Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Baran bo Odar
Sala Baker as Benik
Tess Malis Kincaid as Demanding New Yorker
Chelsea Hayes as Shari
Brooke Boxberger as Receptionist
Matt Mercurio as Busboy #1
Elijah Everett as Bathroom Attendant (as Eli Jah Everett)
Tim Connolly as McFerrin
Tim Rigby as Larry
Jamie Foxx as Vincent
David Harbour as Dennison
Dermot Mulroney as Rubino
Steve Coulter as Frazzled Concierge
T.I. as Sean (as Tip 'T.I.' Harris)
Scoot McNairy as Novak
Storyline: Vincent Downs is a cop in Las Vegas, who's partnered with a crooked cop. His partner asks him to steal some drugs, which they do. But what they don't know is that the drugs belong to a crime family, the Novaks who goes after anyone who crosses them. And Rob Novak the man who was handling the drug sale sets his sights on the man who sold him the drugs, casino boss Rubino. Rubino discovers Downs was the one who stole the drugs so he has Downs' son abducted and tells Downs to bring the drugs to his casino. Jennifer Bryant, an idealistic cop who wants to take down every criminal including the Novaks. Recently one her busts went bust and she did everything by the book. She thinks all the men are patronizing her. When she meets Downs she gets a vibe off of him and follows him. Downs brings the drugs to the casino and hides the drugs. Downs meets with Rubino and asks for his drugs. Downs wants his son first before he gives him the drugs. Rubino shows him his son and goes to get the drugs but...
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Inconsistencies, inconsistencies, inconsistencies
This movie could've been a real hit if only everyone in the production paid attention to the inconsistencies. And yes I said that again.

From the beginning of the movie where an empty Las Vegas is shown during the car chase, you know there's something wrong, yet one would give this movie a chance because it looks as if a decent budget is put into making it. I mean after all, Jamie Fox is in it, right? Well, that's about it, I can't believe Jamie Fox, a decent actor didn't even question the script of this movie, I guess everyone's just looking to get paid. The rest of the movie is questionable, trust me, see this movie and you would stop and ask, either in your head or someone why, or how, or wtf were they thinking? Questions such as why is the main character stabbed and not bled to death? If not dead, why is he weak and feeling so much pain when walking/running yet fights like an action hero when fighting the bad guys? How is he and his son able to withstand the gasses in the garage when the bad guys fired tear gases and are wearing protective masks? Why his son didn't just leave the casino given the chance to escape? oh yeah, I forgot, he wanted to go clubbing. lol! And btw., how did the wife able to drive up and enter the casino garage?, given there's already so much commotion going on at the place and would've been in lockdown.

Trust me, I'm really not here to give this a bad review, I'm actually sitting in my toilet typing this. just wanted to point out what I came here for and that is the incons..........=
Sleepless entertains for what it is but easily forgotten once it is over.
Sleepless is a better than expected for a redundant crime action movie that has an overused plot, decent acting, and some mediocre action. Definitely not a great movie. But if you need some escapism for some spare the moment action, this film is it. Sure, there are many police crime drama movies that involve corruption, drug deals, and kidnapping. The plot is cliché and boring. There are a couple of twists and turns. But nothing great to even talk about.

The plot follows Las Vegas policeman Vincent (Jamie Foxx) and his partner Sean (T.I.) stealing cocaine from Stanley (Dermot Mulroney) who runs a casino. Stanley is supposed to deliver the drugs to the mob boss's son Rob (Scoot McNairy). Vincent is trying to avoid the internal affairs led by Jennifer (Michelle Monaghan) and her partner Doug (David Harbour) from investigating about the cocaine robbery. While Stanley sends his man to go kidnap Vincent's son and hold for ransom until he can give him his drugs back before the mob boss son arrives.

The plot was all over the place using the same predictable ideas with characters being undercover, some dirty cops that work for the mob boss, a shady casino owner, and a father who is struggling on a healthy relationship with his family. As the teen son is distant and his ex wife who is supposedly engaged to another. The movie is kept into fast paced gear when Vincent's son is kidnapped and he is running around the casino fighting Stanley's goons and running away. All this can be repetitive which makes the movie kind of dumb. Vincent and his son trying to escape, but gets caught up with fighting a guy in the kitchen. Escapes again, and trying to hide in the crowd at the club. Bad guy captures son again and it goes for a repeat. Its nevertheless boring. It has some decent fight sequences and an okay underground garage shootout.

The editing and directing could have been better. Editing the scenes with the fight sequences were quick cuts. The script was cliché with a predictable plot. Easily pointing out whom the dirty cop is when they show up on screen and they are not revealed until the last act of the movie.

Jamie Foxx gave a flat tedious performance. Can't say he is a great actor either. Must be an easy cash grab for this movie. Michelle Monaghan was decent at least. Dermot Mulroney was dull as the shady casino owner. David Harbour did not have much to work with in the script. T.I. had a minimum amount of screen time but was also a flat performance. Same with Gabrielle Union and her stale performance. Scoot McNairy was at least at his best, playing an entrepreneur for his father's organization and at times menacing.

Overall, Sleepless is a fair action crime film that has some cheap poorly edited action in a dull plot and boring performances. I ll recommend the film as a rental, if your looking for some cheap action movie.
To summarize good action flick not a lot of senseless cursing.
I gave this movie a six because it was entertaining i thought Jamie Foxx handled himself quite well something like a black Jason Bourne like most movies it could have been better some of the scenes and plots could a been a little more believable but i thought it was a good action flick regardless, i would also like to say it wasn't riddled obscene language for no reason i thought that was quite surprising based upon the type of movie it was i would recommend it for anyone who enjoys a good action movie with a little bit of everything for everyone.
A bad copy of every action movie you've ever seen
The story is the same old. Bad cop turns out good. Good cop turns out bad. Other cop chases the wrong good cop. And etc. For each scene, you'll know what's up next. But the worst part is that the bad guy and Jamie Foxx act as if they don't care. Somewhere half this movie people start to realize they're not making anything worthwhile and they just gave up. Some movies like these have one redeeming quality: the action scenes. But those felt repetitive and badly edited. It's safe to skip this one.
10/10 Brilliant
Action packed from the start ignore the other reviews it's a ten out of ten. Dirty Cops drug deals kidnapping this film has everything from start to finish on the end Of my seat ended to soon i didn't want this to end definley worth a watch. Jamie Foxx is excellent all the way through well underrated

get it up yas
What alternate reality were the makers living in?
So there's an active shooter in a nightclub, an active sports car swirling around in the nightclub, an inactive bystander, the police show up and guess who all 7 police officers focus on? You just got hold of a gun in a life threatening situation and you bravely decide to use your fist against an attacker who is bigger than you.

You're on a manhunt in an underground garage and you shoot smoke canisters without any gadgets to give you an advantage in the scenario you've just created and then you start firing indiscriminately.

I give it a 2 for the established reputation of the cast but this must be the worst movie I ever saw.
Forgive me If I come across has nitpicking
Sleepless is a movie that tries to hard to be entertaining, trust me you'll see how hard it is trying. That is the problem with Sleepless, tries to hard to be thrilling, instead of trying just be. The setting really does well. Jamie Foxx who I usually like, really comes across to gruff in the beginning which did work, but has the film goes on we see more to his character, which to me didn't work, cause the surprises here didn't work, I felt it didn't really add much to anything here.

The movie has fight scenes that look to action hero like, fight scenes I've in James Bond films, I wish the fights would have been more realistic. Now the story I've seen plenty of times, like in Taken(2008), it's not terrible, just not all well executed. Gabrielle Union is such a good actress, but she is just wasted here, I felt they didn't give her much to do. And this has suspense music just to let you know when something suspenseful is gonna happen, and for me I think when no music is playing during a suspenseful scene would work better, cause the tension builds up better.

Now I did like the guy playing Foxx's son. And Michelle Monahan's tough as nails detective character was very well portrayed , wishing the film was more about her instead. Scoot McNairy is a terrific villain, you find yourself shaking in fear when he enters a room cause he is that scary. But everything else is somewhat forgetful.
I really enjoyed this movie!
Sleepless is a fast paced action movie, that keeps you engaged and entertained. The thrilling dirty cop movie has some great actions scenes and a good story line that is easy to follow.

The performance of Jamie Foxx does not disappoint and the supporting cast all do a decent job as well.

I would watch this movie again and would recommend it to others.
Foxx Can't Save This One...It Stinks.
Jamie Foxx can't really save this movie though he's probably the bright spot here no doubt. Foxx gets to play a heavy cop fairly straight to which he's up to that. He's better though when his penchant for humor is front and center. It's the overall same old drug/cop story and way too over-the-top constant cat and mouse action that brings things down. Not much meat and lots of filler.

This is a confusing ride about a corrupt bunch of law folks and their involvement in the drug business out of Las Vegas. We think Foxx's character, Vincent, is dirty for much of the film. I guess that adds some cloak and dagger extra baggage that's supposed to be clever? While I did find Foxx's character interesting I felt as if he wasn't ever equipped to be a one-man hall of justice. Going it alone, for the most part, he had to survive too many sure-fire deadly encounters with his own, and his hostage son's, life. Everything just kept getting worse to which believable realism was jettisoned.. The makers must have thought if they could bring the action bigger that credibility wouldn't matter? They forgot it was trying to be a real crime thriller early on.

in the end there was too much silly action and not enough possible truth. This may prove Foxx can also be an action star, but this movie is entirely disposable and will be forgotten as fast as one leaves the theater. Foxx can't change that even as he survives to be declared a "good cop". I recommend a pass as there are too many much better crime flicks that respect the viewer's time with something approaching reality. This is a silly fail.
Predictable. Very boring, bad acting. Fell asleep halfway. why those this have to be 5 lines if 1 line is more than enough? Predictable. Very boring, bad acting. Fell asleep halfway. why those this have to be 5 lines if 1 line is more than enough? Predictable. Very boring, bad acting. Fell asleep halfway. why those this have to be 5 lines if 1 line is more than enough?
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