Sandy Wexler
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Steven Brill
Terry Crews as 'Bedtime' Bobby Barnes
Sandy Wernick as Peter Marvelle
Sadie Sandler as Jesse
Colin Quinn as Kevin Connors
Jackie Sandler as Amy Baskin
Jane Seymour as Cindy Marvelle
Rob Schneider as Firuz
Jennifer Hudson as Courtney Clarke
Nick Swardson as Gary Rogers
Kevin James as Ted Rafferty
Adam Sandler as Sandy Wexler
Luis Guzmán as Oscar (as Luis Guzman)
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One very long joke with little in the way of a punchline.
"Sandy Wexler" is a made for Netflix mockumentary starring Adam Sandler and LOTS of his friends. In fact, the number of cameos by Hollywood A and B listers is the best thing about the film. The story itself, however, never really clicks and it seems to go on and on and on...

The story is about a terrible Hollywood who lies compulsively and is a complete and total nerd (Adam Sandler). He talks with a severely nasal voice and seems completely out of his element in Hollywood...especially since no one seemed to like him or want him around or respected him. Inexplicably, he actually gets a talented client (Jennifer Hudson) and much of the story is about her rise to stardom.

The bottom line is that THE point of all this is watching Adam Sandler playing Sandy Wexler...that is THE joke. If this went on for a half hour or so, it would be mildly amusing. Going on for a bit over two's an endurance competition that the viewer is going to lose.
A different performance would have helped
I probably wouldn't have watched this if it was in the movie theater, but Netflix has been the right move for Sandler. I would have like this one much more if he played his role just a tad bit more normal. He is a weird/strange guy with good intentions. I get it, but it gets annoying sometimes. The movie around him is OK. I'll even admit that I laughed at two or three jokes, but neither of them were from Sandler himself. The big problem is the main character. The weird voice isn't funny to me. I wish he would have given a more grounded performance. Sure he can still play it with some comedy, but just loose the voice and the weird behavior. With that fixed this movie could have been alright.

The strongest positive I'll give it is the supporting cast. They do good job. Kevin James is the best he's been in a long time. He really surprised me. He was one of the best characters. There are so many celebrity appearances to keep you entertained that you just might forget about the actual story. So that's something. It's probably a fun and relaxed time to work with Sandler and the Happy Madison crew. So, I'm not gonna be hard on them. I get that they are all friends who get together to have a good time and film funny stuff. It might be more fun to them, but not so much for me since I'm not really in on the jokes.

If you made it through the whole movie, then I congratulate you. There were times when I was tempted to fast forward or turn it off. In the end some amusing stuff here and there stopped me from doing so. Oh, and the singers did a good job in this. The songs are all well performed. You can have this movie on in the background some cloudy day and I think it will be an OK time. If you are a fan of the Sandler Gang then maybe you will have fun too. Not for me though.
This is the last time Sandler!
I've never been more outraged in my life. I actually liked his movies and kept giving him chance after chance after chance. His time has run out. I literally stormed out of the room, grabbed a smoke and thought "I'm better than this!". We are all better than this. Three words - Jack and Jill....and then it went all down hill from there. My intelligence is beyond insulted. Netflix has disturbed me to no end - why let this turd face continue? Shaking my fists at the heavens screaming "Why!?". Literally - WHY! IS THERE NO GOD? The answer....NO. At least, not while Sandler and his disgusting croonies make another pile of raging rubbish. NO GOD.
Crappy even by the Sandler comedy standards
Sandy Wexler (Adam Sandler) is a talent manager working in Los Angeles in the 1990s, who could be a major player if he didn't lie all the time and have a bumbling talk. He falls for his newest client, a tremendously talented singer (Jennifer Hudson) which is a start to a decades-spanning star- crossed love story. In a world where the studios are ready to spend big bucks to make a movie out of literally every- and anything („The Emoji Movie"), it does not come as a surprise that there's a 130 minute comedy about how talent managers can be cool, too, if they would only be able to stop lying all the time. What could have been a semi-decent couple of minutes long sketch has taken a form of Adam Sandler project which means the storytelling and quality of directing are unbearably limp for most viewers but Sandler fans (including me) still magically get something out of it. 2010's have not been good for Sandler fans, and this Netflix- produced thing is possibly one of his lowerst quality efforts yet – calling it a comedy or even a movie belonging to a genre would be kind of stretching it. Based on the result, we can deduce that the screenwriters – Sandler is one of them – didn't really know what to do with not a bad idea of following a talent agent's life and U.S. showbiz in general. Also, they didn't know how to create a story containing more than basic Sandler clichés which we have had enough already during 20+ years he's been a movie star. Some clichés, like the main character bumbling most of the time instead of speaking, are downright pathetic by now already. And for a „comedy" lasting for more than two hours, there are only a couple of amusing ideas, including Terry Crews as a WWF wrestler and Beavis & Butt-head harassing the titular hero by phone (to hear that you have to endure til the very end, or just start the movie when the end credits start). They can't even make fun about 1990's life properly! To add insult to the injury, despite all the (semi-)famous faces that joined for cameos or small parts, the makers seemed to have no idea how to use them in any exciting way. There's a probably some record breaking myriad of showbiz talent involved, not to mention a bunch of has- beens, Sandler regulars and/or comedians who belong to his circle (excluding Steve Buscemi, sadly. How come they couldn't get something funny out of that? And yet despite all this, Sandler comedies still work for me after all these years and sharply declining in quality during the 2010's. I don't know what's wrong with me. I still find him endearing somehow. „Sandy Wexler" is the third of five Netflix-produced movies that Sandler has agreed to. Let's see what happens when this sweet deal runs out.
I used to love Adam Sandler's movies.. What a tragedy, he has not sense of time.. He is doing same stupid voice and annoying acting over and over again.. Is there anybody near him to tell him? What a waste of time. A lot of famous people acting in this movies can't make it better. I would give this movies 2 stars if I find 1 funny moment in it..But I couldn't, so giving 1 star..
Talentless Sandler strikes again.
WTF, Netflix? You cancel a show like SENSE8, so you can keep producing cheap garbage like this movie? Long gone are the days of Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, the Wedding Singer and the waterboy. Horrible plot, bad acting, continuity errors, and of course, all of his friends had to show up. It gave me the feeling that they were all together at some big dinner, charity maybe, and he got on stage, announced that he was working on an amazing project, gave them a 5 minute synopsis on what they guy was like, and said: "my camera crew is going to interview you, respond as if you knew the guy, based on what I told you. But remember, NOBODY LIKES THIS GUY". And then he let his friends loose. This character, who is nothing but a horrible mashup of Bobby Bouschier (waterboy) and Barry Egan (drunk punch), has absolutely nothing to offer. Why does Sandler insist in speaking with that kind of voice? i guess that's what we get when he is given complete Control over the movie. He can actually habe decent roles (funny people, drunk punch, Spanglish) and that is due to having somebody else direct him. Give it up, Sandler. Your days of being the genius, hilarious guy are over. You should learn from others such as the whole cast of Jackass; yes, they were hilarious back in the day, but today they would be irrelevant. So what did they do? They grew up and they stopped. Time for you to do the same.
Mixed feelings but I kinda liked it!
I'll just say going in that this isn't close to any of his classics (even with nostalgia removed), he just didn't have as much energy in this role. I mean that was kind of the point of the character, but it just downplays the main thing Sandler has going for him.

That being said this move definitely was watchable and I'd say enjoyable if you're open-minded. There's a bit of a charm/method to it's madness. It's pretty low-brow comedy but it has it's moments, it got more than a few laughs out of me.

However it also has a lot of duds and I will say you really have to be a fan of Sandler movies to enjoy this one. They have a lot of running jokes between movies, the same cast (/Sandlers friends goofing off with him and getting paid to do it lol). So if you only like one or two or straight up hate them you probably will get tired of this movie pretty fast.

In the end I'd say this was definitely way better than some of his worst movies, it was fun enough to be worth the watch for me.

Adam, if you're reading this, you gotta do another movie in the style of Click. Something a bit less slapstick, tug the heartstrings without being too corny, a few good one-liners. Show the world you still got it in ya, eh?
Funny and cute!!
I created an account just so i can give this movie props. First off, loved the 8,000 celeb cameos. Second, the 90's were captured perfectly! The rom-com is totally cute!! I laughed, I cried - this is just as good as any other Adam Sandler movie! I honestly don't understand the crummy reviews. They must have been watching something else...
Another vapid installment from a 1 sided actor
Sandler is admittedly a financially successful actor. So, I suspect he's laughing all the way to the bank. Wexler is just another installment of his polarized brand of acting and humor. His mumbling and bumbling performance is just another incarnation of water boy. Shame on all of those who are so wanting of camera time to pose for cameos in this dreck.

Bravo to Netflix for supporting this laughless crap.
Perfect warm hearted, fun film
I really enjoyed this movie and came away with a smile. The casting was great the acting was effective and I had a lot of fun which sometimes that's the best thing movie can do is to entertain you. I actually saw the best musical side of Jennifer Hudson that I've ever seen and kind of fell in love with her for the first time.
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