The Dark Tapes
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Vincent J. Guastini, Michael McQuown
Jo Galloway as Susan
Denise Faro as The Italian
Sherry Dargahi as Party Goer
Trey Everett as Party Jerk
Danielle Baez as Party Goer
Heather Compton as Party Goer
Katelyn Bailey as Party Goer
Layne Castro as Party Goer
Sara Castro as Marie
Emilia Zoryan as Caitlin
Michael Cotter as Andrew
Type Resolution File Size Codec Bitrate Format
1080p 1908x1068 px 3746 Mb h264 5319 Kbps mkv Download
HQ DVD-rip 720x400 px 1282 Mb mpeg4 1821 Kbps avi Download
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