The Great Wall
USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, China
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Yimou Zhang
Matt Damon as William Garin
Kai Zheng as (as Zheng Kai)
Karry Wang as The Emperor (as Junkai Wang)
Tian Jing as Commander Lin Mei
Cheney Chen as (as Chen Xuedong)
Lu Han as (as Han Lu)
Vicky Yu as (as Yu Xintian)
Bing Liu as Li Qing (as Raina Liu)
Andy Lau as Strategist Wang
Numan Acar as Najid
Pedro Pascal as Pero Tovar
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No Magnetic Field on the Battle Field.
For the sake of Zhang Yimou, I really was hoping - and a small part of me was also kind of sure - for a wonderful entry in The Great Wall, however, questionable timelines, unacceptable VFX, dubious physics and a plot that fell under attack far more often than every 60 years, made this film a great disappointment.

What's funny is, while watching this movie, I kept referring to it as Matt Damon's take on Tom Cruise's The Last Samurai, with a little bit of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, just to find that Edward Zwick was on story. Anyway, in comparison to The Last Samurai, The Great Wall is a rusted fence with a random hole in the corner made out of pliers.

The Great Wall was transparent and obvious in its attempt to exploit emotional tension and distress. Matt Damon with his accent was forgettable, Willem Defoe even more so, and Zhang Yimou seemed out of his depth.

There were some good aspects however; Pedro Pascal delivered a much better performance as compared to his costars, Ramin Djawadi as usual was amazing on score and Jing Tian was not only gorgeous, but she also had a pretty good outing. The imagery of the army was also very pleasant and appealing, sadly the story and direction around their necessity and appearance wasted their beauty.

I was hoping for 7+, or 6+ at worst, but as this movie kept going, the more it fell apart. 4.7/10.
Entertaining hokum
If you're a visionary Chinese filmmaker eager to pull in big American *and* Chinese dollars, what would you do? Maybe make a movie with an American star about weird dinosaur things attacking the Great Wall of China? That's what Yimou Zhang went with.

I always check out the latest action picture from Zhang, continually hoping for another Hero or House of Daggers and always coming away disappointed. Alas, he may never manage that again.

Still, as non-Hero Zhang action movies go, The Great Wall is pretty fun. The visuals are amazing, with swarms of beast climbing towers, red arrows and blue outfits set against muted backgrounds, and a final sequence distinguished by an amazing tower of stained glass windows. There are some terrific action scenes, notably one in the foggy smoke of battle in which creatures appear with bracing suddenness.

The human element in the film is somewhat weaker. There is a weird stilted quality in the English dialogue, although I'm not sure if it's the writing or the acting. While the banter between Damon and Pedro Pascal is sometimes amusing, they have little bro-chemistry. The character development is surprisingly weak from a director who, when he's not doing big-budget action, does lovely, small-budget human drama. I suppose it's hard to do both (although Zhang managed it in Flowers of War).

I do give the movie points for establishing a chemistry between Damon and the pretty spear chucker and then keeping their relationship professional. That's about as un-Hollywood as you can get.

Anyway, this is a fun popcorn flick with some great visuals and an epic scale. No, there's not a moment as good as the best moments in Hero, but even Zhang's worst films have something worth watching, and this is far from his worst (which for me, BTW, would be A Woman, A Gun, and a Noodle Shop).

Check it out. Just keep your expectations low and you'll have a good time.
What an Anime movie should feel like.
I expected nothing from this movie. Honestly, i thought it would be trash, but i was surprised how much i actually enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong the movie feels kinda trashy, it has a Starship Troopers feeling to it. But it also feels more polished and thought through than said franchise. The Great Wall is a mix between typical Chinese/Asian "over the top" Action/Martial Arts style and Western action movies. The Army and their armour looked ridiculous but imagine the same in an Anime, nobody would question this cool weirdness. The 3D effects were alright and there were a bunch of "through the screen"moments. If you are into Animes, feel comfy with Asian weirdness (not Japanese weird though xD)and like action movies with an okay story, go ahead and watch it.
Quite a surprise
Chinese production has tried to keep up with modern Hollywood style, but was never quite up there. This is the first one, especially for someone with no expectation. The cinematics told an ordinary but gripping story with extravagant visual effects.

However, some casts and makeup failed at an epic level. All the Chinese actors and actresses had Oscar Red Carpet makeup at all time. That's a war zone, not an emperor's palace.

The biggest failure is the female cast. Bad acting, crafted face and expression, concubine makeup style and shallow image. Her alone took away 4 points. Pity!
Visually spectacular, action packed fun movie
This film isn't meant to be deep and meaningful with multi-layered plots. It is meant to be enjoyable and in that I think it succeeds. The story line is simple yet provides a feast for the eyes with colorful costumes and acrobatic, energetic battles. If you're looking for an enjoyable action film then this should do the trick.
A Losing of Big Resources in a Very Bad Movie
About The Great Wall:

First, a group of great actors (Matt Damon, Tian Jing, Willem Dafoe, Pedro Pascal, etc), the biggest China budget for a movie for the moment ($150.000.000 ), a very good special effect and a promising fantasy story that could haven been the beginning of a trilogy or more...

But incredibly or not, with all this resources, the director lose all this opportunity in a really very bad directing in all aspect. A very simple, predictable and bad plot. No suspense, no new expecting of something different happen, because the plot is too easy, even for a 8, 9 or 10 years old child. The acting, of all that good actors, was average or very poor, totally disappointing for the expectation created around them.

Finally, I must to say, the movie is a little entertaining and funny, but no more. Even with all that resources in the hand, the movie could haven been a great Epic fantasy movie, but no, really is a great disappointment...

I give it 5 out of 10... Only for the special effects.
Better than some reviews
Great Special Effects Great Acting Great Action Sequences Great Stunts Great Plot Great Myth, thoroughly enjoyable, great choice of cast, great to see the true myth of the great wall, ha ha ha I hope they do a Great Wall 2 love to see Matt Damon in more films like this, more alien films like this please.
Very good action movie, a legendary story in China
First,it is a Hollywood action movie with visual feast and with new Chinese elements. The plot is intense without any relax from begin to end, caught my attention all through the whole movie. The scenes and the pictures are magnificent and beautiful. My two boys one is ten and one is 17 both enjoy this movie a lot, because it features advanced film tech, armies in attractive and colorful dresses, varieties of weapons, the close distance fighting between men and the animal is really breathtaking although it it is tooshort. All these make it worth to go watch IMax. This is an action movie of a legendary story, it is very good entertainment.

Secondly, the value it promotes is positive: trust and collectivism. It showed the braveness and royalty of ancient Chinese solders, and individualism vs. collectivism is well demonstrated in the film.

Thirdly, the movie in China mainland has received controversial comments from critics, and the controversy are more on the related matters rather than on the movie watching feedback. For example, they criticized the selection of the Chinese actors, the big investment of the film, that the director Zhang should follow his traditional style, and that his strength in managing and producing huge scale scenes and people, and his artistic skills in making very beautiful pictures became sources of criticism.

However, the consumers in China that actually walked into theatre to watch the movie gave fair ratings. On the biggest online ticket platform (Wechat's platform), the movie received a 8.5 out of 10 from more than 150,000 people, and has similar rating around 8.5 at other similar professional online ticket platform.

So if you like action movie, it really worth to spend the money. I took one point off from 10 is because the movie is 100 min, it is too short. I think the suitable length is 120 min +. The close distance fighting with the animal can be longer and more, and some plot can be deeper and slower. The overall pace of the plot is really fast without any relax.
Not Amazing but OK!
I would say this was an okay movie! It's not bad but it's not amazing! Matt Damon has been in many other great movies beside this. I mean there were some action sequences that I found quite enjoyable to watch but it's not the best action movie I have ever seen! However, this film was OK!

Good Story, lots of action
From the description I read of the movie, it sounded kind of strange and I wasn't sure it was something I really wanted to watch. I'm glad I did. It's an old legend or story. Is it real? I don't know, is Santa Claus real? Does it matter if it is true or accurate? Not to me, it is a well written movie with some incredible action. The visuals are stunning to say the least. The costumes are incredible and I am very happy that most of the movie wasn't filmed in the dark which seems to have become the habit of Hollywood these past few years.

It is sad to see Matt Damon growing old but he still did a great job, I wonder how long he's going to be able to keep up doing physically demanding roles. If I am totally honest I would have liked the movie with a younger man in the lead role, that would have been a little more believable to me.

I totally recommend this movie, it has fantasy, action a tiny bit of romance so your girl can appreciate it, most of all it raises a lot of emotion. There were several times during the movie I was on the edge of my seat holding my breath anticipating the next moment.
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