The LEGO Batman Movie
USA, Denmark
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris McKay
Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth (voice)
Jenny Slate as Harley Quinn (voice)
Jason Mantzoukas as Scarecrow (voice)
Doug Benson as Bane (voice)
Mariah Carey as Mayor Marion Grange (voice)
Kate Micucci as Clayface (voice)
Conan O'Brien as The Riddler (voice)
Eddie Izzard as Voldemort (voice)
Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman (voice)
Michael Cera as Robin / Dick Grayson (voice)
Will Arnett as Batman / Bruce Wayne (voice)
Riki Lindhome as Poison Ivy (voice)
Zach Galifianakis as The Joker (voice)
Rosario Dawson as Batgirl / Barbara Gordon (voice)
Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face (voice)
Siri as 'Puter (voice)
Storyline: There are big changes brewing in Gotham City, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker's hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.
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Terrible Movie for Kids and Adults
These new Lego movies are terrible. With their convoluted plot and endless mindless references to today's terrible lingo. Also the Liberal undertones are very prominent with Robin having "two dads" and singing a song "it's raining dads". The fact that it's a Lego movie is lost in that most of the scenery is "custom" as in "not Lego" but rather things that you'd never actually find in a Lego set. The dialogue is so convoluted you can't just join the movie at any time and know what's going on and even if you did watch it from the beginning you probably still won't know what's going on. Also the heavy amount of drama and overplayed female rolls and talking about men's emotions is just so Liberal it really makes me want to puke.
The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)
Disclosure. I didn't love The LEGO Movie, everyone else in the world may have though. That being said, I didn't really care to see this film. I like Batman and all the films associated with the Caped Crusader but this LEGO take on him didn't really interest me. I watch everything though so I did check this out with low expectations. While its not as bad as I thought it was, I'm not really sold on the LEGO franchise films and don't really anticipate to enjoy whatever future installments that may be planned for this series.

The film is a comedic take on Batman. He fights crime but is actually very lonely. He has no one to really share his life with despite being popular and having a cool mansion and cool gadgets. He adopts Robin (who is actually quite greatly voiced by Michael Cera), falls for Barbara Gordon, and has to face his arch-nemesis, The Joker. You get a bevy of other Batman characters and villains, and oddly enough you also get villains from other franchises like Voldemort and Sauron. If you are a fan of LEGO and the first film, you may feel like you're in heaven watching this.

The film is similarly animated to The LEGO Movie and carries on being gag heavy. While I appreciated some of the jokes, there is just too many and they come at you too fast. You have to keep up with everything. I appreciated some of the witty references though. It's a light hearted take on a franchise that is notoriously dark (apart from whatever Schumacher was going for with his films). I did think the relationship and interactions between the Joker and Batman were pretty great.

The film runs out of steam about halfway through and its hard to keep reacting to what is going on in the film. Its not a bad film really but I just can't see myself coming back to this film again or being optimistic about any other LEGO based movies (I just know there are many more to come; the LEGO cinematic universe is upon us). I think the film offers a really good voice cast who all shine through in their voice performances. Its just that this wasn't a memorable experience for me.

The Batman Movie We Need Right Now
This film's strongest aspect is its comedy. It had me laughing from start to finish. It's smart, it's witty, and it's just plain hilarious! The writers understand the character of Batman. They understand his inner drive to fight crime because of the loss of his parents. They understand his morality and convictions, and it allows for them to exaggerate and amplify parts of his character. In this movie, Batman is entirely narcissistic. He thinks he is the greatest person ever. The comic book character of Batman does have some narcissistic elements to him, but this movie completely exaggerates it. And that's what this film does so well. And what was surprising to me was that, if you boil the plot down to its bare minimum, it's a classic Batman storyline from the comics. The Joker is making a point about how Batman needs him as much as he needs Batman. That's a story coming straight from Batman: The Killing Joke, and even The Dark Knight. We also see Batman wrestling with his fear of abandonment and being alone, and pushing people away because he fears losing them. That's classic Batman! Now, it's all done with LEGOs, and it is filled with jokes and is very light-hearted, but it's under all of that it's classic Batman...
A great funny comic book comedy
So the first comic book movie of 2017 is with us and it comes in Lego form as the spin off to the Lego Movie, it is The Lego Batman movie. The premise of this film sees Batman at a high having to stop The Joker while trying to accept his new allies help. Will Arnett reprises his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman and totally owns this role , he knows how to totally make an awesome batman while also making fun of previous batman's as well. I thought he was really funny in this film and totally owns his own movie. Michael Cera plays Dick Grayson/Robin in this film and even though he can be a little annoying, it works well for this film and I ended up liking his character and his relationship with Batman. Ralph Fiennes plays Alfred seamlessly and I really enjoyed his performance, he was a great moral center for the film and I found him incredibly entertaining. Rosario Dawson fresh off her great role as Claire Temple in Marvels Netflix series voices Barbara Gordon in this film and she does a decent job. Her character isn't expanded on too much in this film but Dawson delivers enough for me to buy her as Gordon. Zach Galifinakis plays The Joker in this film and he adds a really fun twist on the character in this film. You see him eating up his relationship with Batman and Galifinakis totally adds lots of humor to his excellent performance. The story of this film has allot of funny moments in it and some quite heartfelt moments in it as well. I really liked how this film dealt with The Joker and Batman's conflict and it felt really new and fresh. However, there are certain story elements in this film involving some other characters that come across as filler and I just felt it hurt the overall plot as it absolutely leads to nothing towards the end of the film. The script has some incredibly funny dialogue in it with awesome references to the other Batman films and just films in general and I loved it. But I don't think the contrast between humor and drama in how the dialogue was treated compared to the situation. Sometimes I wish the film had stuck to its dramatic moments when they were happening instead of just giving it a cheap joke at the end of it. The style of this film looks great, probably even better then the Lego movie. The Lego world and Batman work together flawlessly and I loved the action scenes and how they were constructed in this world. Overall this is an incredibly entertaining film that is a must see film for all Batman fans.
All Great Movies Begin With A Black Screen ...
Funny, funnier, funniest ... and fun. Spoiler Alert: Don't read farther if you haven't seen the movie - just go see it.

Batman faces his Greatest Enemy - and it's obviously NOT the Joker.

If you love old movies, B-movies, monster movies, sci-fi flicks, kid flicks, romantic movies, comedies, plot-driven films, character-driven films, or Batman - and you enjoy spoofs - you will love Lego Batman.

The dark, broody super-hero comes back in his funniest incarnation yet - in the most homage laden A-list film I think I've ever seen: More homage inserts, unexpected cameos, and funny riffs than all the bodies in Terminator, Rambo, and Die Hard.

A sample: Joker: "78 years and you've never said, 'I hate you.'" ... I thought I was going to bust my gut.

Evil British Robots: "exterminate" ... my daughter's boyfriend almost came out of his seat.

Batman's movie collection: Mom screamed, "that movie sucks!"

Voldemort:"We're in." My daughter popped out of her seat ... "look, look .."

Dick Grayson:"Batman lives in Bruce Wayne's basement?" ... Batman retorts: "No.Bruce lives in Batman's attic" ... the theater exploded in laughter.

Batman: "All great movies end on a white screen" ... it doesn't - there are actual laugh out loud laughs in the credits!

Cannot recommend the film enough: I will be buying it when it comes out on DVD, and giving copies to all my friends.
The best Batman has been since Christian Bale.
The Lego Batman Movie brings something different to the table, providing a fun, witty, smart, and hilarious time for kids and adults alike.

Lets start with the positives.

From the moment you sit down to the moment you get up, the film has you laughing. The humor in this movie is great. It's for both children and adults, providing smart and sarcastic humor that my prominently child free theater enjoyed.

This film is gorgeous, each shot looking beautiful. The style that The Lego Movie brought onto the big screen is enhanced in this film. The scale of everything and the lighting created a world that these characters could interact and live in. The animation style is what I adore most, each shot looking as if it was animated using stop motion.

The voice acting is amazing in this film as well, Will Arnett coming back to play the caped crusader and Michael Cera playing Robin. The two had a lot of chemistry thanks to the voice acting, bringing these characters to life. Zach Galifianakis was a surprisingly great Joker, adding an interpretation of the clown prince of crime that we haven't seen before.

The story in this movie is very interesting, following Batman and his struggle to be a part of a family ever since the murder of his parents. The film really humanizes Batman, something we don't see a lot of in other Batman movies, while at the same time spoofing the character itself. The story between Batman and the Joker is very interesting and funny, creating great moments between the two.

There are very few negatives I have with this movie. Going back to what I said earlier, this movie keeps you laughing throughout, which got a bit tiring at times. When the movie has you laughing at one thing then says another joke 2 seconds later, this can be annoying at times. Let the joke sink in, let a character react, everything doesn't have to be a joke all the time. Some of the jokes fell flat some of the times, but that's expected considering everyone has their own taste in comedy.

Overall, the Lego Batman Movie is a great time for everyone, proving an entertaining experience throughout. The film has many surprises that I think everyone will love. The story is interesting and full of heart while creating a beautiful and vast world. While some of the jokes may fall flat, it is still a very fun time. Maybe Zack Snyder can take a few notes from this movie.
Everything is Awesome… well almost everything.
When, I first heard that Legos was going to make a new movie that feature 'Batman'; I thought to myself, it must be, yet another mediocre, direct to video, animated movie, featuring the DC Super Heroes, like 2013's "Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite" or 2015's 'Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League – Attack of the Legion of Doom'. However, after doing some research, I found out this theatrical feature movie is not part of the films based on the video games series, but instead, a spin-off of the 2014's hit film, 'The Lego Movie'. Because of this, I was really excited and wanted to see this movie, as soon as possible. After finally seeing it, I can say, this movie was also awesome, despite the movie kinda go against Lego's founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen's policy of not having violence in a child's playtime. In my opinion, 'The Lego Batman Movie' is very much in the spirit of the first movie, and really build upon the Batman lore. We really do see a different side of him, in this film. Directed by Chris McKay, the film tackles the unique story of what would happen to Bruce Wayne/Batman (Voiced by Will Arnett) if he had no more criminals to fight against, after most of the rogue gallery had surrender to the new police chief, Barbara Gordon (Voiced by Rosario Dawson). Full of loneliness & guilt, Batman hopes to fill the emptiness of not fighting, by taking the responsibility of raising his adopted son, Dick Grayson (Voiced by Michael Cera). However, he cannot stop suspecting that his top arch-rival, Joker (Voiced by Zach Galifianakis) is up to something and try every step to prevent Barbara from doing her job. Can Batman built a family united or will his drive to put his enemies away, and make his community, safer, be his ultimate undoing!? Watch the movie, to find out! Without spoiling the movie, too much, 'The Lego Batman Movie' is a playful, witty homage to the DC Comics & Cape Crusader's film adventures over the years, while also bringing its own frantic sense of humor with inside jokes, sight gags, innuendos, breaking the fourth wall humors, slapstick, and pop culture references. Added to that, the film has amazing music and action that can appealing to both young and old audiences alike. However, the movie is without a few faults. Since the jokes are so rapid-fire in pace, some of the jokes might not land. While, most of the jokes didn't fall flat to me, I do think, for others, they might be a few that would. Nevertheless, there were a few things that I found jarring. Unlike its predecessor, this movie doesn't really make the "real" world a core plot point, and relegates the few moments of live-action to this instead. Said moments include clips of 1996's 'Jerry Maguire', the 1966 Batman TV series, and a brief shot of romantic movie covers. It was a bit weird to see. I thought, it would funnier to see Lego versions of these films, instead. Another thing that was weird was, since, this film takes place in a universe where all the previous incarnations of Batman has happened, in one point or another. How does Batman, not know of his previous relationship with Robin!? After all, during his 1966, 1992, 1995, & 1997 phrase, he kinda did have his dynamo duo, around. Also, how is it, possible that Joker is still around, if he died, during the events of his 1989 phrase? Just saying. Anyways, that brings us to the other fail of the film, the climax. It's really have to believe that Joker and the Rogue Gallery would had a change of heart, after trying to destroy the city, multiply times before, if anything, the film would had been better, if it's establish the connect, Batman has with the Justice League, a little better. I left that connection, was a loose-end that could had solve, with Batman's character development. It was also weird to see, other movie villains in the Phantom Zone, rather than other stronger DC villains. Despite that, the action was alright for the most part. It was nothing too violent for the kids. Yet, the combination of both stop motion and CGI is a bit hard to follow during a few action scenes. There was way too much things on the screen, going so fast that it's hard to figure out, who or what is going on. It's harder, to figure out in 3D. Still, for the most part, the movie's animation is break taking. A vivid display of visual grandeur of what would be done in the Lego Cartoon Universe with its CGI effects. Another great thing about this film is the voice acting. Arnett's gravelly tones and deadpan delivery are perfect for this reclusive, grumpy incarnation of the character. Another standout is Michael Cera's impossibly wide-eyed Robin, whose enthusiasm knows no bounds. It's been a long while, since I like a Michael Cera performance. Ralph Fiennes makes for a superbly dry Alfred, who becomes far more involved in the action than any of his forbears. Just wish, he did the voice for Lord Voldemort as well. That was a bit odd for Warner Bros to do. No matter what happen to that villain, Zach Galifianakis did a great job as the main villain. Far better than 2016's 'Suicide Squad' version of Joker. Also, I did like Rosario Dawson's performance as Barbara Gordon, even if it was a bit weird to see her character, be the love-interest to Batman, seeing how he was mostly a father figure to her in the comics. Overall: While, it might be a little darker/edgier than its predecessor, 'The LEGO Batman Movie' is a family-friendly film that stresses the importance of positive relationships and being part of a family. A great watch. It will have you leaving the theater with a smile on your face.
The Ultimate Batman Movie
This is a movie for kids and adults, cause kids that love Batman and superheroes in general, also the amazing Lego animation. But it also has adult jokes, that the grown would get, but it would probably go over the kids heads. This is what is missed in a parody film, that goes for gags instead of unfunny shock value that isn't always funny.

Will Arnett does a pretty good Christian Bale impression, to the point I thought it was him. Everybody else embodies there roles perfectly with there voices. The animation really becomes a character itself. Takes jabs at every Batman ever done, and it's effective. I hope there will be more superhero parodies done by Lego.
Falls off after the first 20 or so minutes.
Darn. Just darn. This film started out sooooo great! I was literally thinking while watching, "Whoa, this is going to be better than the first Lego Movie." Sadly that is not the case. The film slowly loses its momentum after the first act. The second act drags on. The third act plays out like a scene for a Micheal Bay Transformers movie; in other word the third act is just random CGI-chunks of garbage flying around the screen for 30 minutes.

And a minor thing that bugged me was Batman and the Joker's relationship. Ever since the original The Dark Knight Returns comic, people have been overthinking the Batman/Joker set-pieces resulting in a flawed dynamic between the two. Why do you think we haven't had a relatively smart or entertaining original Batman/Joker study since 1995 on paper? Because of the lame stagnation of thought coming for people trying to milk the DKR story to death. And here is an lame and pathetic example of which. That is just my two cents and a bonus tangent. Before anyone points out Nolan's Joker to me, I'll remind you that Nolan's Joker was ripped off the pages of some of the earliest incarnations of the Joker from the comics. But whatever, this film ultimately is a huge letdown and time will come to prove me right, once the hype dies down.

I swear. If Batman Forever and Batman and Robin would have been released this year, the majority of people would 'love' them because marketing and hype told them to do so. I'm seriously worried about the future.
Has some great psychology; possibly the best of any 'BATMAN' movie!
'THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE': Five Stars (Out of Five)

A spin-off to 2014's blockbuster computer-animated hit 'THE LEGO MOVIE', focusing solely on the DC comics character Batman (and his world). It was directed and co-written (with 4 other screenwriters) by Chris McKay (a regular director of the animated TV series'ROBOT CHICKEN'), and Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (the directors and co-writers of 'THE LEGO MOVIE') served as producers on this film. The movie stars the voice talents of Will Arnett (reprising his role as Batman, from 'THE LEGO MOVIE'), Michael Cera (Arnett's costar from the popular TV series 'ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT'), Zach Galifianakis, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes, Jenny Slate, Hector Elizondo, Doug Benson, Zoe Kravitz, Conan O'Brien, Jason Mantzoukas, Billy Dee Williams (reprising his role as Harvey Dent, from the 1989 live action 'BATMAN' movie) and many others. It's produced by Warner Animation Group and DC Entertainment, and it's of course based on the 'Batman' DC comic books and the Lego Construction Toys. The film has received nearly unanimous rave reviews from critics, and it's expected to be a huge hit at the Box Office. I loved it as well.

Batman (Arnett) is becoming more and more of a loner; and he fears getting close to anyone, because he doesn't want to lose them (like he did his parents). He accidentally adopts an orphan, named Robin (Cera), and Alfred (Fiennes) encourages him to bond with the boy. At the same time The Joker (Galifianakis) is plotting something, and the new Commissioner, Barbara Gordon (Dawson), wants to work with Batman to stop him. Batman of course rejects her help.

The film is once again hilarious, like the original Lego movie, and it also, once again, has some great psychology; possibly the best of any 'BATMAN' movie. The characters are all really well developed, as well, and they're perfectly cast too (especially Arnett, once again). At first the drama feels forced, but it's also always comedic, and by the end of the film, it's also quite touching. The movie pretty much has it all, just like the first one, and it works on every level. It's also a really well made kids' film, that also appeals to adults (equally as well). The movie is definitely a 5 star film (just like the first one is).
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