The Foreigner
USA, UK, China
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Martin Campbell
Jackie Chan as Quan Ngoc Minh
Caolan Byrne as McCormick (as Caolán Byrne)
Donna Bernard as Channel A News Anchor
John Cronin as Denis Fisher
Charlie Murphy as Maggie / Sara McKay
Aaron Monaghan as Pat Nugent
Orla Brady as Mary Hennessy
Rufus Jones as Ian Wood
Mark Tandy as Simpson
Lia Williams as Katherine Davies
David Pearse as Billy McMahon
Michael McElhatton as Jim Kavanagh
Pierce Brosnan as Liam Hennessy
Storyline: The story of humble London businessman Quan (Chan), whose long-buried past erupts in a revenge-fueled vendetta when the only person left for him to love - his teenage daughter - is taken from him in a senseless act of politically-motivated terrorism. In his relentless search for the identity of the terrorists, Quan is forced into a cat- and-mouse conflict with a British government official (Brosnan), whose own past may hold clues to the identities of the elusive killers.
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Very moving and powerful movie from the start, till the end,Jackie Chan plays a excellent roll, worthy of a Oscar in my opinion, if you expect to see loads of martial arts well you would be disappointed, Well worth watching. I wont give any spoilers as it would be better for you to watch it yourself's and make your own mind up, I really didn't think that Jackie Chan could play a straight role, however he has proved me wrong this time.
Jackie Chan delivers an outstanding dramatic role to his resume of talent
Jackie Chan delivers an outstanding dramatic role to his resume of talent. Never would I have expected him to take on a role like this, let alone be great in it.

Great film overall, but the score was bothersome and could have been better.

Directing, editing and cinematography were on point as were all the actors.

This is certainly a must see action thriller and a well deserved 9/10 from me
Very dramatic Jackie Chan
Grade: B+

Rating: R, 1 hour 54 minutes

In a Nutshell: Americans love movies. And Jackie Chan. We love watching him perform incredible stunts and fight sequences, mixed with humor and fun. This isn't that kind of movie.

I was surprised at how much of a political thriller this movie was and how good of a dramatic actor Jackie Chan is. It's impressive how he can create such a relatable "every man" character while still having almost superhuman fighting skills.

The movie is based on The Foreigner: previously published as The Chinaman

Uplifting theme: Revenge. Family. "Never push a good man too far."

Things I liked: If you loved the first Rambo movie Rambo: First Blood where he hides and kills people in sneaky ways, you'll get a kick out of some of the things Jackie Chan's character does in this flick. It also has a Liam Neeson Taken movie feel to it, as Jackie Chan's character is completely driven by the love he has for his daughter. Pierce Brosnan does an excellent job playing a complex character. His Irish accent sounds pretty authentic too.

Things I didn't like: I expected more humor, since it's a Jackie Chan movie, but this movie was very much a drama. The mixture of Jackie Chan action and political thriller created an uneven film. Surprisingly, he's not in as much of the movie as you would think he would be. This has nothing to do with the 2003 Steven Seagal movie called The Foreigner. It seems like they should have selected a different name for the movie.

Tips for parents: Bloody car bomb and lots of explosions. LOTS of bombs. Lots of death and dead bodies. Lots of violence. Um….it's a Jackie Chan movie! Profanity, including some F-bombs.


Best action movie of the year
One of the finest action movie you will see now a days, with good story line and nice direction. The realistic action in the movie I like most. All the actors perform very good. You will get an idea how simple man change itself to something different when you pushes it to its limits. If you are looking for a movie to spend the night its one of the best option available.
A Gripping Drama With Plenty Of Action
Terrorists routinely take out civilian targets, killing innocents who just happen to be in the wrong place. The terrorists don't consider reprisals from the victims or their families; they only expect government agencies to retaliate. But what if a victim had unusual abilities that would permit him to take action? This is the basic premise of "The Foreigner".

Jackie Chan plays Quan, a small, unassuming Asian man whose daughter happens to be a casualty in a politically motivated London bombing. With little left to live for, he commits him self to revenge/justice. Adapted from a book called "The Chinaman", the story allows Chan to use his martial arts in service to a personal cause. He employs stealth and intimidation to discover who the terrorists are, then goes after them.

Pierce Brosnan plays Liam Hennessey, an Irish politician who is a former IRA member. He wants to identify the bomber(s) for political reasons, and to hold together a fracturing 19-year accord that was never accepted by some.

The story is complex, but totally comprehensible. The direction of Martin Campbell and the editing keep the action moving and tight. This is not merely an action film; it's a tense drama about conflicting causes.
From start to finish excellent, can't say anything more.

There are very few films that impress me much these days, either the story is rubbish, the acting terrible or the effects just dull, but and this is a HUGE BUT, this film is THE BEST JACKIE CHAN FILM!

From start to finish excellent, can't say anything more.

One film you must see.

Previous films were humorous with amazing stunts this is real in your face.

A new Chapter of Chan!

Rating 10 out of 10
Autistic Reviewers Opinion Of This Movie.
From the director of Casino Royale comes the movie starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan The Foreigner! Humble businessman with a buried past seeks Justice when his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. His name is Quan Ngoc Minh (Jackie Chan). He will stop at nothing until everyone that was responsible is killed or brought down!

Jackie Chan real life is now 63 years old and for someone who is 63 years old he is still doing his own stunts and is able to carry the entire movie without any need of pointless CGI or stunt people. I know a lot of people will be disappointed due to the fact that the film relies heavily on it being a thriller and drama rather than an action film. There are still very many fight scenes in there the Jackie Chan fans will love but the whole point of the movie was Jackie Chan's loss of his daughter. Pierce Brosnan also gets a lot of screen time and his scenes are quite powerful. Not everyone will love it but it definitely just goes to prove the Jackie Chan still has enough juice left in him to do his own stunts! 3/5 stars
Jackie Chan Nailed it Big Time - He Moves Into the Upper League
This movie is a masterpiece for Jackie Chan. In the past he used to create martial arts action movies with some drama, now he created a profound drama movie with great martial arts action. Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan feature masterful acting skills beyond their average standard. I was very impressed with Jackie Chan's emotional range in the tragedy realm and with Pierce Brosnan's Irish accent, both managing to build complex characters. Bottom line: a very different type of movie for Jackie Chan, that proves he deserves to join the upper category of complexity, acting and script level. Plus, the music is killer!
First of all, I loved this movie, nice thriller.

Highlights: -------------- 1. Background Score - Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. 2. Photography - Brings beautiful London, (this city is very close to my heart), Belfast, particularly one Country Side Scene - Awesome. 3. Of course, Jackie Chan, that too, few action sequences reminds his younger days. Initial scenes I enjoyed very much, later his action scenes, wow. 4. Pierce Brosnan - Nice to watch him aged, few good comic dialog s, delivered really well. Martin Campbell - Brought back his "Golden Eye" touch. What an Entertainment. Loved it. :-)
Gripping film.
The Foreigner is based on the novel 'The Chinaman', by Stephen Leather. Quan Ngoc Minh(Jackie Chan) loves his daughter Fan(Katie Leung), a lot. Fan is killed in a bomb blast. Quan will go to any means necessary, to find the people behind the bomb blast & bring them to justice.

The Foreigner is a great movie. Director Martin Campbell has maintained the suspense throughout the film. The action set pieces are superb. The performances are the highlight of the movie. Jackie Chan is spectacular as Quan Ngoc Minh. Chan flawlessly portrays the gamut of emotions that his character feels, during the course of the film. Pierce Brosnan is brilliant as Liam Hennessy. The supporting cast is fantastic. The Foreigner is a must watch for Jackie Chan fans & fans of action thrillers. Go & witness an intense Jackie Chan movie.
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