The Hatton Garden Job
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Ronnie Thompson
David Calder as Terry Perkins
Penny Judd as Passerby
Daniel Eghan as Cafe Diner
Tony Fadil as Police Officer
Luke Junior as Security / Passerby
Sarah-Jane Crawford as Emma Carter
Duncan Casey as David
Benny Bereal as Diner
Michael Chapman as Prison Inmate
Stephen Moyer as Marcus Ford
Joely Richardson as Erzebet Zslondos
Clive Russell as Kenny Collins
Phil Daniels as Danny Jones
Craig Russell as Prison Officer
Larry Lamb as Brian Reader
Jack Doolan as Judas-Jack
Mark Harris as Frank Baskin
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Still worth watching
Disappointed that Michael Caine and Ray Winston were not in this film. Sad they didn't keep to the true story and the details. It was in 2015 and not 2016, Looks like it was a rush job to get this film out. They probably would of took more notice if they picked quality actors. disappointed.
Nothing like the real robbery .
An insult to real Bank robbing Criminals. This was a chest beating British Actors failure. Not much of what actually happened during the robbery happened in this Film. I was looking forward to seeing this for a while...I'll never get this time back. It lacked so much to even come close to the real event. Lots of big mistakes made in almost every scene. I know these Actors couldn't care less about my opinion but the Writers and Producers should . I didn't enter any 'spoilers' because it is beneath me to ruin a Film that ruined itself. A great Film story ruined by among many other things....fictional 'Hungarian' Mobster'ess who never existed. Spare me next time.Very disappointed.
Safe, No Grit, No reality
This is the heist scenario. You know, the big idea, the round up of talented villains, the trials and tribulations of the heist, followed by the spend, spend, spend.

The man who invented it didn't want it. The man who bought it didn't need it. The man who needs it doesn't know it. What is it? The answer to the riddle posed by Brian Reader (Larry Lamb) in the tense pub stand off with a group of youngsters I will leave to you.

In this based on fact robbery story, a mystery shopper (Matthew Goode) recruits four ageing criminals to break into the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company premises over Easter 2015. They not only steal multi million pounds in cash and jewels but also a much sought after box implicating a certain ex-CID policeman.

The heist is organised by an Eastern European crime family which obtains the required multi million pound jewel swag then melts into the background.

The Mystery Shopper escapes, but the older criminals allow themselves to be caught.

This is a slow retelling of the now famous robbery, with some anachronisms regarding the cars used in the film. Also, the shape of the hole changes, and never matches the real one as shown in the news footage of the day. There are obvious mistakes in the use of the break-in equipment.

I now know why my wheelie bins were stolen a few months back. They make convenient carriers for tools and loot on such escapades.

A pleasant tale told for the armchair criminologists. It lacks detail for the keen observer.
Great fun Film, love a caper movie!
sonnies take on what may have happened tells me he's a man who like me misses the old style caper movies as this will be going in my library to watch again a few times when i fancy it, larry lamb and phil daniels were classic casting contrary to previous reviews, I'm looking at this all from my views, watch it and add your own comments, this is my first review, Regards Rob
Absolutely awful
I enjoy heist movies and was so looking forward to this but what a disappointment. It felt as though it had been filmed in one go over a weekend, the sound quality was dreadful and the characters, by and large, were little more than comic book characters.

The crucial thing: the meticulous planning and preparation that went into this heist was almost entirely omitted from the film. One moment they're mumbling inaudibly over a few flat pints and the next they're drilling through the vault wall and opening safety deposit boxes to some loud rock music.

This is at the bottom of the barrel as far as heist movies go and the worst film I've seen for several months. Don't waste your time unless you really, really, don't have anything better to do.
The Best movie currently about this hist
It lost a point for the music or lack of creativity,2nd had to be the lack of truth, there was some artistic license a good eg would be the tool they used, a very niche tool, certainly not what you find at a flea market. The 3rd: depth of the plot or lack of. Over all a good interpretation of events.
Interesting reconstruction of events, but very slow and stale
Based on the actual events of the Hatton Garden theft, this film is an interesting reconstruction of those events, but very slowly paced and stale in its casting.

I'm not sure why some directors choose to keep the pace as slow as it was in this film, maybe bad editing, but had the pace picked up a little, the characters probably would have not seemed so stale, and I would have found this film more entertaining.

So it's a 7/10 from me.
Disappointing for me. I expected much better.
First off was the sound quality. I watched this film late at night and had to lower it up and down so as to not wake the neighbours with the dreadful music. Secondly, most of it was fiction and silly fiction at that.Thirdly, it looked very amateurish to me and finally it was a bit boring too. Let's hope the new version in production, holds a bit more excitement.
Very disappointing!
I was really looking forward to this. I've read quite a bit about what really took place on this Hatton Garden job, the people involved, how it was planned and went down, etc. I've also watched news stories, a British television documentary, etc. So I was justifiably baffled when a Hungarian woman (who doesn't exist in real life) appeared as the mastermind of the whole thing. What? So the men who spent 3 years meticulously planning this heist were now just hired goons? How does this co-exist with advertising claiming "true story"? The Hatton Garden Job is very flimsily BASED on a true story but is very definitely a work of fiction, and a poorly done one at that. I guess the budget was super low, else they might have cast Terence Stamp, Michael Caine, Ray Winstone, etc., in the leads. The TV actors used were adequate but definitely lacking charisma/star quality/acting chops that could have loaned some magic to this limp film.

***SPOILER***One of the reasons the gang got caught (and a point well made in news articles, etc.) is that one of the men drove around the scene of the crime, both before and during, (all caught on CCTV) in his distinctive Mercedes that was white with a black top. The filmmakers couldn't even be bothered to replicate this car for the film, instead using an all-white Mercedes, making it far less noticeable than the real car, which was already known to police.

Other reviews have mentioned the loud, obtrusive music, and I had the same problem. the dialogue is whispered most of the time, with sudden intrusions of blaring music. I had to watch with earphones on, remote at the ready, so I could switch volume up and down repeatedly while watching. Sound editor should be banned from ever making another film! Stick to video games, dear, which is probably all you've ever worked on prior to this.

Slow moving, no suspense or intrigue, added characters that are little more than cartoon characters and veer the story into the world of fiction, ludicrous dialogue at times, and generally just a big, boring disappointment.
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