The Evil Within
IMDB rating:
Andrew Getty
Michael Berryman as Cadaver
David Michael Lewin as Body Double / Frederick Koehler
Robert Alvarez as Spider
David Banks as Doctor
Greyson Turner as Dennis as child
Kim Darby as Mildy Torres
Francis Guinan as Dr. Preston
Brianna Brown as Susan
Tim Bagley as Pete
Dina Meyer as Lydia
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Almost unbearable.
It takes an actor of exceptional quality to portray someone with a handicap....

This films sorry cast in combination with the over use of fancy, fifty-cent words, make it almost impossible to sit through. Watch at your own risk. Why did this happen.
The Evil Within: Not to be confused with the video game franchise
This bizarre little horror certainly surprised me, within minutes I had no idea where the film was going or which sub-genre it would fall into.

Starring Sean Patrick "As seen in a hundred b-movies" Flanery and Dina "Starship Troopers" Meyer this odd little tale follows Dennis a mentally limited young man and his descent into madness & violence.

Heavily open to interpretation but well created this isn't for everyone and generally not the type of film I'd enjoy but by the end I was quite gripped.

With a good twist and finale I wish I had liked this more than I did as you can tell a lot of effort went into it and the creator had some good ideas.

Kudos as well to the young fella who plays the lead, hopefully he'll piggyback this movie on route to better things.

The Good:

Lead is fantastic

Some great ideas

The Bad:

Flawed in places

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Dina Meyer must have p*ssed someone in Hollywood off

I'm never going to be able to look at a ghost train the same way again
Gaze into the abyss
Developmentally disabled Koehler's nightmares become real when his worm-tongued doppelganger starts whispering him evil advice.

I read IMDb reviews before watching The Evil Within, but none of them quite prepared me. Yes, this is a strangely amateur production at times, but in none of the ways that I would have anticipated, and there are many times when it surpasses professional standards.

One of the stand-out features of The Evil Within is the quality of the effects. These are nearly flawless, but more, they're integrated seamlessly into the film, neither over- nor underused. There's a combination of perfectly executed digital mirror effects and what appears to be stop-motion animation.

Koehler's performance-- in conjunction with the direction-- is praiseworthy. He spends much of the movie speaking with his doppelganger through a mirror's glass, sequences in which Koehler plays two very different characters. It comes through cleanly and powerfully. Camera work during these sequences is dynamic and creative.

At the same time, the overall plot is a bit weak, the climax stilted, and Flanery and Brown's supporting performances occasionally dip into the Lifetime Movie bracket. Which, it should be said, is not the lowest bracket of acting....

The Evil Within is a great movie, and I would have loved to have seen more from Getty. While the last half of the film is uneven, the first half is breathtaking. It's too bad that this is all we'll ever get, but I'd recommend you give it a look.
Quite good!
This film is so much better that the rating below 6 !

It is interesting from the 1st second til the last one - you can not say that for many films. The opening of the film was very unusual that it is almost like a fairy tale setting in an eerie land...but I think the one thing about this film that stands out is really the setting of the whole film! The fact that you can not say for sure what is a dream - if it is a dream - and what is reality - if there is reality - is what makes this film so much better than many others of any genre.

The main character is just phenomenal in his role! Really, his acting is worth a 10 alone. His brother is quite good too and the woman from social. The fiancée was rather so-so...

To me this is not a horror movie - though it certainly does have elements of horror and creatures that are mostly found in horror ones - but more of psychological monologue/dialogue between your 'two selves'.

Anyway, really interesting, really entertaining film. 9 from me, though it is close to 10!
Surprisingly good
Found it at random, and decided to give it a watch, as the storyline picked my attention. Being a horror movie veteran, I know ratings are not trustworthy, so I tend to ignore them (I'd think that there may be at least 2 points of error in the ratings in horror movies).

It turned out to be quite a surprise. At first, it won't look like a big deal. One of the characters may come across as a little tiring and the acting may seem to be going a bit over the top. Although I did not find acting brilliant, it was good overall, and my first impressions dispelled. I believe that, rather than acting, it was the bad text written for a couple of scenes that caused me discomfort.

At any rate, the movie is quite dark and it grew on me. The disturbing dreams, which seems to interweave with reality, gradually throwing a fragile person out of balance, and the quite unusual narrative. The way the move progresses fascinated me; it's dark, disturbing, and verisimilar. The character plunges further into a path he can longer emerge from; he is no longer himself, but is a captive in his own body. The symbolism used pleased me.

The disturbing characters that sprang as the movie neared it's conclusion were fascinating. From one point, I was confused as to whether it was a dream of the characters, an other-worldly dimension, or simply a quite disturbing reality.

My sole disappointment was the writer felt he should he resort to Christian clichés to describe evil ("legion"). I wish writers were more creative in this respect. If they can't find words to describe evil, they should not use words. After all, that's one advantage of movies.
Too smart a movie for the average viewer?
This movie is sophisticated and surreal; it is not quite a horror movie. Its poor rating on rotten tomatoes is unsurprising, likely a result of its very insensitive handling of the issue of mental disability. The relatively low IMDb rating is a bigger surprise - I suppose it overtaxes the average user intellectually.
Fairly good on its own, incredible in context.
On its own, it was fairly good; not very much to say since I couldn't help but think about the context. The ending was a little confusing, but if you saw the movie you'd probably be surprised if it wasn't confusing.

Now for the context. No one's first film is great or even good, but this was a very good first effort from the writer-director and I think it showed a great natural artistic capability that a longer career would have honed. I was amazed at how good this was for a first film and it's tragic to think there will never be another movie from this clearly gifted artist.

That being said, if I didn't know the backstory behind the film, I probably wouldn't have sought it out, let alone even heard of it, and it's better to judge a film on its own rather than the context around its making. I acknowledge that I had a bias going into this movie as I went in knowing the tragic story of the writer-director, but the bias should not be judged too harshly as I've gone into many movies wanting them to be good and that's never stopped me from judging them to be bad if they were indeed bad. While The Evil Within is not great, it's certainly memorable. 6/10 might not sound like a good rating, but I prefer a 4-star scale, with 2 stars being average, not bad but not exactly memorable, and 3 stars being good, and this movie's in between, so my rating is 2.5/4 stars. A not exactly good but certainly memorable movie, and an incredible first and only film from an untapped talent.
Not Everybody Will Like This Film; Though, I Highly Recommend Watching It.
This is a special movie, not just because it's a brilliant and original horror movie, but because of the story behind the making of the film.

The writer and director Andrew Getty started this film back in 2002 when it was titled "The Storyteller" and was released in 2017 under the current title, two years after Getty's death due to an ulcer causing internal bleeding. This is a shame as he spent so much money on the project and wasn't around to see his creation brought to life... or take credit for it.

The story is about a mentally handicapped man, Dennis (expertly portrayed by Frederick Koehler), living in his brother's, John (Sean Patrick Flannery), care. Dennis is plagued by twisted and dark nightmares for which a tall grey man claims responsibility. Then one day John and his girlfriend, Lydia (Dina Meyer) bring home a mirror for Dennis' bedroom. Dennis hates the mirror as he doesn't want to loose his hamsters like he's lost his comic collection. However, his decision changes when his reflection starts talking to him and offers him a way to get better... to get smarter...

It was the trailer that had me salivating at the thought of watching the film. However, be aware the movie isn't how it looks on the trailer. Instead of an exciting run-of-the-mill horror what Getty gives his audience is a deep and powerful insight into the human psyche and not just through Dennis, but all of the other characters have some kind of dysfunction. John is hiding a secret. Lydia has relationship issues. Even Pete (Tim Bagley) - who is only in the film a few minutes - hates people touching him and invading his person space.

The film can even be taken a couple of ways. It could be a very dark psychological thriller or it could be a supernatural entity possession, making it a horror. It works in either genre.

The star of the show is Frederick Koehler as Dennis. He is brilliant at portraying the character, giving him facial ticks, body form, hand gestures, and a speech impediment. His acting is really believable and draws the audience into the film more. However, it's Flannery's and Meyer's characters that appear flat at times, a little too dimensional and wooden; I think this may be the characters they were playing or the direction at the time of the scenes, as both of them are good actors. It just jars the mood and atmosphere at times and this is a bad thing as the movie depends on mood and atmosphere, which Getty builds beautifully. It's also great to see Michael Berryman again.

This film reminds me of Phantasm in its essence and spirit, and like Phantasm I will gladly watch this film again... and again... and, probably, again... There are a lot of interesting and well thought out concepts in this story, which should send a chill down your spine. However, if you prefer shock horror over creepy and atmospheric then this probably won't be your cup of tea.
What a mess of a film.
I'm an avid horror fan and I've seen some pretty terrible films in my 35 years. This film takes the cake for being one of, If not the worst I've ever come across. The acting is beyond deplorable. The dialogue is laughable. Other reviews would have you believe this is some sort of misunderstood masterpiece, it is not. I'm left wondering how something so atrocious could be made and be so highly favored. I would strongly suggest passing this one up unless you don't mind wasting an hour and a half of your life.
The Alternate Version Of Shyamalan's Split(2016).
I was pleasantly surprised to see my favorite actor Sean Patrick Flanery who starred in the hit TV 1991 series P.S. I Love You opposite Connie Sellecca. All the time I was thinking who is this handsome actor? Then It clicked - he was in this TV series I saw in my youth, opposite another beautiful actress. How time flies...

Back to the film: it's about a demonic entity specializes in possessing mentally challenged individuals. Frederick Koehler plays Dennis who mentally handicapped. One day he stares at an antique mirror and befriends his reflection. Unknowingly, he becomes possessed by a demonic entity bound to that antique mirror.

The demonic entity tell Dennis to do unspeakable things. Sean Patrick Flanery plays Dennis's bother John. Dennis confides to John about his problems but he ignores him. Dina Meyer another veteran actress plays Lydia, John's girlfriend.

Michael Berryman who has starred in a lot of horror B class movies is a cult status actor. He best known for his creepy performance as "Pluto" in the uncompromising Wes Craven horror film The Hills Have Eyes (1977). Frederick Koehler does an outstanding job portraying a mentally challenged individual who is in torment as he is unable to tell about the demonic entity possessing him and telling him to commit atrocities. Flanery and Meyer do good supporting roles for Koehler's character.

I personally think that the script of the film was not good enough. The special effects are good so are the sound-effects. Photography is also professionally handled. Andrew Getty does mot take an effort to make the film more engrossing. So this film can be categorized as a passable watch.

Movies based on possession The Exorcist(1973), Burnt Offerings(1976), The Amityville Horror(1979), The Evil Dead(1981), The Thing(1982), Witchboard(1986), The Hidden(1987), Prince of Darkness(1987), Night of the Demons(1988), Shocker(1989), C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D. (1989), The Borrower(1991), Clown(2014).

These above movies are a good guide to horror movies and make a good horror movie collection.

Thank you for reading my review, live long and prosper.
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