The Dark Tapes
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Vincent J. Guastini, Michael McQuown
Jo Galloway as Susan
Denise Faro as The Italian
Sherry Dargahi as Party Goer
Trey Everett as Party Jerk
Danielle Baez as Party Goer
Heather Compton as Party Goer
Katelyn Bailey as Party Goer
Layne Castro as Party Goer
Sara Castro as Marie
Emilia Zoryan as Caitlin
Michael Cotter as Andrew
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A waste of time and/or money
When I read the synopsis and a few reviews, I thought to myself, "Well this could be alright."

How I was wrong. So VERY wrong. Predicted most of the character actions before they did them, kinda scaring myself how accurate my smart-ass predictions actually were played out almost to a tee.

I feel this movie wanted to be like the VHS series, albeit with a dash of paranormal activity mixed in. However, even though I found the VHS series to be kinda an above-average "meh, it's OK", I couldn't find any reason to enjoy this flick. Sure, maybe if your young or just haven't seen ANY "horror" movies, you'd find this movie to be OK.


-Acting was slightly below average, but not that bad like "The Room".

-Effects are pretty standard(and low): The overly-glitchy 'disturbances' when 'ghosts' are around. Sorry, digi-cams DO NOT glitch like that. A pixel is not 1/20th the screen. You can even see the "demon's" skin/costume moving when they are walking around, laughable.

When they use analogue video recorders, they have the good-'ol stock 'old film' analogue effects- ie small dark film spotting and high graininess. Also a wax recorder is used, but picks up audio PERFECTLY...

-Plot is EASILY predictable. Pretty basic as well. A twist is tried, but then never goes back to those involved in it. Also all the time dilation paired with alternate realities is just so.... wrong.


I've watched some really low-budget indie films, and while this one might not be the worst I've come across, it's still on my top 100 bad movies list. I don't know how any reviewer who's seen soo many movies can or could give this such a high rating, I really don't. Mind baffling.

I feel bad for whomever helped fund this movie(despite it's low amount), but most of all, I feel even worse for the "reviewers" who paid 10$ to 'rent' this movie. Or even 4$. I'm sure that my review, like the few others telling the truth of the quality of this movie, will be down-voted/liked/etc.

I regret watching this movie, waste of my time. I only give this an extra 2 stars because hey, they kinda tried.

Do yourself, and anyone who you were gonna watch this with, a favor- JUST DON'T.
Great for what it is...
As far as found footage horror goes I found this to be an alright movie. Then when I looked it up and found out it was a from scratch no budget movie I gave it much more credit. People have made a lot worse movies with a lot more money then these people. They didn't have much to work with, yet the movie still turned out good and you could tell everyone or almost everyone put their heart into trying to make it good and interesting. I wish they advertised they didn't have any budget because people would appreciate this a lot more. With some money behind a future movie I do believe they can turn out something awesome to rival or surpass ABC's of Death or VHS.
A Fun Found Footage Anthology!
This is my first review ever here on ye olde IMDb, been a lurker for many years but never posted a review, but wanted to for this title.

I am a found footage nut, always have been and always will be, i've seen some absolutely dire pieces of filmmaking and some of the best. This definitely falls into the best part of the genre. I'm not going to give much away as it's more fun to go in completely blind not knowing what's to come. This movie is an anthology movie and it's right up there with the likes of similar movies like V/H/S. Without going into details, the wrap around story, the ghosthunting story and the alien story are the best (for me) in this movie.

Give it a go, if you are a found footage fan you will love it, if you don't like found footage give it a go it might surprise you.
Cheap looking, poor acting, and terrible editing. The practical effects were okay, but that's it.
I love anthology films, especially when they are of the horror variety, but this one was just a complete failure from beginning to end. The acting was atrocious for most of the segments, the script was inane and poorly realized, and the way the film was edited was so amateurish, I wonder if the director hired one of his kids to do it. The only saving grace about this film was the SFX. Some of the creatures really did look frightening, and had the film focused more on them, it wouldn't have been so bad. Instead, we got a lot of crappy acting, a lot of simplified dialogue, and some horrendous pacing. Not a quality film in the slightest, anyone would do themselves a favor and avoid this travesty and never speak of it again.
I initially got fooled by the good ratings of this despite me being suspicious, and my god, it's possibly one of the worst horrors I've ever seen.

The acting (if you can call it that) is just abysmal, there is nothing else to say about it. The camera work is terrible and the annoying constant "static effect" always happening. The sounds is passable, and the creature design/effects range from OK to pathetic.

In short, you could probably make a better horror film with 0 budget on your mobile phone, avoid at all costs.
Well Worth the Wait
I first found out about the Dark Tapes through a suggested ad on Facebook, and have been following the anticipated release of this title now for a few years. I finally had the opportunity to sit down and watch it, excited for the key-moments in the initial trailer that had piqued my interest.

As a fan of Lovecraftian fiction, I found that this film in particular played on the same themes and ideas that generally play out in any of H.P. Lovecraft's stories: paranormal or unexplained phenomena that is built upon a foundation of almost-scientific transmogrify. In a way, I am reminded of Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal--" albeit, satire-- where an idea or story so profoundly horrific is presented but utilizes empirical factors to present the case, and tie the whole story together.

I'm not typically a fan of the "found-footage" genre of movies, wherein the usual tropes of "jump scares" are overdone time and time again, and the Dark Tapes avoids these played out clichés and focuses solely on the stories which it presents. It attempts to distance itself from other similar titles within the same genre, I feel, and it cements itself as something entirely unique.

Whereas I can understand that this film might not be for everybody-- especially those who have a keen eye for production elements-- if you are someone who enjoys stories and imagery that works to get inside of your head and leaves you asking questions than this movie is definitely for you.

I long anticipated this title, and I was not disappointed; I only hope that there will be more like this in the future.
Amazing Found Footage Experience
I liked it so much I'm here actually writing a review about it wishing I could see more. Every noise in the dark of my room has me on edge. I almost can't even sit here and write this because I feel vulnerable not being in my bed covered with blankets. I am trying to think of the fastest thing to write so I can not have to sit here anymore. It was a very creative found footage movie. If there was any criticism I had it's that every segment had a very similar tone in the same way an artist's new album can sometimes almost be too consistent. Like every song sounded the same. But at least it was a good song!
I LOVED this film!
Easily on par with V/H/S and other recent horror anthologies. This one kept my interest throughout, and I look forward to any additions to this series. I love found footage films- well, many of them-- but this one was special. I sincerely hope this does well and bodes well for the future of these filmmakers.
So bad it wasn't even good
Oh boy, oh boy, how bad was this film. I was expecting a generally good film but boy I was wrong. I like found footage movies, so I knew I would give this a good look and see what it was like. Almost an hour and forty running time, it was a waste of my time and the film makers time. Out of the full running time there must have been maybe twenty minutes of worthy scenes to watch. One jump scene and one not bad story doesn't make a good movie and distorting a voice to make it seem scary, well that just went out with the ark. Okay the film makers didn't have millions of pounds to make a huge movie but the good bits that were in the film showed potential in them. I was going to give this film one point but fir the scenes I have mentioned I gave it two. Don't waste your time, an awful film.
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