such a waste of time, predictable, the level of jokes for 11 years old, US based child, with not really developed brain and functions... I couldn't find one good world about this C-movie with big names. Awful! Its better to have a 90 min nap, really then watching this, 'art'. I don't even understand how such a video/DVD film can be distributed and sold. Its un-watchable and insulting intelligence of semi-developed human being:). Avoid it
Not that bad
Actually it was above my expectation also its funny and enjoyable you won't get bored watching it , I wish comedy movies be as good as the 80's where you could easy laugh to rather than just talking bad words which considered as comedy !

Actually it was above my expectation also its funny and enjoyable you won't get bored watching it , I wish comedy movies be as good as the 80's where you could easy laugh to rather than just talking bad words which considered as comedy !
not a comedy didn't had much fun watching it
i didn't see this one as a comedy movie one or two comedic scenes and that's it. had one or two laughs but meh not that funny ether. until that guy was killed it was like this is going to be a okay movie after that it was like how to get away with a murder situation not funny as i thought it would be. the post credit scenes were the only things that was better about the movie now i get why this got low ratings
There's a Rough Night ahead of them
This review Rough Night is spoiler free

*** (3/5)

IN 2011 THE box-office smashing Oscar nominated adult comedy Bridesmaids cemented down a shiny new pathway for some seriously funny ladies to take over comedy, and for years after women have proved that they too can hit all the right marks with hilarious dialogue, a crude attitude and naughty behaviour which normally make a hit in male lead comedies.

In writer-director Lucia Aniello's directorial debut Rough Night, seriously funny ladies lead a slew of penis jokes, nasty consequences, crude behaviour and a misjudged killing of a male stripper. When a group of friends reunite after ten years for a bachelorette party in Miami. There's Scarlett Johansson's Jess who is the bride to be, then there's Alice (Bell) she's the rudest of the group, next is Blair (Kravitz) who just joins in for the ride, fourth is Frankie (Glazer) who is the dopest of the group and finally there's Kate McKinnon's Pippa who's Jess' new friend from Australia. Its big name cast who give the film it's nails from their hilarious quips for which McKinnon is the standout through their party attitude to their consequences and it's here when the film shines. The group hire a male stripper, which bodes well for them for a while but when the worst happens they're brought closer together when it matters most.

It's rude, beyond the constant penis jokes rude; it's rude in its shock tactics too these aren't just the quick and cheap shocks that lead other comedies, here they're carefully planned which gives this a polish, there's a penis gift bag, a BDSM room and there's a hilarious section with a jet ski. It's relentlessly funny in these moments which thrive thanks to Aniello's and Paul W. Downs' top notch screenplay. Sadly it's a typically flawed venture for these women, as it suffers in its characterization there are only a few lines of story between them, though each of them have problems, Jess is struggling to make senate, Blair is in a custody battle, then there's Alice who always feels betrayed.

Rough Night isn't always funny either as there are a few jokes or shock tactics that fail to go beyond the planning. In addition it falls under a repetition strike too as some of the more shocking gimmicks play déjà vu particularly a body cover up sequence. However, despite this sudden drop this is still a still a seriously funny adult comedy which has carefully planned consequences and a funny big name cast.

VERDICT: A seriously funny comedy led by some hilarious ladies who handle self-consciously naughty set-pieces with a flawed yet polished flare.
Spoiler Alert - it is horrifically bad
I don't get people giving this movie 5 stars but admitting it wasn't funny or good. Sure the actors in it are good but we already know they are good. You wouldn't give Rachel Weisz 5 stars for a commercial for tampons no matter how much it seemed like she was on her period. This movie deserves less than a single star - no disrespect for the actors - OK maybe a little disrespect because while I know it is expensive to heat a pool couldn't you make just as much money doing a commercial in Japan for Super Fantastic Fun Time Energy Drink (you'll say two words in Japanese, smile and give a thumbs up)? Each and every one of you need a better agent as your craft is your band and you diminished it by accepting these roles.
What the...?
What possessed Scarlet to be part of this awful movie? The one named Alice is foul mouthed, crass and not the least bit funny! Doesn't look any good either! The would be Australian is an insult not only to Aussies but to Kiwis as well! With so many good Australian female actors, you would think the producers/directors would have tried to convince one with the right accent to be in this movie! (Guess all Aussies had more sense!! If they tried to do something like the Hangover, it failed, if it was meant to be as funny as Weekend at Bernie's 1989, then it failed also. I still can't get over someone with the caliber of Scarlet to be part of this movie's cast. My advice is: Don't spoil the image you have of Scarlet Johansson. I gave it a 3 for the 3 funny segments. I don't think I spoiled anything, it did it by seeing the light of day!
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