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Lisa Mikitarian
Nick Nerangis as Herbert J. Schumacher
Hannah Overholtzer as Young Evelyn
Madeline Mikitarian as Margot Peer
Joe Mayes as Pool Boy & Butler
Nataly Martin as Doctor Rogers
Connie Lamothe as Evelyn Schumacher
Darren Barzegar as Lonnie Schumacher
Erin Harth as Waitress & Drug Store Clerk
Sonya Kalian as Nurse Pritchett
Sally Anderson as Grandmother
Storyline: Poor Herbert...if only the brain tumor had killed him... A charming dark comedy with a vintage vibe. A wife and son live it up while their miser-rat of a husband/father lies in a hospital bed--death by brain tumor imminent. It's all fun and games until he experiences a miraculous 4th of July recovery.
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Resolution 1920x1080 px
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Bitrate 5610 Kbps
Format mkv
Type HQ DVD-rip
Resolution 720x400 px
File Size 880 Mb
Codec h264
Bitrate 1220 Kbps
Format mp4
Type Resolution File Size Codec Bitrate Format
1080p 1920x1080 px 4042 Mb h264 5610 Kbps mkv Download
HQ DVD-rip 720x400 px 880 Mb h264 1220 Kbps mp4 Download

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