Slamma Jamma
Drama, Sport
IMDB rating:
Timothy A. Chey
Michael Irvin as Terrell
Michael Cognata as Lizare
Tammy Brawner as Tammy Goodwin
Kay Wallia as Melinda Jones
Gary Smith as Craig Jackson
Ryan Gunnarson as Jerome Matthews
Ray Walia as Pastor John Soul
Chris Staples as Michael Diggs
Michael Hardy as Brandon
William Thomas Jones as Warden Ed Williams
Aqueela Zoll as Linda Collins
Charles Hoyes as Mark Jacobs
Jose Canseco as Jose Canseco
Storyline: Wrongfully accused and sent to prison, a former basketball star prepares for the national slam dunk competition while finding redemption in himself and in those he loves.
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Excellent Movie - powerful and sweeping sports movie...
I saw this today at a screening and I was left in tears. Extremely moving film - you will know when you see it. They're not marketing it right. It's not a 'slam dunk' movie, but a brilliant redemption story. I thought it was a jock's movie about basketball. It is not.

The story about a guy who loses everything is extremely compelling - the guy who played the lead actor is not only a great basketball player, but an extremely good actor! What a find.

This is quite simply a superb movie about faith, love, basketball (slam dunking) and what is really important in life. A must for everyone. The acting is really pretty good - there's no Tom Cruise here, but there is plenty of heart and soul from the entire cast!

Hard to believe a movie with this much drama, acting and pathos was created with only a one million dollar budget! It is not only entertaining and funny but didactic as well. Don't miss this one - do it for yourself - do it for God!
I've been to many slam dunk competitions and I remember it well
I really found this movie to be good. There are many elements that make the movie great. The actors really get into it and make you believe they are the players. First time actor Chris Staples turns in an astounding performance. The movie is inspiring and the best fact is it really happened. This movie is more than just a sports movie. It is a movie that shows dreams can come true. You watch a team of young guys bond and become a family. You see these guys win from all of their hard work and determination. Their win at the time for slam dunks was a miracle and even today watching this movie you get the same great feeling that these guys did the impossible. This is a great sports movie and even if you don't like sports, it is still a great movie.I highly recommend this movie to everyone. It is a movie that you should definitely see if you're down because it is a movie about hope. It is also about victory and when the movie is over it will have every red-blooded American cheering for the good old comebacks and Chris is definitely come back. This movie must have done something right because it had everyone get just as excited! The film also has a real "Indie" feel. It stars all kinds of unknowns and has all kinds of low-budget effects, the scenes mostly taking place on the rink or in locker rooms. There are many moments when your heart breaks for some of the players and their families.
Predictable But Very Enjoyable
This movie was very good..It is now my favorite movie..the characters played the parts very well... It was really funny and at the end very sad which it probably made a lot of people cry, i know i did. Well it is the best uplifting movie i have ever seen..even though a tad predictable
Entertaining, important
i watched this movie 24 hours ago and am STILL thinking about it. I loved it!

i had never heard of this movie until it was advertised on T.V.

you don't wanna mis this movie, trust me

i went to the cinema without knowing what great film a was about to see. I saw it with some friends who said that the film got quite good ratings. I saw it and understood just a little bit after that they were right.

this is a real heart warming story that should leave everyone feeling good at the end, recommended for everyone.

a movie that has the American dream written all over, but it works anyway, and it shows what is the best thing about us, it's a strong movie, and it's gonna make you drop a lil tear, unless you're ice cold, but it sure is a winner movie and it shows how winner mentality can unite people, even in times where movies have dismissed God.

in the past several years, there has been an influx in the US box offices of sports movies, particularly footballl. These movies often carry cliché messages and dull character interactions. slamma jama, is exactly the opposite of these drab movies.

this is an entertaining movie about an important topic. It is really great to see that a movie can show an important, and still current, issue and still be entertaining. This is mostly due to a nice plot and story, well thought through, that don't shy away from hard interesting situations and the very good performances from the entire cast.

i feel that the emotion put out by the actors created and held the audience's attention as they battled through hardship after hardship. Overall, this movie ranks an ten out of ten for realism and entertainment.

the use of music is also very good, both the music in the movie and that from "outside". All in all, interesting cast, good acting, story and directing and an interesting topic

if it is at all possible, please go out and see this film. It doesn't matter how old you are. People of any age can enjoy it. The story is interesting, it doesn't get too serious and the acting is top notch.

even the film's final credits hold audience attention.

watch the film, then watch it again. You *will* remember and cherish this film for years to come.
Well Played
A GREAT movie, don't let the votes fool you, it's not a 8/10, more like 8.5.

"Slam" gets the edge because I love basketball and because I'm a sucker for well done mother-son conflicts. The basketball parts of this movie are absolutely brilliantly shot. Most sports movies share two commonalities: completely ridiculous story lines and actors who throw like sissies. "Slam" avoids both.

Although "Slamma Jamma" did some amazing work with this movie especially with the inner city sequences, as well as the use of colors and poetry to his advantage for getting his ideas across to the audience, several scenes were unneeded which seemed overly explicit. Although these are truly issues that can ruin a famous person or former College star Diggs, they seemed almost too graphic to be seen by a general audience. What the film does so well is keeping the real connections with the street, and enabling the audience to see exactly what the character is going through by using several techniques.

Colors in the movie such as red, green, and black symbolize power, pain, and respect between different characters

Overall this film is a very good spin on the basketball sports movie, yet with no huge stadiums or big games to win the championship, like what usually constitutes a basketball movie. Instead, the two main characters go through much self-analysis and introspective maturing, something that is quite rare for sports-playing men in film to do. I liked the strong use of color and the well-framed shots, and especially enjoyed Michael Digg's brooding performance. A classic, must-see movie for anyone interested in cinematography or film.
Slamma Jamma
Has to be one of the worst movies I've watched, terrible acting and an even worse story line. Read the reviews before I watched this hoping for a good movie and boy was I disappointed, not sure what film they were watching but it couldn't of been the same movie I watched as it was so tedious.
a beautiful, well shot, and acted cinematic masterpiece.
I think this is one of my favourite films. The acting is superb, slam-dunk champion Staples shines in his role as Michael Diggs, and Michael Irvin is also pretty good as his former agent. As well as the smart acting there is a powerful script and storyline, i wont say the story because its probably already been said in other reviews, but the characters are believable and original.

The music is another good point for this film, the songs done by the rappers really add to the feel of the film and the title song "Slam" is a brilliant track.

My favourite aspect of this film is the director''s use of the camera, his slow pans around and smooth camera movements with no cuts are really good, this film contains some of the best shots i've seen and are really inspiring.Especially the scene when Chris is in the park hugging his mother's grave.

My main criticism of this film is the ending, the film was believable and real all the way through but the ending was a big letdown, my other criticism is that it is a bit too long and can lose the audiences attention by being a bit boring.

But overall this is a great film by one of Hollywood's best faith-based directors, and this film should have got more praise than it got, especially Chris Staple's performance.
All over the court but sometimes compelling.
It's a well-done drama with a couple of clunkers in it. The ONE thing that was slightly disappointing was the strange ending. The ending was rushed and corny. That's my opinion.

The cinematography however is just beautiful - I remember sitting in the theater and saying "who the hell shot this?"

I think the actor who played Diggs should get at least a Golden Globe for his effort - I mean c'mon he's a real life slam dunk champion and he really can act...

This is a very deep and meaningful film which has great moralistic lessons to offer the audience.
very cool
.....i can honestly relate to this movie. I am a female athlete and all through my high school years i've seen athletes get passed because they play sports. It's mostly the guys though. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they had a female player who could 'hang'. This movie reminded me a lot of 'White Men' and it's simply the best basketball movie ever made (yes I'm talking to you 'he got game' fans) - The movie shows perfect detail of how someone can overcome hardship and make it. I went and saw it two nights in a row at special premieres and each time, i saw different things about the movie. It's a great movie and I think all coaches and teachers should see it........I LIKE MICHAEL DIGGS
Started Slow - but got better and better and better ...
This 2 hour movie is pretty lackluster for the first 50 minutes or so. Then it picks up and the intensity builds and builds right to the end. It's simply one of those great sports movie that's really well done. I would easily rank in my top 20, perhaps like #17.

'Slamma Jamma' is a formulaic yet an enjoyable film. It's a movie that gives itself away as soon as one character says "I want to win that dunk competition!" Still it has charm and excitement that comes from seeing it for what it is. It's predictable, yeah, but it's not much different from seeing a replay of a competition where your favorite character won.

The film turns into a genuinely inspiring story about courage and determination in the face of societal pressure and incalculable odds. And that's pretty much what sports stories, familiar though they might be, are really all about. This was a heartfelt movie where often, I got upset to see how cruel people would be to others, just because of the color of their skin. I am "white" though not white like this screen, lol, and raised in Los Angeles during the late 60's/70's and just never understood why people would not like you, without even knowing you just because of your looks/race and go to prison like Diggs did.

The movie delivers the goods: great performances and a lot of sports suspense. However, you have give it chance - the first one forth of the show is kind of slow. Many people can relate to this film. The director did a good job so that anyone could sit down and watch the movie to a point they would leave with a upbeat mind. This was a positive thing the director showed. Towards the end, everyone had each others back. The players even entered their world with confidence. This was a symbol that when we as a people start being positive about things nothing but good will happen to us.

For basketball fans and general audiences alike - this is a good movie worth checking out. The actors on the team all did a wonderful job. The film shows the hatred and prejudice against them but also the eventual acceptance. In the film, there are problems within the team when the new players first arrived, though I understand that wasn't really the case

It's an engaging film with a great message based on a true story.

Great sequences and styles in the tradition of sports classics like "Hoosiers", "Remember the Titans" and "Friday Night Lights"

The movie works well as a sports story—it reminds me of the movie Miracle (I thought Kurt Russell deserved an Academy Award nomination for that one!)—but its political statement is what's most important. Guy out of prison can make it!

A great story, but not brought to life that well on the big screen. Yet the film is interesting, holds your interest and is less cheesy than anticipated although it probably has taken liberties with the real version of the story.

I don't know a lot about cameras, lenses, and film stock (if movies still use film anymore?), but there's a grainy, orangey patina to the movie that gives it its old feel, and it's very effective.

Besides that, it's a solid, journeyman, underdog sports movie (with a whole lot of racial tension thrown in). Besides the color of the film, there's a laying open of the frustration and surrender black players felt after a relentless barrage of hate from opposing dunkers like Gary Smith and their respective communities. Finally, key dunker surrender to reverse hatred and lump all "crackers" together.

If you are not moved by this film, then you are part of what was wrong then and what is not corrected to this day. It was about respect and the need for humans to give each other their due and not dwell on stupidity. We were all cut from the same cloth many many generations ago in Africa. I came to Florida from West Texas and know the area well. Color is not important there when it comes to sports. We've gotten past that. It is time to get past it in other areas of our lives. If Slamma Jamma can help a little bit in that, then it is well worth your time. Well, it's well worth your time anyway as it is a great movie. Michael Diggs shows the world that what really matters is your heart. And is your heart right with the man above?

The film is memorable and ends in an upbeat fashion. Don't miss it.

You need not be a basketball or sports fan in general to enjoy this highly recommended movie.

Rating of eight stars out of ten.
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