Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Baran bo Odar
Sala Baker as Benik
Tess Malis Kincaid as Demanding New Yorker
Chelsea Hayes as Shari
Brooke Boxberger as Receptionist
Matt Mercurio as Busboy #1
Elijah Everett as Bathroom Attendant (as Eli Jah Everett)
Tim Connolly as McFerrin
Tim Rigby as Larry
Jamie Foxx as Vincent
David Harbour as Dennison
Dermot Mulroney as Rubino
Steve Coulter as Frazzled Concierge
T.I. as Sean (as Tip 'T.I.' Harris)
Scoot McNairy as Novak
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Bad/Good Cop Movie
There's a lot of crap but this movie is the most dirty wrong movie I ever seen. Actors are OK but the story is really wrong,so wrong that I decide to wright I review, which I rarely do. It must be forbidden by law to act in Z-Movies like this one and to show it on public. I think I'm gonna ask my lawyer to start a case to the director of this garbage movie
Expected a lot more
Dang. I had gotten excited that an action film was coming out.i thought to myself,man this is that film that kids are gonna get intensely involved with almost like an evolution process for the psyche where the kids whove decided that That the character developed on screen hero with credibility and honesty cemented in a rival will smith eddie griffin sort of way WELL? Things that happen in this film just happen.The only thing that made sense was the woman cop trailing our detective Vincent Downs during the films crisis. just became hard to knew michelle monaghan was thinking a lot but was really an Obstacle.Her Partner ,one of those guys whose more reliable in straight to video redbox film lore..and the brief participation of fellow police officer TI and the opening scenes robbery vs. drug bust was more or less pretty questionable with motive of answering the viewer with the film.Overall i would put it out there with the Ben Affleck and Jon Bernthal movie that came out this year...but more exciting plus Happening faster.
it's not movie will put you sleep it's movie that will keep you watching until start to end
Never watch the trailers to movie believe me this movie is more of blind date film i have watched small teaser of it i got into it for another people who is curious about movie believe me it's so good and intense and it's thrilling film it's noting like Taken it's well in trailer you think it's oh same thing over again when they kidnapped someone else son or daughter got kidnapped they have give money or anything else back but it does happen but not in a same direction as what you think it is you can see it's same not Cliché Taken thing or you can say it's mixed with Street kings mixed Taken mixed Waist Deep. but it's like John Wick some people say that it's noting like that. it has a lot GREAT ACTION cool staff in movie you will see it's a very fast pacing 1h 35min long it's not a very long movie as you think it is and the action scenes never seen before, Jamie Foxx plays a strong character in film very strong and intense of his performance he is not a idiot character or drug attract character he is just a dirty cop doing dirty business but he is not bad as what you think he is. he does a lot cool staff in movie a lot of his action fights hand and hand fist, a lot great setting of great location in Las Vegas their is action movies been filmed in Las Vegas but noting like this movie. has things in not really in common with the corrupt cop movies of the previous decade and those of the 90s it does with action but it's mixed with very thrilling intense of edge of your seat things you don't know what is going to happen next not same Cliché staff like another films as i say it, no spoilers i never want to spoil it it's for more of people to read it. I Highly Recommended It film it's not going to Disappointing, you it's not movie it will put you sleep because it's called sleepless it's a movie keeps you watching until at end it will blow you AWAY Plot: Vincent (Jamie Foxx) is a cop a dirty cop in Las Vegas and his partner (Joseph TI Harris)Sean Cass killed couple guys and they rob a shipment of cocaine witch has a lot of grams of Cocaine they stole (Michelle Monaghan) Jennifer Bryant another cop is part of case of murdering scene, she gets a bit Suspicious of Vincent. Vincent and Sean got into the case of murdering and robbery on that night his son he hasn't spend to much time with his son, he is keep on forgetting to bring him to game his ex wife Dena(Gabrielle Union)is a hospital worker see his good in this movie has always she is

pain in butt or anything like that she is just honest woman. and Vincent Son Thomas (Octavius J. Johnson) is mad and upset of him he's character is good but not idiot or annoying or anything like that of his character. he's son gets taken buy cocaine belonging to entrepeneur Stanley Rubino (Dermot Mulroney) who is associated with mobster Rob Novak (Scoot McNairy), the son of a powerful mob boss. the villains are not much of dialog or fun villain or scary type of guy he is just normal villain but noting exciting villain. but then Vincent is noting working with his partner he does it all himself he got stabbed for once but it is very though for him but he still goes out there does what he has too do to get his son back. but it's same way i mean it does happen but there is some twist in movie that you didn't see it coming later on movie it carry's a lot of action in towards it the thrilling is intense never know what is gonna happen next never keeps you watching and watching then the action Begins in nightclub action scene there was a lot too it but noting like John Wick or another Jamie Foxx movie with Tom Cruise Collateral similar scenes in club with action style of movie but it a different way the scene when he wears suit that kinda reminded me i knew it was from collateral with Tom Cruise Grey and white shirt but without tire but anyway it's noting like that and a lot hand to hand fist fight a lot the action is not just involved Jamie Foxx doing things their is another characters does action but most likely it's Jamie Foxx doing action and he is part of movie and he is lead role cool scene with car red Nissan 370Z drives threw casino in Vegas while bad guys shooting at him that was cool scene of movie a lot of exciting action in movie that WON'T PUT YOU TO SLEEP you will enjoy edge of your seat not lying to anyone.

not at all this is very thrilling and intense movie didn't make much money but it's not a bad movie because it make a lot of money, their is a lot more action in movie then thrilling it's fast pace not a slow 2 hour film as what you think it is, if movie goes 2 hours then this movie would put you sleep makes sense, give this a big shot i never knew this was a remake of of diverting French thriller called Sleepless Night i can't compare it witch one is better original or remake. but the remake is fine and it's normal action film it's very short film. this American Remake is breathless and potentially nihilistic narrative full of Action and thrilling I enjoyed it i had a lot of fun of movie and I would buy it on Blu-Ray it's fun 10.10 I Loved it give it a big go !
Wouldn't be surprised if they offered this to Denzel and he turned it down because the script is absolute pony. Decent fight scenes, but what sort of self respecting drug dealer calls drugs 'drugs'? "Where are my drugs? Bring me my drugs!". No, not until you start calling it coke or dope or maybe blow, like a normal person. Give it a watch when you've really got nothing else to do, like it's a Wednesday night just before pay day and it's raining out, and maybe this is on Netflix or TV and you want something mostly for background noise that you can bitch about afterwards. But I urge you, don't pay money to go and see it.
I'm absolutely amazed that this film has an average rating of 5.5. Who ever gave it 5 or more stars must have watched a different film than me. Even the great Jamie Fox was terrible in this. Either he wasn't trying because he knew it was guff or it's true what they say about the actor being only as good as the story.
10/10 Brilliant
Action packed from the start ignore the other reviews it's a ten out of ten. Dirty Cops drug deals kidnapping this film has everything from start to finish on the end Of my seat ended to soon i didn't want this to end definley worth a watch. Jamie Foxx is excellent all the way through well underrated

get it up yas
Mann wannabe
In Las Vegas, Vincent Downs (Jamie Foxx) and partner Sean Cass (T.I.) steal a shipment of cocaine. They turn out to be police detectives and Vincent volunteers to investigate the battle in the street. Jennifer Bryant (Michelle Monaghan) and Doug Dennison (David Harbour) from Internal Affairs are brought in on the case. Vincent is estranged from his son and his ex Dena Smith (Gabrielle Union) is newly engaged. He is surprised to find out that Stanley Rubino (Dermot Mulroney) and mob-related Rob Novak (Scoot McNairy) are the owners of the drug shipment. Then his son is kidnapped by them.

This is a crime action thriller in the vein of a Michael Mann movie. There are some good action with one particularly fun fight scene. The cast is good enough and it has the potential to be a solid crime thriller. The problem is that the movie never makes me care about Vincent and I never do. There are also some logic problems although logic may not be a big sticking point. This has all the parts but fails to put them together.
From bad to worst
This is the kind of movie that starts bad and gets worse by the end of it. The plot is unoriginal, predictable, fight scenes are awful to watch, the acting is just sad. Although there are quite a few stars, or at least well know actors in the movie, this is a huge let down. If you value your time, i advise you not to watch it. And you want to know whats even worse? I cant believe they planned it to actually have a sequel! The only good thing about this movie is that it lasts 90 min, so even though it pains to watch, it doesn't last that long.
Sleepless fatal flaw (spoiler for me)
As an author and script writer, I get a little annoyed when the plot twists are so obvious you can pick out the bad guys presented as good guys in their first on screen appearance, when it won't be revealed until three fourths of the way through the film. Ditto for figuring out the main bad guy is actually a good guy well before intended.

Worse is when two cops are ambushed, one of them shot, the other (Foxx) completely ignores the shooter's presence to encourage his fallen buddy not to die, despite the shooter's position immediately before them and making him an ongoing dire threat. Not so, it seems: the killer simply vanishes with the discharge of his weapon and cut-away to the bullet's landing, without any further explanation of any kind — he apparently no longer even exists by the way the hero responds, and the next scene simply leaves you wondering.

"Cut! Print it."

I don't know if it's bad Directing, somebody lost a shooting script page, the Continuity girl took the day off, the Editor's snip was a few hundred frames off the mark, or the Writer got drunk before completing the scene. Not since Ed Wood have we seen these kinds of mistakes... but at least Ed's quirky results somehow added to the experience, rather than destroying it.

I stopped watching the film at that point. I call that a spoiler alert of another kind.
Muddled and wholly implausible thriller wastes good cast and great premise
Sleepless is a remake of a French thriller "Nuit blanche" (White Night) and stars Michelle Monaghan and Jamie Foxx. Foxx and partner T. I Harris are corrupt cops who accidentally steal 25kgs of cocaine from Casino Kingpin Rubino (played by Dermot Mulroney) which was actually meant to be delivered to local psycho Scoot McNairy who had promised to make up the shortfall of a drugs deal that had been intercepted by the DEA to his father who, it is implied, is absolutely f***ing terrifying.

With Foxx identified as the thief, Mulroney kidnaps his son, Thomas, to force Foxx to bring the drugs to the casino for an exchange. Unfortunately hard bitten Internal Affairs cops Michelle Monaghan and Stranger Things' David Harbour are on his trail and seize the cocaine from Foxx' hidey hole as evidence.

So Foxx no longer has the drugs to trade for his son, Mulroney has his son but no drugs. McNairy has no drugs, but a lot of pressure from his dad, and Monaghan has the drugs but no arrests.

So that's the setup and it is delicious. The film is driven along by a throbbing, pulsing electronic score, and the tension rises and rises as the stakes become clear, and are much higher than any of the characters realise.

For the first half hour this film is great, you really think this is going to be something great and, when the action finally arrives (surprisingly late in the day), it is crunchy and punchy and you think this film is going to be great.

Unfortunately, it isn't. Too many implausible incidents happen, things occur out of character, and the film seems determined to jam as many action staples within its delicious, restricted setup as it is possible to do. Hint, you cannot stage a plausible car chase within a casino. It is not possible.

Foxx is fine, Monaghan is better, but both are poorly served by the film. It has a Taken vibe, but without the scope of an entire city to play in, or a sense of fun. It reminded me of such failures as Bruce Willis' Hostage and last year's One-Eight Seven.

It's not that it is stupid, it is just too implausible and poorly structured. Not recommended.
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