The Incredible Jessica James
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James C. Strouse
Megan Ketch as Melissa
Maria Cristina Heller as mrs Phillips (voice)
Jessica Williams as Jessica James
Noël Wells as Tasha
Chris O'Dowd as Boone
Storyline: An aspiring playwright in New York strikes up a friendship with a guy while on the rebound from a break-up.
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Very Cute
This movie was very cute and relatable. I'll admit, there were a few moments toward the end that I teared up at. I really liked Jessica Williams as an actress as will as Jessica Jones as a character. I appreciated that the writers allowed her to be a complex, unapologetic woman. She was likable, but only when she cared- and that's far from all the time. You don't really see that often. The a**hole hat has everybody charmed is usually male so I especially valued that switch up, and Jessica Williams did it well. The Ohio scene would've made more sense if she had black friends. That's all I'm gonna say about that.
I didn't enjoy it
This movie isn't what you would expect from a romantic comedy. It's not uplifting. There is no love really. Just some witty conversation that it's not necessarily funny. I found it disappointing a bit of a waste of time. The acting wasn't good except for Chris O'Dowd (The IT Crowd) who is always a pleasure to watch and is the only positive thing about this movie.
Expected My Expectations
Sooooo Good!!! Filled with hilarious humor, Jessica Williams is a superbly talented actress. Watching the fantasies of having an awkward post break up conversation with her ex was so funny! Lakeith Stanfield is such a cutie. I was like ooh that's the guy from the movie, "Get Out." Chris O'Dowd portrayed Boone a recent divorcée, and he is also a very funny actor with much to contribute in terms of building his connection to Jessica. Tasha reminds me of Six from Blossom for some reason. She's so funny with such a bubbly personality! The drama class scenes with the children was so creative. Will Netflix turn this into a TV show because I definitely want to see more from this cast.
Most enjoyable biographical like drama in a long time.
How many dramas have you ever seen that do not have murder? scares? Nope you do not need any of those distractions for this incredible Jessica Jones. I really enjoyed the fun loving character that was real and enjoyable to watch, New York is like that and more but that is one of the lives that people choose to live in a big city with so many men or women to choose from. It is really inspiring to see a real person to admit they are wrong but even more so to show it on a big screen and develop its character to a much better person towards the end. This movie is full of homes, wants, needs and at the end doing the right thing selflessly for the pursuit of others happiness. great job. You made me not swipe left on tender thumbs up.
Perpetual selfishness
A few funny lines, one heart warming moment, and a ton of awkwardly fake sounding forced scenarios... a selfish girl learns to go through life and ends the movie learning to continue being selfish to her the new guy that is falling for her. I don't see the reason this movie was made.
Finally, something NEW
Last week I asked Hollywood to give me something new, fresh and exciting. When no thunderclap blazed through the sky in order to solidify the delivery of my plea, I assumed I would be saddled with repetitive movies forever. That is until Jessica Williams, an actress formerly on the daily show, debuted her newest project The Incredible Jessica James, the movie follows Jessica James, an aspiring playwright who has been struggling to cope with a breakup, as she learns lessons of love, career, and friendship.

The movie is delightfully clever and witty as it brings the issues of millennial life to the silver screen. Yes, at the core of it all it is a romantic comedy, a woman meets a man and they date, but beyond that we receive a strong female lead from Jessica Williams who captures the spirit of all of us who choose to continue following their passions in this daring film. She is slightly unhinged and incredibly determined, which can be witnessed in everything from obsessing over her break up, to leaving strangers vulnerable voice mails, going on embarrassing and awkward dates, and intense friendship moments, all be it with an eleven year old girl, served to cast this film as one of my favorites in 2017.

While the rest of Hollywood is coasting on sequel and reiterating the same plot with new casts, Jim Crouse the films writer and director took risks, raised the hard questions, and pushed viewers out of their comfort zone. I struggled to hold back tears for the entire film.

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Just because you caught a unicorn in the wild
JimStrouse & Netflix The Incredible Jessica James A funny, well written and delivered light hearted comedy about moving on from an ex and working towards your dreams. A smooth enjoyable watch, which leaves you wanting more. @JessicaWilliams performance makes you connect to the character and makes the emotions feel bigger than life. An example of this, her smelling the Vicks rub before going to bed. The jump suit and looking disappointed.That her little sister didn't think, she was cool enforces the emotions. Also, co stars were well cast and added to the energy. Part 2 London needs to be made!!!!

"Just because you caught a unicorn in the wild, doesn't mean you get to tap it all the time."
An Incredibly Original Take on a Common Story
So I came into this as a fan of Jessica Williams from the Daily Show, and hoping I would enjoy the film. It starts out a little rough, as I found Jessica's acting to be a little wooden, but as the movie went on, I felt like her acting really improved, especially with all of her scenes with her students. The beginning of the film is definitely the weakest part, as the character isn't likable, and the dialogue especially with her friend felt very forced. However, similar to her acting, as the movie progressed it greatly improved.

At its core, this movie is a retread of just about every Romantic Comedy cliché, but surrounding this core is the meat of the film examining a modern day artistic black woman that came from a broken family. The movie examines a lot of Jessica's backstory through her teaching of the children in her class, where she's trying to pass on her love of creative writing and acting and helping them realize they can do whatever they want in their lives. One student especially mirrors Jessica, as she's a young intelligent black girl whose parents have recently divorced. The movie examines a lot of interesting aspects here, as Jessica turns very vindictive and mean when the student wants to go to six flags for her father's weekend with her instead of a writing retreat. I really enjoyed how the film resolved this conflict, and all of these scenes were probably my favorite parts of the film.

For the romantic comedy part of this film, it's again an interesting take on common tropes. She has a blind date with Chris O'Dowd, and both of them are still in love with their exes, but in spite of their disinterest in a new relationship it starts to form on its own. I enjoyed that the guy wasn't just some guy for her to date, he also has a lot of problems, and their growing relationship feels real as they have pretty good chemistry. There are some odd dream sequences though, where Jessica meets up with her ex, and the scenes read as they're actually happening, but then something crazy happens and it's revealed to have been a dream all along. I understand the dreams purpose, as they're Jessica working through her relationship in her mind, but I just wish it was more apparent they were dream sequences.

There are some really funny moments intermixed with the relationship stuff, along with some really funny scenes when she goes to visit her family. Unfortunately, the scenes with her family were a little too black and white, unlike the rest of the film. Perhaps it was because the writer/director strongly dislikes his family, and it comes out in the movie. It seems like all they do is judge Jessica, and they don't have any redeeming factors.

Overall, I really enjoyed the film despite its flaws, and I would recommend it if you have Netflix. If you'd like to see my video version of this review, you can check it out here:
Low key entertainment with a strong female lead
I knew nothing about this movie when it popped up on my Netflix ... and I'm happy to say that it grabbed my interest right away. The story line isn't very novel at all, but what makes the movie worthwhile is a very unusually unorthodox female lead, brilliantly portrayed by Jessica Williams. She is feisty and fun and totally unhinged at the same time.

Sure, there are flaws to be found on this movie in retrospect but all in all I can recommend it.
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