Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
M. Night Shyamalan
Jessica Sula as Marcia
Kate Jacoby as Dr. Fletcher's Patient
Jerome Gallman as Vince, Security Guard
Ameerah Briggs as Police Officer #1
Izzie Coffey as Five-Year-Old Casey (as Izzie Leigh Coffey)
Kash Goins as Flower Kiosk Worker
Emlyn Morinelli Macfarland as Diner Waitress
Ann Wood as Game Show Enthusiast
Haley Lu Richardson as Claire Benoit
Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke
Rosemary Howard as Kevin's Mother
James McAvoy as Dennis / Patricia / Hedwig / The Beast / Kevin Wendell Crumb / Barry / Orwell / Jade
Brad William Henke as Uncle John
Betty Buckley as Dr. Karen Fletcher
M. Night Shyamalan as Jai, Hooters Lover
Neal Huff as Mr. Benoit
Sebastian Arcelus as Casey's Father
Dann Fink as Game Show Contestant (voice)
Nakia Dillard as Police Officer #2
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Great Thriller Film!!!
This film is so thrilling and terrifying. One day, a man who has 23 personalities kidnaps three younger girls and locks up in a room. The remarkable point is that his next personality are about to wake up, which makes me astonished because it is beyond our expectation. Other than that, James McAvoy's performance is outstanding, and each personality is completely different and insane. I was glued to the screen through it. Actually, Kevin was abused by his mother as a kid, which causes to have split personalities. I suppose his 23 personalities protects himself and puts a value on his existence by himself. About it, I had sympathy for it and at the same time, I felt his madness. This film is overwhelming.
Another Shyamalan disappointment....SIGH!
This movie had a decent rating, so we thought we would give it a chance, even though I've been so disappointed with Shyamalan films. The whole plot idea was interesting, and the movie started out alright, but it soon became ridiculous and pointless. I think this director tries WAY too hard. I don't know how the industry keeps allowing this guy to write and direct movies when they are shockingly horrible. What kind of director would put himself in a movie as a complete loser character who happens to like chicken wings at Hooters? There were a lot of holes in the plot too (as usual with Shyamalan). When the doctor wrote out the Beast's full name so that the last surviving female prisoner could call out his name to tame the beast, why didn't she call out his name herself so she could survive? The whole story line became stupid and could have been much better with a talented writer and director. Why does Shyamalan think that putting in a Bruce Willis cameo will make this movie so dramatic and memorable? That was stupid and pointless, just like the whole movie. I think some people gave this movie a decent rating just to trick people like me into watching it. I gave this movie a rating of 2 because there are actually worse films out there by this director.
Terrible movie NOTE: **May Contain Spoilers**
Watching this movie is 2 hours of my life I will never get back - A total waste of time and such a disappointment.

Mind you this is my review so I'm entitled to comment how I perceived it; and I understand & respect others may see it very differently.... here we go, hopefully in brief.

First and foremost I found the continual reference to the child abuse flashbacks irrelevant to the story, unnecessary let alone distasteful. Not to mention the twist from "normal" suspense to "monster incorporated" suspense toward the end just a tad bit ridiculous.

I found the whole movie somewhat drawn out, way beyond achieving the suspense factor which I gather Shyamalan was aiming for, and which I think he failed dismally - it became instead repetitious and boring.

The ending I found totally ridiculous - a zoo?? and God forbid it left the viewer with the knowledge there is to be a sequel, which I will be giving a 'big fat miss'.
Mostly Entertaining but ultimately an indulgent mess
I would rate this a 2 star film but because James McAvoy is good value, the other 4 stars are for his performance.

I have deliberately not read any other reviews, just jumped straight to leaving this one having finished watching a scant 5 minutes ago.

It seems to me reading the trivia section, that M. Night Shyamalan just loves himself, from appearing in his own films (no, I did not know that) and referencing his previous films that many viewers (myself included) may not have seen, and rendering the final scenes of "Split" into the kind of gibberish spouted all along by James McAvoy's character(s).

The 'heroine in peril' moment towards the end was dragged out for so long I was muttering "Come on, give us a twist or just end it". I got my wish - within 5 minutes it was ended with an apparent twist I just didn't get at all (that's right! Because I was supposed to know all about some previous film which I had never seen). Total crock of crap, I'm sorry.

Dr. Fletcher ought to have been locked up herself, allowing a bunch of personalities to take control of poor Kevin, who had not seen the light of day himself since 2014. Just like many in the medical profession, for the sake of a good published paper she had no problem with Kevin being incarcerated somewhere inside himself while the criminals he harboured ran amok in all directions. Obviously interviewing them was more important than Kevin's wellbeing and public safety.

At the beginning, when the three girls were abducted, Casey was so passive and weird I was expecting to discover she was a party to the abduction. Well apparently she wasn't. She was just traumatised by past events in her own life that ultimately had no real bearing on her character's behaviour, unless we are supposed to applaud that she eventually fights back (if you can call shutting yourself in a cage and being willing to fire at a crazy man as liberating in some way). I mean, who wouldn't fire at him in the same circumstances, whether you had a sense of deja vu or not?

The final 5 minutes were total nonsense for anyone who has not seen whatever film it was we were all supposed to have a light bulb moment over. At best it is cavalier behaviour towards the viewer, who will likely be confused when the whole film collapses into an incoherent mess, and at worst it shows what hubris can do to a man, that he would hang the ending of a film on a previous work because he is too important and full of himself to bother finishing it in a way everyone can understand.

(Spoiler alert: Bruce Willis? What? A man in a wheelchair 15 years ago? What? Mr. Who?). That may not have been a spoiler for you ... if so, welcome to the club!

Crap, crap, absolute crap. And if anyone is moved to think "Stupid Reviewer, fancy not knowing blah blah blah ..." it is really unattractive to lord it over other people because they don't know squat about this director's previous films. Why should we? That's just buying into his little superiority club and being self-congratulatory. Perhaps I should binge view every film that has ever been made by living directors in case another one decides to follow suit!

I have never seen such a mess and deflating ending in ages and I'm sorry about that. M. Night Shyamalan, shame on you. You don't deserve the veneer of respectability and professionalism conferred on this film by Mr. McAvoy. I sat and watched it for 2 hours and you ridicule me by offering an ending for the "in crowd". So maybe now I know how Casey felt all this time, on the outside with the other girls laughing at her. Eat as many burgers as you like in your next film - I won't be admiring your cameo because I won't be watching.
Shyamalan is getting back on a proper track.

Split is obviously M. Night Shyamalan's best work in recent years. His movies, after Signs, have been mostly underwhelming/terrible. Split is apparently a way back to his original status.

The movie has a gripping story, some incredible performances and a flavor of Shyamalan most people originally loved. However, there are some plot holes and plot conveniences which people have been complaining about, even in reviews here.

Obviously no movie is without plot holes. But, since it is "cool" to hate Shyamalan, most people would do that and they bashed this movie. The marketing was done as a horror, which is false. This is actually a psychological thriller.

The story says that there are 23 personalities in Kevin, obviously, McAvoy portrayed only 8 of them. But a scene is there in the movie where Casey (played by Anya Taylor) opens a computer and there are 23 video files representing each character. Also, people said there is no character development for any of Kevin's split identities. We can easily say what Dennis is up to, we can see what Patricia behaves like, how creepy Hedwig is, how Barry sounds like and all. And all of these would not be possible without character development. The most important personalities to the story are Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig, Barry and Beast. Each of them have been given every justification for their respective parts. So, I don't think there's a lack of character development for the identities living in Kevin's body. Each of them clearly have their peculiarity.

Also, among the three abducted girls, two are shown to be some generic reckless teens and that's what they were meant to be. That was their part in the story. The major character is that of Casey. She has been given a proper character development as well. The flashbacks of her father dying, her uncle physically abusing her,etc. Many complain that that was unnecessary. But, that is a character development. The character development doesn't involve Anya Taylor, and that's it. Her uncle is the reason why she likes to stay alone and away from the people. Her father's teaching is the fact she's calm and doesn't panic during tough situations. So, the flashbacks aren't pointless.

Obviously there are plot holes and plot conveniences, as mentioned above. No movie is without that. But some are quite conveniently used, making them obvious. This one isn't flawed. The story doesn't work in a "thrilling" manner for which Shyamalan is famous. The existence of Beast was predictable. But unlike many said, nothing was teased to be metaphorical or so, like all the girls being one single identity, uncle being the beast, etc. The doctor's part and role was only the plot convenience part, but wasn't executed very poorly. At times, it had a feeling that the movie may fail, but overall it didn't. Shyamalan's fear of failing was visible in his direction, but that's okay. Nothing to mind. The movie treated like as if the existence of Beast was the twist, but it wasn't. The twist, actually a surprise was that, it was revealed to be a part of Unbreakable. And, it wasn't brought in an awesome manner, but still was enough as a surprise. The bodily transformation was explained. That wasn't an issue. The place being revealed as the zoo where Kevin worked was fine, but a bit mishandled.

James McAvoy's performance was awesome. He proves why he is worth every praise he gets. His portrayal of every character is great. Specifically, in the last part where he is called by his full name (real) and all the characters take light. And in the scene where he consults the psychiatrist - Dennis impersonating Barry and Dennis reveals himself after being compelled. Those change of expressions were terrific. Anya Taylor gives an equally excellent performance. Her expressions, her calmness in every scene described the story and justified her character. She was the one, along with McAvoy to shine with their performances.

The movie is, overall, well made. You can watch this. I guess the major parts of the story have been reviewed in the spoilers. The movie is psychological thriller at its very best. Shyamalan tells the story of Kevin and Casey very well, along with their character study. Bit dragged at times and with some obvious looking plot conveniences, it looks flawed. But the flaws are very less compared to the parts which were executed well. Majority of them were executed well.

IMDb rating : 8/10.

Actual rating : 7.8/10.

Grade : A-
Multiple Scares
There are some director's whose name alone brings forth images of the films they have made. If you hear Hitchcock you know a slow paced thriller is on the way. Spielberg? Normally a family styled big budget adventure. And when you hear M. Night Shyamalan you expect something different. Not always the same but unlike most movies you will see. That holds true with his latest release SPLIT.

As the film opens three young girls are kidnapped with no clue who is behind it or where they've been taken. Rather than a simple hostage movie we're seeing something different. The girls find their kidnapper to be stern and unwilling to give into their pleas for help. But then they see him again. Except that it's not quite him.

This is when we learn that the kidnapper, Kevin (James McAvoy) is suffering from dissociative identity disorder or what most people would call multiple personalities. When he shows up to the rooms they're being held in wearing a dress and telling them his name is Patricia the girls have no idea what to think. Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy), the outsider of the trio, insists that they bide their time to figure a way out. The other two girls are more impulsive and act without thinking things through.

When they meet "Hedwig" Casey thinks she may have found someone who can help her. She spends time gaining his trust and learning more about what is going on. He tells her about "The Beast" and warns that he is coming. When she later asks the "others" about "The Beast" she is rebuffed but learns just a little more with each conversation.

Do the girls escape as the film moves forward? I'd rather not say and allow the story to surprise and unravel for each of you. But the movie does move on with more information gathered in various ways. One of those is the discussions between Kevin and his psychiatrist Dr. Karen Fletcher (Betty Buckley). Fletcher has been treating Kevin for some time now and is becoming slightly alarmed via various signs that something has changed.

Fletcher doesn't just spend time with Kevin though. While he insist that he is in control she convinces him to allow some of the "others" to talk to her. At different visits the multiple people within Kevin's mind are allowed to talk to her and discuss things with her. Each of them provides her with a greater sense of dread that something is happening.

Back at the house where the girls are being kept, Casey continues to work her way into the good graces of Hedwig. As the bond between the two of them builds the slightest glimpse of hope appears that perhaps the girls will make it out after all. With no demands made to their parents just why they were kidnapped to begin with comes into question. And when the answer presents itself the level of tension and fear reaches fever pitch. Is there really a "Beast" or is that just something in the mind of Kevin.

For me Shyamalan has been a hit and miss director. While I've never hated any of his films there have been a few that I felt had fallen a little short of the potential he showed in others. With SPLIT he returns to my good graces with a movie that draws you in, takes it's time to unfold and tells a story unlike any other. In a world of remakes that earns points with me. He definitely gives us something new here.

The acting is amazing to watch here. While the entire cast does a fantastic job it is McAvoy who takes center stage and steals the show. It's one thing for an actor to portray a character in a movie. But to create several and have them all well thought out and well done characters? That's something worth paying attention to. The only problem would be trying to figure out which character would be the one receiving an Oscar nomination if it came to that.

I noted remakes but what about sequels you might ask. SPOILER ALERT. This film is indeed a sequel but not so much that you would recognize it as such. We've never been exposed to these characters, never seen this world as far as we know and have no inkling that it ties into anything else. That is until the film is just about to hit the credits. At that time we see people talking in a diner and the camera pans down to reveal Bruce Willis sitting there listening to a conversation where someone is trying to recall the name of a terrorist who was in a wheelchair. He tells them the name was Mr. Glass. The name and his presence is a reference to Shyamalan's film UNBREAKABLE. And yes, this film ties into that. As will his next film, one he announced will complete a trilogy bringing all three films together. As a fan of that film I can't wait.

Until then I'll be content to watch this movie. And probably more than once. It's one of those films that once you know the end you want to watch again to see what else you can pick up as the story unwinds. That makes it a movie worth not just watching but adding to the collection.
this filem was a bit nothing. not scary. not actiony. not funny. not offensive. not exciting. not bad. not good. not ugly. not creepy. not long. not short. just a bit meh.

the main dude was alright. i quite like that man. he seems sensible in his mind. in real life i mean.

one thing came to mind actually. the portrale of young female human beings was a bit clichéd tbh. has the world not had enough of young American women pretending to scared whitless? i think probably it has.

old lady was pretty cool though.
It maybe gets a bit too fantastical, but it's still an awesome thriller
I was surprised to see that this movie was released last year (as I'm writing this) and I didn't heard about it, taking in consideration how promising the plot is.

Split is about three girls get kidnapped by a man with dissociative identity disorder (DID) that has 23 personalities. I have to say that this movie does not represent what DID really is and how people who struggle with it are, mainly because this movie gets a bit too fantastical sometimes. It doesn't try to be strictly realistic though, so it's an awesome thriller anyway.

The movie gives you chills since the very start with an awesome acting by James McAvoy and some seriously good still scenes. The overall scenes make you have a weird feeling, something it succeeds to transfer to the viewer that you probably won't be able to describe. That makes this thriller stand out in a good way.

Maybe Split makes a unrealistic representation of dissociative identity disorder, and that can be a big turnoff, but this is a great movie nonetheless.
Night Shyamalan creation, hit-N-miss drama with a long running time.
I watched this at home on BluRay from my local library.

As several reviewers have already written Night Shyamalan, who started out so well, in fact "Unbreakable" is one of my favorite movies, made some real stinkers after a few early hits. So "Split" is a return to form, sort of.

I didn't count the number of personalities, they say it is 23, but James McAvoy is really, really good as the several distinctly different split personalities. As the movie begins one dad is giving a ride home for his daughter and two friends and, as he finishes loading the trunk of the car someone comes up, drugs him, and drives away with the three girls. It is one of those many personalities.

I liked the first 20 minutes or so, and I liked the last 20 minutes or so. The vast hour+ middle has a lot of talking, either the abductor with his psychiatrist or the abductor with his captives. Some things do happen but the great middle of the movie moves very deliberately.

Who would really like this movie? Those who like a good character study above all. Shyamalan likes "twists" and there are some but mostly unnecessary to the core story of a man fighting with his demons and three young girls trying to regain their freedom.

I particularly enjoyed the young actress Anya Taylor-Joy as one of the girls, Casey. Not so much for her acting, which was fine, but she has these wide-set eyes and lips so perfect that they look like they were carved by an artist. Just a totally unique look.

Plus I am a fan of Haley Lu Richardson who was one of the girls, Claire. I have seen her in several movies and she is simply a very good actress.

SPOILERS: In the end we find that the girls had been held in an underground maintenance area in the Philadelphia zoo, someone found them and the survivors were freed.
McAvoy's Best Performance Yet!!!
Three girls are kidnapped by a man with a diagnosed 23 distinct personalities. They must try to escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new 24th. After many bad films and a bad reputation in general director M. Night Shyamalan returns with a shocking horror film called "Split" and stars James McAvoy as a man with 23 different personalities and his performance is amazing in every level each personality is different and with each personality McAvoy delivers something new from a 9-year old boy to a woman to even a Beast himself he delivers in every way. The rest of the cast Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Haley Lu Richardson and Jessica Sula gave some good performances as well but i feel that they were the weakest part of the movie plus we learn that Kevin has 23 different personalities but we only see 8 and that was kinda disappointing as well. But like i said McAvoy gives a terrific performance and he is pretty scary to say the least plus the plot twist in the end was smart and came out of nowhere and i believe that the sequel will be even better. Split does have it's fair share of flaws but it's still a well made and well shot film with an excellent performance by it's leading man and of course one of Shyamalan's best films since Signs (2002)
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