The Case for Christ
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Jon Gunn
Frankie Faison as Joe Dubois
Haley Rosenwasser as Alison Strobel
Renell Gibbs as James Dixon
Judd Lormand as Joe Koblinsky
Kevin Sizemore as Dr. Gary Habermas
Mike Pniewski as Kenny London
Erika Christensen as Leslie Strobel
Brett Rice as Ray Nelson
Rus Blackwell as Dr. William Craig
Tom Nowicki as Dr. Alexander Metherell
Mike Vogel as Lee Strobel
L. Scott Caldwell as Alfie Davis
Robert Forster as Walter Strobel
Faye Dunaway as Dr. Roberta Waters
Storyline: Based on the true story of an award-winning investigative journalist -- and avowed atheist -- who applies his well-honed journalistic and legal skills to disprove the newfound Christian faith of his wife... with unexpected, life-altering results.
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Fantastic movie full of compelling facts about historicity of Jesus Christ as well the deep and loving bond between spouses...
Beyond the excellent presentation of material to support the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, this true story about Lee Strobel's marriage being on the brink of ending because of his wife's faith in Christ was another gripping dimension to the plot. Their intimate talks about faith and how Christ was deepening their love for each other through their investigation of faith is astonishingly well acted and deeply moving. At the heart of their relationship is the demonstration of how Christ divides, then unites, whereas the Evil One only divides. You could not ask for a happier ending than when Lee finally surrenders to the truths about Christ that he uncovers after two long years of research... I LOVE THIS FILM!
Beliefs are not a case for anything!
The latest in a growing trend of religious propaganda (i.e. The Atheist Delusion, Joseph and Mary, Is Genesis History?, etc.).

In essence, twisted and irrational "logic" masquerading as facts and "evidence". Religious zealots pandering to the uneducated, the naive and the gullible.

No matter how you dress it up or present it... personal delusions, primitive superstitions and beliefs are not a case for anything.

Instead of wasting your time on this type of non-sense, spend an hour or two watching just about anything on PBS, you're brain will thank you!
Simply amazing
I was so shocked when I heard this book was hitting public screens just last night after a prayer meeting! Thankful for the times I dived deeper into my faith because it led me to learn about all sorts of apologetics! My favorite c.s Lewis, Ray comfort, and ultimately Lee strobel!!! I was like no freakin way!!! I was completely psyched, amazed, and blessed by this movie! I was in awe...the entire time, God is showing up BIG man. I never thought we'd see days like these. Way to go pure flix!!! We serve such a mighty God! This movie encouraged me and i learned so much more in how to defend the faith !!! Jesus...left me speechless too. He has a grip on my heart that I could never shake off; and a Love I can't deny that changed my perspective on life forever.
An unconvincing case
This is not coming from an atheist or somebody particularly religious, though finds the Bible and its stories fascinating. This is coming from someone who loves film of all genres and decades, would see anything with an open mind and an intent to judge it on what it set out to do and wanted to see as many films from 2017 as possible.

2017 has been a mixed bag for film, with some good and more films, some disappointing and less films and some that fall somewhere in between. 'The Case for Christ' is not among the year's very worst but is in the bottom half of the quality spectrum to me. It is understandable why atheists would hate it with a passion, though some here have to me not expressed their feelings very well, but it is my feeling that it's not only atheists who will dislike 'The Case for Christ'. Critics were very mixed on it themselves and it is also my feeling that even the converted will find themselves preached at.

Coming from a non-atheist and as said someone not particularly religious, 'The Case for Christ' did come over as too heavy-handed and one-sided and like it was trying too hard to appeal to Christians and the converted. There are a lot of theories presented here but these theories are little more than strongly put and theories masquerading as fact, that talk at you bombastically rather than provoking thought, with very little that holds weight to back it up. The bogus scientific elements too strain credibility to an unbelievable degree, science is practically re-invented here so scientific experts are another group that will find the film hard to swallow. In short, 'The Case for Christ' has a script that does mean well and tries, and sometimes succeeds, in being sincere, but tends to be uninspired and patronising.

When it comes to the storytelling, 'The Case for Christ' never rises above superficial level. A few good, if familiar, ideas but never fully explored and cranks up the sentimentality to the point the sweetness and sugar makes one nauseous and the sentimentality is hard to stomach. Some of it is ludicrous too. The pace is dull and meandering, the music is forgettable at best and the direction has flashes of inspiration but is mostly blandly workmanlike.

For all those problems, 'The Case for Christ' is not all bad. It looks pretty good and slick, handsomely shot and nicely mounted. It's particularly striking in how the look and feel of 1980 Chicago is captured, and the film does that very well. The acting is pretty decent, despite the awkward dialogue and thinly drawn characters, with the best performances coming from Faye Dunaway and particularly Mike Vogel.

Not all the material is a disaster. The insights of the extent to which religion still shapes popular and political thinking in the United States and how are actually interesting and well argued. It is a pity that everything else in the writing fails to convince.

In summary, will be, and has been, very controversial for understandable reasons on both sides. Apart from a few good things and some intrigue and sincerity, it is very sad to say that 'The Case for Christ' had a case that didn't convince me and didn't do much for me. 4/10 Bethany Cox
The Case for Christ
The Case for Christ is the best motion picture by PureFlix to date. The acting was spot on perfection. The story line was fantastic. This is just a flawless movie that can't and won't be ruined. The film will lift you up in tears and you will think to yourself do I want to see that again and your answer will be yes this is just that good of a movie you will want to watch it over and over and you will probably not get tired of it that is how good it is.

Parents this is a PureFlix film PureFlix is a Christian movie studio that develops Christian movies so you would expect no sex no profanity and if you guard that you will be right there is none of that this is a very clean film that you and your whole family can go to and enjoy it is a fantastic film that you just need to go see to believe thank you for reading and God bless
An A-OK Movie
It's a shame that so many atheists get on these threads (well, reviews, no more threads here) and bash Christian movies just because they think they don't deserve to exist.

I am an atheist, but not an angry one. I don't feel defensive or insecure in my belief. Therefore, I have no need to hate stories about Christianity... or any religion.

I find many of them quite fun, just as I do movies about santa clause, Cinderella, and lord of the rings. I don't believe in those things, either, but gosh the movies are often so fun.

So, I'm about to watch this movie right now. Just because I like the actors and I'm with my mother who enjoys this stuff. If I end up feeling that this is a movie which deserved a lower rating, or a higher one, I will return and edit my review. If I don't edit my review, then it will be the movie I expect: Somewhat pleasant, somewhat sappy, somewhat predictable, but certainly an okay movie, especially for people who enjoy watching stories about their own kind of lifestyles.

Many reviewers who are anti-Christian feel there should not be movies made about Christianity. I say we live in a free country and I am free to watch... or not watch.. whatever I want.

Simple propaganda
Simple fanatic propaganda. It is easy to guess who financed this piece of cheap propaganda. After seeing this propaganda film, I am even more atheist than I was, if that is even possible :) Don't watch! Waste of time and an insult to intellect. I wonder how this got such a high rating (5 stars at he time of review)... deserves zero. But we all know Americans are not the brightest nation on the planet so....
My new favorite!
This is my new favorite movie, and that's only changed twice since 1981: Chariots of Fire and Risen are the only ones to have held that top spot since junior high, and I like movies enough to have performed in almost 30 of them.

The Case for Christ tells the true story of how Lee Strobel, a hard-boiled, award-winning investigative journalist for the Chicago Tribune set his skills on debunking the resurrection of Jesus Christ to convince his wife to abandon her newfound love for the Lord.

Acting, writing (Brian Bird: Captive, Touched by an Angel), cinematography (Brian Shanley: God's Not Dead, Do You Believe?) are all top shelf. Nothing cheesy about this one, and major papers are agreeing with that.

The worst The Hollywood Reporter could do was imply that the film stereotyped Lee Strobel as an atheist by showing him 'constantly acting like a jerk, including drinking heavily, accidentally terrifying his little girl, and whining to Leslie (his wife), "You're cheating on me with Jesus!"' Maybe the reviewer missed the fact that this is a biography based on Lee's actual life.

My wife, Joyce, who was going to journalism school in Chicago (Medill at Northwestern University) when Lee Strobel was writing at the Chicago Tribune, said it was more accurate to say that those actions stereotyped Chicago journalists of the time. She said you had to be tough to make it.

The reviewer goes on to say that Leslie, 'on the other hand, displays infinite love and patience with her husband, proving that — as was also shown in the faith-based film War Room — Jesus makes an ideal marriage counselor.' I know the validity of Erika Christensen's portrayal of Leslie, because part of my own bride Joyce's testimony is that one of her co-workers said, about a year after Joyce gave her life to the Lord, that Joyce's changed life was the first miracle the woman had ever seen.

Also, the reviewer is leaving out the fact that both lead actors are much more nuanced than his review implies. Lee is very caring and loving at times, especially as a father, and it's clear that his investigation into the resurrection of Jesus Christ is an attempt to save what he perceives to be a crumbling marriage. He is deeply moved when he discovers something he didn't know about his father, played by Robert Forster. On the other side, Leslie certainly expresses the pain Lee is causing her through his attacks on Christianity, she breaks down crying over her fear of losing their marriage, she raises her voice in numerous scenes, and at one point kicks Lee out for the night.

Forster's single scene was like an espresso: short but with a lot of punch. Another gem of a cameo was Faye Dunaway, playing another skeptic, but one who reluctantly directs Lee toward Truth.

One of the charming elements of the film is the detailing of the 80s: He drives a Trans Am with his massive mop flopping over his wide collars. He and his wife have worked out code for his pager. Bill Hybel's church (Willow Creek) sings a Keith Green song. A fast call back to the editor is from a creatively marked pay phone. He pops open a flip top soda can. (I whispered to my wife, Joyce: "Hope that didn't take too many takes!") And my favorite: "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop? The world may never know."

At the end of the day that's how Lee Strobel's atheist friend, aptly played by Brett Rice, puts it to him. We'll never know everything. It takes faith to believe or not to believe. If you're leaning toward disbelief I challenge you to see this film without presuppositions. If you still have questions read the book of the same title. I have more ideas about faith at

I believe The Case for Christ is pure Truth in its best package yet.

We watched it in a packed house on Times Square, where it received robust applause. The showing after ours was sold out.
family movie if you're a protestant
Best proof he found were on the right place: the Holy Catholic Church, although he becomes a heretic. Besides that nice movie to someone who's searching for a quality Christian movie with good acting,the couple is quite convincing.I did think that they could have dug deeper into the evidences on Jesus then they did.
Amazing Movie--Highly Recommend
I have read Lee Strobel's books and found them to be factual and truly God inspired. Even the worst critic cannot deny the authenticity of his books. I then watched the movie and was amazed at how well done it was-- not cheesy like many faith based films often can be, and I am a tough sell and picky when it comes to how I send my time. Very realistic and an accurate account of an atheist's journey to finding faith and God-- surprisingly so. If you are courageous enough to watch this movie, be prepared for a heart change. As mentioned int he movie, "it comes down to FACTS ans TRUTH...". Praying for all who dare to watch this movie that WILL change your life. Cowards..stay away.
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