Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jonathan Levine
Joan Cusack as Barb
Fidel Salcido as Beach Bartender
Kim Caramele as Shopper
Luis F. Ramirez as Man with Tray
Moani Hara as Hot Woman
Tom Bateman as James
Amy Schumer as Emily Middleton
Daniel Bess as Front Desk Clerk
Goldie Hawn as Linda Middleton
Randall Park as Michael
Wanda Sykes as Ruth
Ike Barinholtz as Jeffrey Middleton
Storyline: After her boyfriend dumps her on the eve of their exotic vacation, impetuous dreamer Emily Middleton persuades her ultra-cautious mother, Linda to travel with her to paradise. Polar opposites, Emily and Linda realize that working through their differences as mother and daughter - in unpredictable, hilarious fashion - is the only way to escape the wildly outrageous jungle adventure they have fallen into.
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Equality Does Not Mean Striving For the Sewer
And here we go again...

As a feminist accidentally born with testicles, I am always hopeful when Hollywood attempts to package movies designed for women. As we know, 99 percent of all Hollywood product is aimed at sexually confused 19 year old males. Give Hollywood some credit--in recent years, they've really tried to introduce diversity to their slate of films and that, of course, means movies produced by and for women.

Here's the problem:

Equality does not mean imitating the worst behavior of the worst men. Hollywood seems to think (and has done a great job of convincing a lot of women) that replacing penis jokes with vagina jokes represents some radical evolution in filmmaking. It doesn't. Hollywood has been trying to make Animal House with a female cast for some time and they don't even understand what made Animal House an enduring film. There is, ultimately, a camaraderie amongst the men of the Delta house which allows them to come together at the end of the film and battle the forces of conformity.

Snatched pretends there's warmth between the mother-daughter pairing of Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, but it never feels genuine. This is what has sunk the whole slew of "women behaving badly" movies that started, I believe, with Bridesmaids and has continued through the Ghostbusters reboot and Bad Moms (I'm sure there are a few other, but they slip my mind at the moment).

This is a bit of a tragedy. When Amy Schumer's career began, she was very funny and, in some ways, very radical. She's given in, however, to the pressure to be vulgar for the sake of vulgarity. This is not an attractive trait in any self-respecting woman. It's no different than women solving problems with guns and other phallic symbols in an action movie, as opposed to solving problems with their minds.

This movie will make you yearn for the 30s and 40s, when women in Hollywood were respected and were given roles in films about women negotiating life in an intelligent, realistic manner.

If Hollywood cannot do better than this, the women's movement is doomed.
I thought it was hysterical
After seeing so many 1 star ratings and reviews, I had to throw my 2 cents in. I was laughing the entire time. Not sure why other people didn't find it funny and I don't see how it's racist. Maybe I'm naive. It's not winning any awards, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so much funnier than trainwreck which I found overly vulgar.
An Honest Review
First off, the reviews (if you can call them that) here are ridiculously biased and definitely come from a place of pure disdain for Amy Schumer. While I do feel the critiques of her are warranted to an extent, I also feel that the film is not going to get a fair shake. So here is my attempt at giving Snatched a fair review. First off, I saw this last night at a preview screening and I'd be lying if I said I didn't chuckle a couple times. I did. Goldie Hawn being back on screen is awesome to see and to see her doing comedy again was a huge selling point. However, despite a few chuckles and me being enamored with Hawn's return to the silver screen, Snatched is simply a dismal film. It isn't just because of Amy Schumer that this film is bad, it is a joint effort by all parties including Goldie Hawn.

The film begins in slapstick fashion by introducing us to Schumer and Hawn's mother- daughter team. I'm not gonna lie, the two have some serious chemistry in their respected roles. The only problem is that Schumer & Co. rely on gross out humor and even lift some jokes from certain cult comedies to make their film work. The script is barely there and hopes that Schumer can fill in the gaps with stupid jokes rather than some on-the-surface character development. Instead, the film brushes through topics ranging from promiscuous sex to human trafficking to the power of a mother-daughter bond. These are all topics that could carry a film and at every chance the film gets, it fails to capitalize on any of those themes.

In between vaginal jokes and gags from Schumer and some scenes of pretty hardcore violence for a comedy, there is barely anything to make us want these characters to succeed other than they are mother and daughter. While I can't exactly relate to that relationship, I can tell the filmmakers were hoping that that familiar bond would be enough to carry the film. Guess what, it's not. They're poorly written characters, which is a shame because Schumer and Hawn do make quite the dynamic duo and when it works, it works. The big problem here is that it works far too little and there is far too much wrong with the film overall to really recommend it.
its good it's good to see Joan cusack back working again
shes such a great actor!!! < 3 i missed her!! And oh the movie sucked going home and was great John Q sack was great and I'm using speech to text so if there's any spelling errors I'm deeply sorry but I'm too lazy to fix blah blah blah filler filler filler fluff fluff fluff movie sucked
Razzies galore should be coming for this film.
There are actually two laughs in this film. They are both in the trailer so you can skip the movie entirely if you're looking for laughs and have already seen the preview. On virtually any other weekend King Arthur: Legend of the Sword would have easily been the worst film opening since it is also a colossal stinker, but it at least had some decent special effects. This movie had nothing to offer at all. I really feel bad for Goldie Hawn to wait fifteen years to make another film and then wind up in this disaster. She'll probably never want to be in another film again. As for Amy Schumer, this should be it for a film career. I guess she should concentrate on stand up comedy if she can come up with some new and funny material. This film is nothing less than a career killer to be brutally honest. Worst movie of the year (and I've seen Chips so that takes some doing).
Muddled and Confused
Well, while this movie was entertaining a part of me really doesn't feel that it deserves a high rating. Okay, by me giving it a rating of three sort of suggests that I hated it, but in reality I didn't, it is just when I watch movies I tend to put down the first rating that comes into me head, and for some reason this film really doesn't warrant anything all that much higher. Sure, it wasn't as if this film was so out there that it bordered on being unrealistic. Well, okay, it actually did in quite a few places. It wasn't as if the characters were actually all that annoying either, it just, well, simply didn't seem to come across as a film that I could honestly say was really any good.

So, we have this young woman who has just lost her job and has been dumped by her boyfriend and has basically booked a holiday in Equador. Unfortunately it is non-refundable, which basically means that she won't be getting her money back, so she convinces her mother to come along. The problem is that her mother hardly leaves the house, and has been sort of sulking ever since her husband walked out on her. Also, her mother is basically the last person she actually wants to go on the holiday with her but since nobody else wants to go she really has no choice. Eventually, as you can tell by the title, they end up being kidnapped and held for ransom.

What you do need to remember about this film is that it is a comedy, which basically means that the kidnapping part is actually somewhat lighthearted. In fact I guess this is probably what it was that rubbed me up the wrong way with the film and that is that it sort of made light of what is in fact a very serious problem – both with kidnappings overseas and the fact that the State Department really doesn't particularly care if Americans do go missing (which I suspect is probably not the case, but the idea from the film, and certain comments made by politicians, though these politicians were Australia, suggested otherwise).

Yet the film is quite amusing, particularly when we have a couple of women stumbling through the jungles of South America with a bunch of kidnappers on their tails. Well, the other problem was that they didn't actually explain what it was that these kidnappers wanted. Okay, they did initially indicate that they were playing games of extortion, but after a couple of accidents it also came down to a question of revenge. Further it was also, in many cases, a comedy of errors, such as the attempts to swing on a vine (which ultimately failed), or the botched rescue attempt. However, even though I did somewhat enjoy the film, in the end it really didn't seem to know what it really wanted to be.
Don't waste your time,
Oh, Goldie you let me down. Nonsense film, for brain dead...I expected some kind of comedy, some kind of plot, something different with imagination, it was just a repeat of bubbling nonsense that wasn't funny at all, I can't say I enjoyed anything about the film ... no funny lines that haven't been used before, no funny unexpected scenes, Amy Schumer was just a blog stated lines, and waited for a reaction..Nothing to see here folks.
Enjoyable Film
I am giving this movie a ten to help offset all the 1 star ratings. Really, 1 star?? There has to be personal issues with Amy Schumer and reviews are not about the movie. I almost didn't go due to the negative reviews, but they were so awful I thought to myself, "These people are rating Amy Schumer, not the movie".

That being said, I liked it. I laughed throughout the movie and enjoyed myself which is my goal when going to see a comedy. Yes, some of the jokes were pushing it but I love the realness of her humor. I can relate to the experience her character has even if the experiences are exaggerated for humor. It's just as entertaining as Zoolander, Anchorman, etc.

You're not going to discover the human soul watching this film but it's funny and an enjoyable movie. Goldie Hawn is lovely.

I say ignore the haters, get some popcorn and enjoy this comedy.
Awful?? What are you talking about
This movie was amazing, I literally Rolled on the floor laughing. I died, it was so funny. I am shocked at the reviews how everyone calling it awful. I was even more shocked when I saw the IMDb rating , a mere 3 something. It's underrated. If you're a family person and love your mom, you will like this movie. If you Love Amy like I do , you'll love it too. Don't hate.
Snatching your money
This review of Snatched is spoiler free

** (2/5)

THE IDEA OF pairing a cinematic thespian and one of America's funniest women sounds like a hilarious one. Snatched brings that idea to full light in which Goldie Hawn who hasn't starred in a film for 15 years, she pairs alongside Amy Schumer who made a stunning TV appearance on her broad comedy sketch show Inside Amy Schumer, then showing her comedic talents in Trainwreck. Idealistically with this image in your head it sounds like it works - and it does for a while.

Opening with Emily Middleton (Schumer) a high-spirited party girl who has the dream to go on an un-refundable exotic vacation to paradise. Planning it for months until the unexpected happens - and she's dumped. With nobody else to go with, she reluctantly takes her over-cautious mother Linda (Hawn in a wasted supporting role), she always worries about her daughter's high-life, Emily just wants her to have fun - she decides to go after rigorous persuasion.

The opening moments are interesting so, in theory this works - but director Johnathan Levine who in 2011 thanks to 50/50 showed his way in comedy that film worked because of the hilarious leaders (Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt). In that sense, this should work too - but it doesn't albeit he chooses the two leads correctly - they show chemistry if somewhat familiar, and they show that they are a dangerous pair, if in this case dangerous means dangerously unfunny. Their talent as a comedic pairing is horrendously wasted by piling bad ideas, the runaway plot, the dry comedy and the loud, obnoxious shouting.

For the most part they are daring - Schumer pulls the most guts, she Fs, she blinds and she kills thoroughly proving to be the heroine of the film. On the other hand, Hawn hits a new low her performance as the over-cautious cat-lady mother is over-the-top, even by her standards, throughout she's squandered by Levine's direction, the bad ideas and the TV-light runaway plot.

Schumer is also funny, for a moment she pulls a couple of funny one-liners and thankfully Katie Dippold's screenplay manages to support her broad comedy styling, for that Snatched succeeds, in addition to that there are a couple of notable witty gags, but these are just cosmetic ultimately bombarded by the list of bad ideas that by the end is so tall they could reach the summit of Mount Everest. This is one of the worst comedies of the year.

VERDICT: An annoyingly loud and obnoxious adult comedy which squanders this seemingly funny double act with bad ideas and unfunny dialogue.
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