Table 19
USA, Finland
Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Jeffrey Blitz
Margo Martindale as Freda Eckberg
Brad Oberhofer as Wedding Singer
Carlos Aviles as Jalapeño
Wyatt Russell as Teddy
Charles Green as Mr. Manny
Rya Meyers as Francie Millner
Anthony Quinonez as Renzo Eckberg
Stephen Merchant as Walter Thimble
June Squibb as Jo Flanagan
Jay Klaitz as Photographer
Anna Kendrick as Eloise McGarry
Amanda Crew as Nikki
Lisa Kudrow as Bina Kepp
Craig Robinson as Jerry Kepp
Storyline: Ex-maid of honor Eloise (Anna Kendrick) - having been relieved of her duties after being unceremoniously dumped by the best man via text - decides to hold her head up high and attend her oldest friend's wedding anyway. She finds herself seated at the 'random' table in the back of the ballroom with a disparate group of strangers, most of whom should have known to just send regrets (but not before sending something nice off the registry). As everyone's secrets are revealed, Eloise learns a thing or two from the denizens of Table 19. Friendships - and even a little romance - can happen under the most unlikely circumstances.
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Clever Comedy/Romance with a Wacky Group of Characters
"Table 19" is a lively comedy with a clever premise. At a posh wedding celebration at a resort in Michigan, the six invitees seated at Table #19 have been intentionally placed at the farthest spot away from the action. It turns out that they are designated by the wedding planners as the "randoms"--a lovable group of losers who inevitably disrupt the proceedings.

The characters at Table #19 are well developed as an odd assortment of people linked to the newlyweds. There is a husband-and-wife who constantly bicker; the nanny who helped to raise the bride and her brother; a junior high school boy who is being coached over the phone by his mother on how to flirt; a stammering Englishman who embezzled $125,000 from the father of the bride; and a young woman named El who recently broke up with the brother of the bride. Originally the maid of honor, El has now been relegated to dregs of Table #19.

The brother Teddy is the best man, and he plays a crucial role in the big surprise of the film. SPOILER FOLLOWS: El was impregnated by the scruffy-looking Teddy. But after a major argument, the couple broke up. Teddy now has a new girlfriend, yet still seems drawn to girl at Table #19.

The film is at its best with snappy repartee and gags during the celebration. But at the midpoint, the film's entire style shifts into the area of romance. Although the two styles do not completely mesh, the film is still great fun.

The early scenes were especially humorous because they were believable. The portrayal of the wedding celebration with the ridiculous toasts and superficial behavior was lively and entertaining. If there were a sequel to this film, it is likely that the lovable losers would still be sitting at Table #19.
This movie is about a girl who attends a wedding
I hate this movie so much that it may be my first review on here, which is sad or a testament to how bad it it really is. No character development or even investment; you don't care about one person in it. The supposed developments feel cliché and shallow. I'm sad I wasted the time to watch it.
Quirky Rom-Com
A different Romantic Comedy film that at certain points dives off of the plot points you are expecting and goes to weird awkward but albeit funny places. I will certainly look twice at what table I am placed at during the next wedding I attend! The only loose end thread plot point was that "Huck" never got his comeuppance! Weirdly charming...
Doesn't deserve the rating it has....
It's sappy, it's corny, rambling and utterly mindless. The only original thing about it was the idea of having a bunch of people sit at the "loser's table" at a wedding, but it appears the writers didn't know where to go from there, so they gave the characters predictable background stories that make you care about them even less. As if the story line wasn't bad enough, the dialogue and execution is even more dismal and trite. The only reason I gave it a 3, and the only reason I even watched the movie is because I'm a fan of some of the actors in it, like Anna Kendrick, who does a decent job here despite the second-rate dialogue, Lisa Kudrow, who is completely wasted n this part and Stephen Merchant, whose character doesn't get much limelight which is a pity as he might have been able to do something to make the movie actually funny. All in all, a swing and a miss.....pass on this one even, and especially if you are a fan of the actors and don't want to be disappointed.
Wonderful cast tries hard to elevate the mediocre script/story
Eloise (Anna Kendrick) has been jilted by her boyfriend, Teddy (Wyatt Russell). Unfortunately, Ted's sister is getting married soon and the bride is Eloise's good friend.. So, although it hurts like Hades, El decides to attend the event solo. When the reception begins, Eloise finds she has been stuck at Table 19, the one farthest away from the married couple, filled with misfits. There's the Kepps (Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson), who run a diner and don't really know why they were invited. Also, there's Renzo (Tony Revolori) who, as an almost-an-adult teen has hormones raging and aspires to meet a girl with the same. The rest of the table is a tall, tall cousin (Stephen Merchant) and the former nanny of the bride. As can be expected, Teddy is upset that Eloise is there and says so. But, wait, a handsome man seems to appear out of nowhere, and asks Eloise to dance. Also, the rest of Table 19 start to bond over their "reject" status. Will Eloise find a new love interest or is she still hung up on Teddy? The very mediocre film has a great cast. Kendrick, Kudrow, Robinson, Merchant, Russell, Revolori and all the others try as hard as they can to bring the story to life. Ultimately, the result is one flat movie with occasional laughs. The setting on an island in the Northwest is nice and costumes are fine but the direction is very tepid. Also, while Russell is a cutie, his scruffy appearance is a turn off to some admirers. My only reason for buying a ticket is that, as a romcom fan, I AM STARVED FOR SOMETHING NEW FROM Hollywood. So, if that's you as well, you might want to give it a whirl. Otherwise, book a showing of some far better film from your own television table.
could have been fun
the film with that cast - Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson, Toni Revolori being some of my favorites - could really have been fun and truly enjoyable. But a good cast doesn't make a good script. I wonder how tailored each role is for the cast, I'm guessing apart from Anna's role not so much? Not sold on the bulk of the film / the main pairing much so that was particularly not enjoyable for me. However, June Squibb was lovely and Stephen Merchant was a welcome oddball (though the humor overall of the film doesn't really land). Conclusions for other story lines were not really satisfying and there was cheesiness all through out.
It was not a table of honour!
I thought it was some B movie. Expecting anything from it is like a total waste. But that was not the case. I was surprised how simple it was, yet very entertaining. Not all the small films like this would do the same magic. Everything in the was like I already seen in other films, even though I enjoyed it thoroughly.

It was a one-day event tale and in the backdrop of a wedding. In that, the film focused on one particular table, the table number 19 on the outskirt the dining hall. They all came from different background and never met before. They learn about each other, and their personal issues open up during the cerebration. Apart from that, they mess up a few things and later try to fix it, that all comes into play before it reaches the end.

From the director of 'Rocket Science', which came a decade ago, also starred by Anna Kendrick. I think he is a fine director, at least in small comedies with the good quality screenplay. So he should be doing more feature films than the television series. I was impressed by Kendrick. Her choices of films might not be the greatest, but she's almost there and very soon going to give a career best for sure. The remaining cast was funnily good.

I think this film deserves a sequel. Because the film characters are very distinctive and has left behind a lot about them which need to be revealed. Sequel or prequel, it does not matter, but I'll be surely looking for one. Look at its cost, just $5 million. Big production houses can give away such tiny amount without expecting any returns.

You might see it rated low everywhere, but for me, it is a good comedy. One of the best small budget films. Yeah, the end was very clichéd, but acceptable for such film. I would definitely suggest it for those who won't anticipate in films they watch. Particularly if you prefer simple storyline and a few laughs, it is the one.

heartfelt and simple
This is a simple story about the misfit's at a wedding reception. The casts are very relatable. They are lost being designated the table 19- the furthest table available... and they end up forming a really meaningful relationship. They help each other and guide Anna Kendrik's character to find her way in difficult times. The story has its small surprising elements but don't go in looking for too many twists. This is just intended to give you some nice cozy feelings once it is done.
not even an airplane movie
Table 19 is a dreadful movie.

The script is surely the worst thing about it. Some people are stuck at Table 19 (the loser table) at a wedding. We get each of their stories, if you can call an incoherent jumble of clichés a story. One boy of about 13 is trying to laid, with his mother calling him every 10 minutes to give him advice. One couple may or may not be in love, depending on when you went out for popcorn. One woman plays the ridiculous old person, a staple in every bad Hollywood movie. One man is even more ridiculous.

Joining the table is Anna Kendrick, who seems to have two love interests, one of whom just vanishes when his presence becomes inconvenient for the plot. She has recently broken up with the best man, though the explanation for how this happened makes little sense.

Everyone at the table has problems. They all go off and smoke dope, and then suddenly the problems are magically solved. This is basically the plot, minus a bunch of slapstick scenes with the wedding cake.

Aside from Anna Kendrick, none of the characters are the slightest bit interesting, and none of them, including Anna Kendrick, undergoes any sort of personal transformation that leads to the resolution of their problems. The movie is just one sorry gimmick after another.
Surprised (in a good way)
At first I wasn't looking forward to watch Table 19.I assume that you already know the plot if you are reading user's reviews but you are not sure if you should watch the movie or not so , I am just going to tell you not be afraid of the poor rating and just watch the movie.Full of funny and dramatic moments and unexpected twists that reveal slowly the character's background I believe that Table 19 is a great movie for both drama and comedy lovers. All the actors give excellent performances and make you feel closer and more attached to the characters. It was just a great film and I really hope that it gets the reputation that it deserves.
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