Small Crimes
USA, Canada
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
E.L. Katz
Gary Cole as Lt. Dan Pleasant
Michael Kinney as Phil Coakley
Julia Dawi as Wife
Josh Ethier as Probation Officer (voice)
Tara Yelland as Toni
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Joe Denton
Macon Blair as Scotty
Jacki Weaver as Joe's Mother
Molly Parker as Charlotte Boyd
Pat Healy as Junior Vassey
Tyrone Benskin as Chaplin
Robert Forster as Joe's Father
Storyline: SMALL CRIMES is a delightfully suspenseful, blackly comic tale that follows a disgraced former cop, fresh off a six-year prison sentence for attempted murder, who returns home looking for redemption, but winds up trapped in the mess he left behind.
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This film was felt like a sequel
There are lot of background history spare parts in this film looked more like a sequel to an earlier film but there's actually no such prequel, so we viewers got to connect the dots by ourselves, but still, it gave you the feeling of a nicely directed and well acted film, didn't give you any B movie like lousy taste. Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau used this film to show us he could really act, a total different role from what he played in "Game of Throne", and he was very very good to prove he can be an A list actor.

But even so, this film are missing a lot details that should came from another earlier film.
Great movie! Pulp Fiction type.
Nothing ever comes clean with time after a hard past. Second chances are nothing more than covering up the man inside trying to break out. A coiled snake waiting for the circumstances to fall into place and then....powerlessness.

After six years contained, Joe is released back into society. His mindset is to become a father again to his two girls, but outside circumstances, old ideas, and people muddy his path to the fantasies he had six years to create in jail.

The movie zig zagged from scene to scene and I was not able to predict what would happen next. That is what made this movie great and reminded me of Pulp Fiction.
Too much negativity
This film tells the story of a disgraced policeman, who served years in prison for killing another man while he was drunk. After his release from prison, he has to live under the ghost of his past.

I'm not sure why the film is called "Small Crime", as none of the crimes displayed are small. The way people treat each other in the film is horrendous, as they insult, physically and emotionally hurt each other all the time. It's full of negativity, and I don't like the film.
The film seems to be building something from the beginning only to come to a confusing pointless end. It doesn't make any sense. Loving parents, by the way. Cheers for not getting all that time back. Too bad the cast, the performances and the technique used to film it had a high standard, although the screenplay is bad. Seems like it has been written by a schizo who got bored at the end.
Brutal, twisted
Netflix's Small Crimes is a bitter, barren, gnarled piece of work that leaves an uneasy vacuum in the air as it passes. If you haven't heard of it yet, that's because the platform does almost zero promotion when new content comes off the assembly line, quietly slipping it onto the site without so much as a TV spot. Some are forgettable, and some are gems that could have done with a bit of buildup. This one is like David Mamet, Cormac McCarthy and Elmore Leonard sipping whiskey sours one cold, empty night and brainstorming ideas. I love the time honoured themes presented here, but what I love and admire more is the filmmaker's courage in completely subverting, perverting and putrefying the formula. There's countless films about disgraced cops, criminals or what- have-you who return home to a small town with designs on putting the wrong things right and finding a modicum of redemption. Thing is, in 99.999% of these films, we end up with a happy ending where all the kinks are ironed out and bygones are left as such, a trend which really cripples the stakes and grinds our expectations down with a blunt, predictable Hollywood ending. Not this one. Nikolai Koster-Waldau, aka Jamie Lannister, is a wiry, cracked out ex con who used to be a cop, before he viciously, and I do mean viciously, sliced up the town DA at the behest of a crime kingpin. Moping back into the county following a six year stretch in the pen, it's inevitable that his very presence will stir up a few noxious vibes. Sure enough, he runs into trouble from all angles, including the vengeful DA (", looking like he shaves with a wheat thresher), a scummy corrupt detective (Gary Cole eats up the dialogue like candy), the mobsters he used to be employed by, and even his parents (Robert Forster & Jacki Weaver), who are clearly broken by the past. There's a feeling of inescapable doom, an inevitable choking quicksand that Waldau wades deeper into, his seemingly noble intent on reconnecting with his wife and daughters gradually ground away to reveal the true nature of his path, and it ain't pretty. Gary Cole has a way with words and mannerisms, and he runs away with his bent cop role, stealing scenes like nobody's business. Forster has salt of the earth gravitas in spades, and nails a near career best scene with clear eyed conviction, nailing our attention to his presence. It's not a perfect film though, there's pacing issues, sometimes it gets a little vague or scattered and a romantic subplot involving a nurse (Molly Parker) seems glaringly out of place. Waldau anchors it though, a twitchy, unpredictable ne'er do well who seems cosmically incapable of getting his act together. The ending floored my expectations and remind that there is hope for fresh narratives and abstract thinking amongst writers. You'll come out of this one bruised, but you'll be glad you sat through the beating.
X con desperately seeking his daughters and X wife
The story starts off promising, with a realistic looking prison scene and the protagonist being released. He goes home to a not too goofy looking white trash family, and the set up for a good story (or narrative in today's lingo) is arranged. Problem is, the story quickly becomes confusing. The acting is good, scenery not too phony, but it's just tough to figure out what is going on.

We are introduced to the protagonists parents, as well as some gnarly looking people from the past. However, the blanks are never filled in. The Mom is really down on the main guys behavior, but we are not sure why. Was he a sociopath who deserved her wrath? Or is he an OK guy with a loony mother? There are also some obnoxious "bad guy" looking and acting characters, but we never really know if they are valid when they beat up the main character, or if they are just evil.

This is the sort of film that looks like they had the cash to hire some good actors and directors, then ran out of money before they could hire a writer. What they end up doing is the old "FOR THE CHILDREN" routine. He is desperately trying to find his daughters, whom he has not seen since before prison, and give them all of his money.

We are suppose to believe that if a man can only have that one more meeting with his daughters, that he will be complete and fulfilled, even if he is never allowed to see them again. He explains this to his father, who believes he is not even deserving of this. What? a guy is so evil he is not even allowed to give some cash to his daughters? Yea, right. Even our society doesn't believe a guy is too evil to give money. It goes with the new Hollywood mantra "women and kids can do whatever they want, men don't matter".
Our Hero here isn't a hero but we still like him. a great performance from Nikloaj to bring a complex yet simplified character. However the movie is tonally inconsistent. just when you think we're going in fast pace and more entertaining way the movie pulls back. which is off putting. some character motivations aren't very clear.

This movie is smart, good looking, dark and very original.

The story is really good and interesting. I was wondering all the time what's going to happen. and the movie was able to still surprise me. If you like original and different movies you should watch this.
A brilliant, blackly comic noir comedy of errors.
Small Crimes is a sharp, short slice of noir. A low-key crime film that that is packed with great nuanced performances. Tightly directed with a gripping screenplay that smartly straddles the razors edge of noir and absurdity. Rich characters with a marvellously self-deluded and engaging protagonist. Small Crimes ticked all the boxes for me. I loved it.
A story about second chances and those who (don't) deserve them
The background comes in bits and pieces and it takes time to put those pieces together for the viewer, but despite what many other reviews stated, it's a coherent, layered story, and one that leaves you thinking afterwards.

Beneath the upper layer, which is a crime story with good number of twists and characters, there is a story about second chances and lost cases, and the invisible line that separates the two. It's also a story about realizing there are things you can not amend, no matter how hard you try. The protagonist did a lot of awful things in the past, he messed up his own life and that of his family on several accounts. He served his time and he just wants a clean slate. Now, the question raised by the movie is if he did change and become a better man, and more importantly, irrespective of becoming a better man or not, does he really have a second chance in life, or it's just a false hope that he can't let go of. We get some hints throughout the film, that despite his doomed situation, he at least tries to do better, but probably not hard enough, and makes the same mistakes he did before he went to jail. His final and biggest tragedy is that he fails to realize that he reached the point where the world would be a better place without him for all those who are (or should be) important for him. Maybe because he just can't let go of his hope for a second chance, even though it's already lost.

Well acted and sad movie about a lost case.
I was really surprised to see movie like this done by Netflix, it is noir, it is bare (so You feel what You feel there is no ''correct'' interpretation). Nikolaj gives very realistic performance completely appropriate for story. Reminds of good old European post war dramas somehow.
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