The LEGO Batman Movie
USA, Denmark
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris McKay
Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth (voice)
Jenny Slate as Harley Quinn (voice)
Jason Mantzoukas as Scarecrow (voice)
Doug Benson as Bane (voice)
Mariah Carey as Mayor Marion Grange (voice)
Kate Micucci as Clayface (voice)
Conan O'Brien as The Riddler (voice)
Eddie Izzard as Voldemort (voice)
Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman (voice)
Michael Cera as Robin / Dick Grayson (voice)
Will Arnett as Batman / Bruce Wayne (voice)
Riki Lindhome as Poison Ivy (voice)
Zach Galifianakis as The Joker (voice)
Rosario Dawson as Batgirl / Barbara Gordon (voice)
Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face (voice)
Siri as 'Puter (voice)
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Falls off after the first 20 or so minutes.
Darn. Just darn. This film started out sooooo great! I was literally thinking while watching, "Whoa, this is going to be better than the first Lego Movie." Sadly that is not the case. The film slowly loses its momentum after the first act. The second act drags on. The third act plays out like a scene for a Micheal Bay Transformers movie; in other word the third act is just random CGI-chunks of garbage flying around the screen for 30 minutes.

And a minor thing that bugged me was Batman and the Joker's relationship. Ever since the original The Dark Knight Returns comic, people have been overthinking the Batman/Joker set-pieces resulting in a flawed dynamic between the two. Why do you think we haven't had a relatively smart or entertaining original Batman/Joker study since 1995 on paper? Because of the lame stagnation of thought coming for people trying to milk the DKR story to death. And here is an lame and pathetic example of which. That is just my two cents and a bonus tangent. Before anyone points out Nolan's Joker to me, I'll remind you that Nolan's Joker was ripped off the pages of some of the earliest incarnations of the Joker from the comics. But whatever, this film ultimately is a huge letdown and time will come to prove me right, once the hype dies down.

I swear. If Batman Forever and Batman and Robin would have been released this year, the majority of people would 'love' them because marketing and hype told them to do so. I'm seriously worried about the future.
The best Batman has been since Christian Bale.
The Lego Batman Movie brings something different to the table, providing a fun, witty, smart, and hilarious time for kids and adults alike.

Lets start with the positives.

From the moment you sit down to the moment you get up, the film has you laughing. The humor in this movie is great. It's for both children and adults, providing smart and sarcastic humor that my prominently child free theater enjoyed.

This film is gorgeous, each shot looking beautiful. The style that The Lego Movie brought onto the big screen is enhanced in this film. The scale of everything and the lighting created a world that these characters could interact and live in. The animation style is what I adore most, each shot looking as if it was animated using stop motion.

The voice acting is amazing in this film as well, Will Arnett coming back to play the caped crusader and Michael Cera playing Robin. The two had a lot of chemistry thanks to the voice acting, bringing these characters to life. Zach Galifianakis was a surprisingly great Joker, adding an interpretation of the clown prince of crime that we haven't seen before.

The story in this movie is very interesting, following Batman and his struggle to be a part of a family ever since the murder of his parents. The film really humanizes Batman, something we don't see a lot of in other Batman movies, while at the same time spoofing the character itself. The story between Batman and the Joker is very interesting and funny, creating great moments between the two.

There are very few negatives I have with this movie. Going back to what I said earlier, this movie keeps you laughing throughout, which got a bit tiring at times. When the movie has you laughing at one thing then says another joke 2 seconds later, this can be annoying at times. Let the joke sink in, let a character react, everything doesn't have to be a joke all the time. Some of the jokes fell flat some of the times, but that's expected considering everyone has their own taste in comedy.

Overall, the Lego Batman Movie is a great time for everyone, proving an entertaining experience throughout. The film has many surprises that I think everyone will love. The story is interesting and full of heart while creating a beautiful and vast world. While some of the jokes may fall flat, it is still a very fun time. Maybe Zack Snyder can take a few notes from this movie.
worth watching but not what i expected
I really like batman as a character and this version of him is quite amazing. However,the whole theme of "working together" and family is pretty exhausting as it is overused through the film. Don't get me wrong I liked the movie but it could be much better.

P.S. The Joker rocks.
Great Batman Movie
I saw "The LEGO Batman Movie", starring the voices of Will Arnett- Arrested Development_tv, Jonah Hex; Michael Cera-Children's Hospital_tv, Arrested Development_tv; Rosario Dawson-Daredevil_tv, Unstoppable; Ralph Fiennes-Spectre, the Harry Potter movies and Zach Galifianakis- Baskets_tv, Up in the Air.

This is a spin-off of the 2014 'The LEGO Movie'. Will once again voices Batman as a dark and relentless vigilante that works alone, and is darn good at it. The movie opens with Will giving his best Mystery Science Theater 3000 reading of what is happening on screen. One of the best things I liked about the movie is that there is plenty of humor along with the battles. There is also a lesson to be learned about needing help in your never ending battles against the forces of evil-it takes a village or in this case, a family. Michael voices Dick Grayson, who becomes Robin. Rosario voices Barbara Gordon, the newly appointed police commissioner-Jim Gordon retired-who also becomes Batgirl. Ralph is Alfred, the butler that basically raised Batman from a boy and Zach is the villainous Joker, who just wants Batman to acknowledge him as his number one arch nemesis. Lots of villains and heroes show up and it is fun trying to recognize the voices-I remember hearing Billy Dee Williams, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Conan O'Brien and even Mariah Carey. I checked in the end credits and there were more that I missed. There are inside jokes for adults and a flashback of some of the other actors who portrayed Batman; they used the actual film instead of the LEGO format and I loved seeing the 1966 Adam West doing the Bat-usi again! Overall, it's a great Batman movie. It's rated "PG" for rude humor and action and has a running time of 1 hour & 44 minutes. I really liked it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.
Everything is still awesome in this Lego Movie spin-off.
Will Arnett's Batman makes a return in The Lego Batman Movie, a spin- off of the massive hit The Lego Movie. I personally loved The Lego Movie, it was very innovative, had a gripping story with a heartwarming message and clever jokes. Thankfully, this movie doesn't lack the qualities of that movie.

One of my favorite things about this movie is the chemistry between Batman and the main characters, especially between him and the Joker. It's clever, interesting and is looked back upon to help Batman develop as a character. The movie particularly looks into his character and emotions which also helps set him up for development as a character. I liked a lot of the jokes in the film and many had me laughing. Although if there's one thing I don't like about the humor, it's that it feels like it's moving too fast and is often too frequent.

Animal Logic does a great job with the animation once again. It uses the same stop motion/CGI technique that Lego Movie used, and it still works. Heck, it may even look better than Lego Movie, and that's saying a lot since that had fantastic looking animation, to the point where I wondered if the Legos featured were actual Legos.

The story has a lot to offer. The story itself has a lot of energy, which makes it down-to-earth with its main target audience of young children. Even despite its target audience, I think even the adults will enjoy the movie alongside them. I already mentioned the fact that Batman goes through some great character development. Another aspect of the story that I liked was the fact that it reaches towards even the outskirts of the DC universe, especially when it comes to looking for more villains. If there is one criticism I would have to give the story, it's that while it is fast paced, it can be a bit too fast paced. Thankfully, the pacing does improve over The Lego Movie as it does stop to breathe for a few moments on more occasions.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable movie with a gripping story, fantastic animation that tops its predecessor and clever humor. I definitely recommend giving this a watch if you're a fan of The Lego Movie.
Better than Batman in the DCEU but not as good as Lego Movie...
From the creators of the Lego Movie and executive produced by the now Secretary of the Treasury for the Trump administration, the Lego Batman Movie is one of the best movies of the year. Chockful of fourth wall humor and tons of brick and mortar action, this movie features an all star cast of superheroes and villains, not to mention cameos from other franchises and classic Lego toys to make up for what's the longest of the Lego movies. There are some moments when the adults laugh a lot and there is kiddie humor as well. I highly recommend seeing this while it lasts in the theaters to get the full experience. I can't wait to see what the Lego Ninjago Movie has in store when it opens in the fall of this year!!!
Saving Blocky Gotham
This review of The LEGO Batman Movie is spoiler free

**** (4/5)

OVER THE YEARS, when it comes to cinema there is always a sense of joy when we can watch something from a comic book emerge onto the big screen in full likeness of their powers. Whether it's the DCEU's oppressive darkness or the brimming with colour and sometimes dark Marvel Cinematic Universe, these have turned this generation of Hollywood into superhero land. But who would have thought that these superheroes would emerge onto the big-screen in the shape of LEGO bricks? The LEGO Batman Movie brings this unlikely premise to life to all the powers Batman has or the hilarity of The Joker with an odd vampire-esque teeth and it's an absolute delight.

Every moment is bright, colourful and brimming with life it's endlessly funny with laugh-a-minute type material, there is no end to the jokes, unfortunately when you start to laugh at them the laughter doesn't get chance as another joke will be delivered it's a constant gag-fest, but the result is on an epic (to say it in the right way) scale. There are even many references to chart-topping songs and an endless stream of references to other Batman movies, or as Bruce Wayne's pompous Butler – Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) puts it he went through different changes through the years. This of course takes place at the start of the film, but also there is a voice over on a dark screen it's constantly on edge. Now we all know the brooding story of DC's second oldest caped crusader, he lost his family when he was a child, this left him under the care of his family butler, when he got older he became the owner of his father's company Wayne Enterprises etc. In, The LEGO Batman Movie it's a little different to his natural guise, here Batman (Will Arnett) is feeling lonely after the death of his family he constantly tries to deny, the way he does this is by fighting crime against blocky Gotham's greatest super villains including trying to end his feud with The Joker (Zach Galifianakis), whom he says is Batman's greatest enemy but he doesn't see this he only enjoys time by his self.

Alfred tries to convince him that he needs a family in order to be happy, but he claims he's happy without a family, his 'happiness' is soon ended with the entry of the high-spirited hyperactive Richard 'Dick' Grayson (Michael Cera) an orphan from the Gotham orphanage, he too lost his family as a child. Already the likeness between the young Richard and Bruce Wayne is indefinable. At first he doesn't like the fact that his home life has been taken over by a child, he tries so hard to get rid of him but can't quite get to grips of how he can do that. When disaster strikes, Batman and Richard (now the alias Robin) must work together to defeat the oppressive force of the joker, but it's not his natural battle, this is different. Joker gives himself up, it's clear though that whenever Joker does this he's planning something it hints at that sense here.

Along with him and the other super villains of the city he surrenders. But Batman as we all know isn't easily fooled; this feeling goes through the police commissioner (Rosario Dawson) too. As she too senses The Joker is up to something. At this point Batman thinks of a plan to get rid of Joker, who here forms an alliance with other super villains hinting at other movies such as The Lord of the Rings, The Harry Potter franchise and King Kong to name a few these people take over the city to form a super group of villains. Batman must then join forces with Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Robin and finally Alfred – who dresses up for the occasion. This is the biggest battle will ever have, as he flies, swoops, and grapples through the LEGO block bricks of Gotham city to defeat this super group., the message through this fight is family Batman learns that these people are really close to him but he as he's said before he doesn't want family.

Granted, it sounds like a deeply, darkly ominous story of a natural Batman movie but it's a loose form of it, there are many moments of this that could take place in a future DCEU film but with the added hilarity which the DCEU having been struggling with lately (not naming people), this is possibly the best DCEU film in four years. There here is plenty here for all the family to enjoy, it's a funny, referency, and endlessly enjoyable Batman movie. Sure it's not as funny 2014s The LEGO Movie, and this doesn't riff the Everything is Awesome soundtrack but there are brilliant moments here, especially Arnett's, scene stealing Christian Bale's Batman voice, as he raps, sings and even changes into various costumes he has brilliant with this. We never thought we'd say this but what other LEGO movies will there be?

VERDICT: Rapping, singing, running through a blocky Gotham city mixed with Great LEGO fun makes this the most hilarious animation of 2017; Batman has been translated well into the blocky formation along with Arnett's cool Bale-esque Bats.
Loved it
This film tells the story of Batman who is challenged by the Joker to save Gotham City from massive destruction. In addition, he has to take responsibility for an orphan that he adopted by mistake.

"The LEGO Batman Movie" exceeds my expectations! It is really a lot of fun, as it keeps making fun of Batman, and to a lesser extent, Superman. The music is uplifting and contemporary, connecting it to adult audiences. The vibrant colours and elaborate Lego set designs are very pleasing to the eyes too. I really like the fact that the final showdown looks like one giant party, which makes the film a very happy film. Furthermore, the appearances of unexpected villains such as Gremlins and even a character from another hugely successful wizarding book enhance the fun factor. I loved it.
Genuinely the best Batman film of recent years
The LEGO Batman Movie was released in 2017 and was directed by Chris McKay. It is a spin-off of the 2014 film The Lego Movie and explores the character of Batman introduced in that film, showcasing his sense of humour but also his loneliness. Evident from the trailers, this movie has fantastic humour and is one of the first films in a while that has got me laughing, but this time not laughing AT the movie (I've done that more times than I care to count recently). What I love about the film is that it knows exactly what it wants to be and also isn't afraid to make fun of Batman's pop culture history, no matter how recent which proves that this film definitely had some clever minds behind it. Will Arnett's portrayal of Batman is (and I'm not joking) probably the best I have seen since Michael Keaton in Tim Burton's Batman films (I'm excluding Kevin Conroy as he hasn't appeared in big-budget Batman films made for cinema). His constant use of sarcasm was easily the best part of his character and was constantly funny and it also never got old either. The character had already previously appeared in The Lego Movie but this movie really explored him in an entertaining but also involving way too. The side-characters were plain fantastic to see; Robin always puts a smile on the audience's face, Barbara Gordon's character was well-done and also the route they went with The Joker was interesting albeit amusing too and made him a proper character as I feared from the trailers that he may have turned out to be a bland villain which thankfully he didn't. As with the original Lego Movie, the animation is great and is very visually appealing; it's made to look like stop-motion animation and it genuinely does feel like it is all of the time even though it is CGI. All of the action sequences were very fun to watch with the wide range of colours and effects too. An issue one could have with the film is that it does follow a very similar plot to the original Lego Movie but with all of the great characters and humour it honestly didn't bother me at all and I was constantly invested in the film. I also found this plot to be more consistent too, with the original Lego Movie plot feeling a bit all-over-the-place for me (although most of it was tied up at the end) with lots of locations which I kind of felt were a bit unnecessary. However, this film thankfully kept within the boundaries I wanted it to. While this film does have its comedic and satirical tone, it also did have a heartfelt side which I was expecting because the original Lego Movie did too and it was done very well. It was great to see how well it delivered all of the messages that it wanted to and also explored some themes which could seem complex but in a simple, friendly way. You may think that I loved this portrayal of Batman purely because of the satirical nature of the character but there was much more to the character which was handled surprisingly much more effectively than in plenty of the recent Batman films. Overall, this was a great film to start 2017 and one that thankfully didn't disappoint. The humour is on-point and constantly hilarious and the character of Batman is possibly one of my favourite portrayals of the character in any media to-date, no joke. I was pleased to see that there was more to the film than just the humour and how well balanced the two aspects were and ultimately made a very entertaining experience. I would definitely recommend this film and is easily one of the best animated films of recent years. 7.9/10 I can't stop watching the trailers. Help
The Lego Batman Movies
What at first glance appeared to me a money-grabbing spin-off of 2014's The LEGO Movie, riding the waves of last years' Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad adult flicks, I do not joke when I say this movie gave me faith in kids movies again.

When I say that The LEGO Batman Movie is incredible, I am not being ironic; I wholeheartedly believe this movie is near-perfect. This movie should set an example as to how kids' movies should be made, unlike the recently-released Sing, which is the perfect example of how animated films for children can be churned out and swallowed up by an unsuspecting audience.

Of course, partial enjoyment of this movie comes down to callbacks and references of the series of Batman films that have come before this, and while these throwbacks are not subtle, they also don't impose on the story-line that The LEGO Batman Movie provides; equating to an excellent balance.

I was laughing throughout the majority of this film - the humour is designed for both adults and children; the perfect family movie, rather than restricting to just one generation. The performance of Batman by Will Arnett is the best thing he's ever done; Robin (Michael Cera) is spot on, and the Joker (Zach Galifiankis) is wonderful to watch on-screen.

Animation of the LEGO characters is top notch; I often didn't notice I was watching a LEGO-themed film and only saw the actual characters being portrayed in front of me. The film was, at times, a pleasure to watch in all its' animated action glory, and there was no ambiguity as to who the characters were meant to represent, despite being in their 'LEGO forms'.

My only criticisms are that the Phantom Zone included in the film is completely inaccurate to its previous portrayals, and that Harley Quinn's (Jenny Slate) voice doesn't sound very Harley-esque at all. I literally can't think of anything else worth complaining about.

Most amazing of all, the references to past Batman movies and comics add to the plot in such a wonderful way - inclusion of the Condiment King (rarely-heard-of, useless DC comic book villain), Batman poking fun at Suicide Squad, and even Bane (Doug Benson) having his accurate voice from The Dark Knight Rises! The film is not afraid to laugh at itself, and this makes the viewer laugh with it more.

Because LEGO have so many different franchises at their disposal, it means that they also manage to include characters from multiple different sources, such as Lord Voldemort, The Daleks and even Godzilla. Including these characters made for an oddly-amusing twist.

This movie is wonderful - it's the highest rating I've given to a movie so far and with good reason. For those of you doubting giving up your movie-watching time to a kids movie, I urge you to give The LEGO Batman Movie a chance and go and see it - you won't be disappointed.
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