The Glass Castle
Drama, Biography
IMDB rating:
Destin Cretton
Chandler Head as Youngest Jeannette
Eden Grace Redfield as Youngest Maureen
Iain Armitage as Youngest Brian
Sadie Sink as Young Lori
Shree Crooks as Young Maureen
Charlie Shotwell as Young Brian
Ella Anderson as Young Jeannette
Sarah Snook as Lori
Josh Caras as Brian
Brie Larson as Jeannette
Naomi Watts as Rose Mary
Storyline: A young girl comes of age in a dysfunctional family of nonconformist nomads with a mother who's an eccentric artist and an alcoholic father who would stir the children's imagination with hope as a distraction to their poverty.
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A Portrait of Family Dysfunction Taken to the Extreme
In the bonus track of the DVD of "The Glass Castle," actor Woody Harrelson described the situation of the Rex family as "something that everyone can relate to." But while everyone can connect with eccentric family experiences, surely not everyone has experienced the child endangerment, hunger, depravity, abuse, neglect, and other traumatic experiences as depicted in this film.

The leading character, Jeannette Walls, one of the the abused children and the author of the memoir that inspired the film, speaks possibly the most poignant line of the film when she says, "We were never a family; we were a nightmare." One of the most horrific scenes in the film was the incident in the public swimming pool where Rex tries to teach his daughter how to swim through brutal immersion. The child is terrified, and the immersion is repeated with the same results. And the film becomes even progressively more troubling, especially with the character of Grandma Erma, with innuendo of incest in the Rex family.

The title of the film comes from the Rube Goldberg project of the father who was perpetually working on the design of a rural home feature solar heating and glass walls. The Rex children were deprived of an education and given home schooling that is not made believable in the film. The father was an erstwhile poet and intellect, but, fundamentally, he was an alcoholic and a control freak who sought to repress the autonomy of his children.

The film goes too far in offering a sentimental approach to the Rex family, struggling to find a "good side" to Rex Walls. The unhappy and unhealthy dimension of the children's upbringing seems to be dismissed later in the film. The life-damaging effects of the dysfunction were grossly downplayed. Jeanette tearfully explains with apparent sincerity to her father on his deathbed that "I feel very lucky."

From the behind-the-scenes segment of the DVD, it was clear that the production team worked hard in recreating the tawdry living environments of the Rex family. The performers were also excellent in internalizing the troubled family members. Still, the unsettling quality of this film makes "The Glass Castle" an experience that shines a light on a dark subject that might be used more for clinical psychological purposes than for a general population motion picture experience.
A hard movie to watch but a strong message
The message I took away from this movie was that we are all flawed and you have to look for the good to get through the bad. It will win awards because it is dark and depressing and about abuse and alcohol addiction and the struggle against "the man". Harrelson does a great job as a drunk veteran living on the underbelly of America, moving around the country, one step ahead of his creditors and dragging an ever-growing family with him. It is a movie about failure and redemption. Probably one of the worst date movies ever made. Definitely a chick flick.
Woody Harrelson Was Amazing
If you are the adult child of an alcoholic or if you were ever told by your parents that "what happens in this house stays in this house" then you will love Woody Harrelson's portrayal of the dad. Naomi Watts portrayal of the mom was stunning, as well.

I was uncomfortable seeing what amounts to the reality of life in so many American homes, and, I was relieved to see the reality of life in so many American homes because it resonated with me.

I loved the book but I loved the movie adaptation of the book even more because my imagination could not fathom some of what I read.

I grew up with a "Glass Castle" kind of dad in whom the whole family trusted. This movie portrays how that dynamic happens and it is riveting.
Defining film in father-daughter relationships and parents neglecting their children
"The Glass Castle" is an American English-language film from this year (2017) directed by Hawaiian filmmaker Destin Daniel Cretton and he also adapted the novel for the screen here. It's not the first time he worked with Oscar winner Brie Larson, who plays the central character here. And she proves once more without a doubt that she is among the very finest from her age group in Hollywood now. But still, this is without a doubt Woody Harrelson's film here and the only thing in doubt is if he should win the Oscar for supporting or lead. His character is somewhat similar to Viggo Mortensen's Captain Fantastic and also he has as much of an impact as Arquette in Boyhood and if these two were getting such a great deal of recognition, then so should he as it was simply an amazing portrayal here.

Let me add that I have not read the novel, so my review is entirely based on the film and I cannot comment on parallels and differences compared to the book. But I can say that the book must be amazing to be as good as these slightly over 2 hours we have here. The film is by far the best of 2017 by now and that means especially something as I have seen a lot from this year already and I cannot agree with the mixed reception at all. It is close to a masterpiece. The actors are all good, even the dude from New Girl is tolerable this time. Harrelson is the great standout though and I see he has 2 films in the race this year and it is really high time he gets his Oscar. Very overdue. As for the film itself, it may not be a dominant player this awards season if I see the reception and also because people will say it is the specific story of one family, but irrelevant in the grand picture. This may be true, the first part, but I think they could not be any more wrong about the second. There's important subjects like coming-of-age, alcoholism, father-daughter relationships, husband-wife relationships, sexual abuse, criminal negligence and many others in here and yet the film never feels rushed or for the sake of it, but more like an in-depth examination of these issues that is always satisfying.

Everybody will think something else about the subplots and it will depend on your history how much you will connect with each of these. But I think that there is something in here for everybody and even as a neutral observer, it will be tough not to appreciate the film. This is also due to the great attention to detail. Just one example from near the end: The moment the central character stands still before entering her dad's room one last time because she does(n't) know what expects her at the other side of the door. Harrelson raises the bar to a spectacular level for future performances of loving dads whose approach to life and whose own demons keep them from being the parent their children need them to be. This film's raw authenticity, the characters' imperfection as well as many heartbreaking moments turn this onto one of the very best films of the 2010s. Don't trust the critics talking down on it. This is my Best Picture winner of 2017 at this point and you really need to see it because it is so good and you have a lot more to gain than to lose here. Chances are almost zero you will hate it, but they are good that you will totally love it. So much heart in here and it never drags despite comfortably crossing the 2-hour mark. Go get that Oscar Woody.
The Vidiot Reviews...
The Glass Castle

Dysfunctional families work best when everyone in the family is dysfunctional.

Unfortunately, it's only the father in this drama that cannot stay sober.

Born and raised in an unstable home environment by her alcoholic father Rex (Woody Harrelson) and her free-spirited mother Rose Mary (Naomi Watts), Jeannette Walls (Brie Larson) and her two siblings struggle to stay sane.

Constantly on the move due to their dad's gambling debts and social services, the children are perpetually placated by Rex's flowery promises of a better life just around the corner.

Dealing with sensitive subject matter like rape, incest and substance abuse head on, this melodramatic adaptation of Walls' own biography tries too hard to find a silver lining in the oppressive sadness. While the performances are impactful, the Hollywood ending feels as fanciful as one of the father's yarns.

Incidentally, alcoholics sacrifice sobriety so their children can someday write a bestselling tell-all.

Yellow Light
A compelling story
This film tells the story of a woman who is getting married to a successful accountant. She grew up in a chaotic family, and she present is deeply entwined with her past.

I can hardly believe how intense this story is. The amount of child abuse that goes on in the family is unimaginable, and it's all disguised as a hippy unconventional nomadic family. The children are traumatised and hurt badly. The story is presented in a masterful manner, and it touches me deeply. I find myself immersed in the story, feeling empathic towards Jeanette and her siblings. It is a very touching and compelling story.
Phenomenal Storytelling and Performances
One of The Glass Castle's strongest aspects is how it takes an experience unique to a small amount of people, and makes it so relatable to the masses. 99% of the people watching this movie have not had an upbringing like Jeanette's, but the film crafts the story in a way that you can form parallels to your own life. This isn't just telling the story of someone's childhood; it becomes a commentary on the ups and downs of family life itself. And that's where The Glass Castle becomes something more profound. Some may have seen this relatability as a simplification of child abuse. But I would disagree. The movie never painted what happened in the film as a good thing. It never tried to spin that the parents for justified for how they chose to raise their kids. Instead, they showed that, when you boil it all down, the dysfunction between Jeanette and her parents stem from the same place as other people's parental issues. Instead of isolating the audience by showing us something completely and utterly foreign to us, they chose to make it relatable so that we could draw comparisons to our own lives...
Heavy hitting drama.
This is one of those academy award winning films for sure. Top notch acting all the way around with solid character development and all good things all the way around. Oh gosh - I'm repeating myself. It has been a long week. Man, where was I? Oh I'm reviewing an awesome movie which happens to be based on a true story. Woody Harrelson is going to win an Oscar for his performance in this film. I'm predicting it now. If he doesn't win, the Oscar committee are just a bunch of hacks. Anyway, I went into this film literally knowing nothing about it. I didn't even know Woody Harrelson and Brie Larson were in this picture. Heck, I didn't even watch a trailer for this. Someone I trust told me this is a must watch and I did just that. My eyes never left the screen. Brie Larson by the way does a fantastic job. I am so glad she is going to be playing Captain Marvel. Good old Marvel; they hire actors with talent for lead roles and that is one of many reasons why they are kicking DC's bu## right now. Long story short - go into this film knowing nothing and enjoy!
Overall, Heartwarming.
Just when you thought your family was the crazy ones, one woman tells her interesting story of being a squatter who moved around a lot with her family.

It reminds me of Captain Fantastic, but if you seen the movie, The Glass Castle acts a lot like the aftermath of Captain Fantastic as the The Glass Castle goes back and forth from the past of this woman's childhood of being a squatter and loving her father, played by Woody Harrison, to death, but realizing how unstable he and her mom, played by Naomi Watts are to her and her siblings. The movie goes into the present, which is actually 1989 and shows what the kids grew up to be because of their parents.

Not a  bad movie, it did not make me sob uncontrollably like the novel seemed to but it was a touching revelation about how much influence our parents have on us despite how different we may be from them .

Loved Woody Harrison, Naomi Watts and Brie Larson in that order in the film.
Should have been so much more GRIPPING!
First off, I have never read the book the film is based on and had no real understanding of what I was about to watch. But I decided to go to the theater today and give it shot. I had recently watched "short term 12" also directed be Destin Daniel Cretton. Since he was on my radar I noticed "The glass castle" was just being released so I figured why not see it but unfortunately it didn't really feel like a valuable use of my time.

Like previous reviewers have said this film is not nearly as effective as a movie like "captain fantastic" in depicting a unconventional family. All in all it just feels very dry and pointless, in a strange way. I can't recommend this one. Really wanted to like it.
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