The LEGO Ninjago Movie
USA, Denmark
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Paul Fisher, Charlie Bean
Michael Peña as Kai (voice)
Garret Elkins as Retirement General (voice)
Alex Kauffman as Ninja Computer (voice)
Ali Wong as General Olivia (voice)
Abbi Jacobson as Nya (voice)
Todd Hansen as General Omar (voice)
David Burrows as Fuchsia Ninja (voice)
Kumail Nanjiani as Jay (voice)
Zach Woods as Zane (voice)
Charlyne Yi as Terri IT Nerd (voice)
Justin Theroux as Garmadon (voice)
Fred Armisen as Cole (voice)
Jackie Chan as Master Wu / Mr. Liu (voice)
Dave Franco as Lloyd (voice)
Storyline: Six young ninjas Lloyd, Jay, Kai, Cole, Zane and Nya are tasked with defending their island home, called Ninjago. By night, they're gifted warriors, using their skills and awesome fleet of vehicles to fight villains and monsters. By day, they're ordinary teens struggling against their greatest enemy: high school.
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Don't mistake this for one of the great 'Lego' films of recent years; it's not all that much better than those that were made for TV.
'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' might technically be the follow up, if only in name and so-called spirit, to both the phenomenal 'The LEGO Movie' and equally interesting 'The LEGO Batman Movie', but it is by no means on par with those films even when it comes to something as seemingly simple as crafting an enjoyable if not necessarily layered narrative that uses its stop-motion mimicking style to set itself apart; instead, the feature focuses far too much on attempts at the somewhat satirical humour that set both its precursors apart but doesn't actually have anything to satirise and as such just comes across as far too obnoxious far too often, seeming to rely on loud noises and dumb action far more than anything else other than some ham-fisted daddy-issues masking as intelligent character study, and it's this combined with the fact that it's all honestly pretty boring save for some entertaining fight-sequences in the second act that brings the overall effect of the piece down enormously - it might just be me, but this one actually felt a little cynical too. 5/10
The Lego Ninjango Movie tries to satirize martial arts movies and Saturday morning cartoons, but needed a lot more creativity given the brand name
You know what people are not sick of? Legos. The toys have been around for many years and each set adds on to their creative repertoire with the countless possibilities that anyone could come up with (I know that their meant for children, but there are a huge number of adults that love them too). The Lego Movie became of the biggest surprises of 2014, showing off not just the passion for the Lego brand, but what it can be done on a cinematic level. We got The Lego Batman Movie, which not only continued that ideal, but may have proved to be one of the better Batman movies in recent memory.

So naturally, I was curious to see what Warner Brothers would want to produce in Lego format. That ended up being The Lego Ninjango Movie. Unlike The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie that already had well known characters, the new movie only seems to be based off of a Lego set that became a cartoon that I've never seen. So there is a lot more pressure on this to deliver on the high Lego brand and to give us more characters. Let's see if The Lego Ninjango Movie can stand along the others.

The land of Ninjango seems to be an American/Japan combination where ninja warriors can freely fight monsters. In fact one warlord Garmadon (played by Justin Theroux) keeps invading the city to take it over. His use of Shark robots and fellow warriors give him an edge, but are always defeated by the secret ninja force. This consists of the green ninja Lloyd (played by Dave Franco) red ninja Kai (played by Michael Peña), blue ninja Jay (played by Kumail Nanjiani), black ninja Cole (played by Fred Armisen), silver ninja Nya, white robot ninja Zane, and their leader Master Wu (played by Jackie Chan).

Lloyd may be a skilled ninja and constantly saves the city, he's disliked by his school for being the son of Garmadon. This put's a lot of stress on him with the hope that he can one day confront his father. Master Wu tells him that the only way to defeat him is to use his mind rather then his weapons and fists. When Lloyd attempts to use the "ultimate weapon" on Garmadon, he accidentally gives the villain the edge and finds himself and the ninja force lost. Master Wu them tells them they have to cross the nearby forest to find the "ultimate, ultimate weapon" if they want to save Ninjango.

The scenario for The Lego Ninjango Movie not only sounds cliché, but very stock. While I can say that it's self aware, it fails to match the same level of creativity and laughs as the previous movies have done. I understand that the movie is trying to be an extended jab at those old Saturday morning cartoons where these kinds of stories were commonplace. In fact, for the first half hour, I was getting into this world and what was being shown. As the story went on, however, I kept thinking that there was more that could have been done. Why couldn't there have been some more twists to the scenario? Why not have certain characters switch sides?

The voice acting was fine. While I got laughs from Jackie Chan, Dave Franco and Justin Theroux, many of the other ninjas don't get enough time to show off their personalities or even get out their own jokes (okay, I did like the robot ninja). I'd say that except for the previous three, it's merely passable.

Most of the laughs came from the visual humor of Ninjango and how everything is still Lego-made. While I won't spoil the "ultimate weapon" joke, it had me laughing for a while as any kids with a pet and Legos would understand why they don't go hand in hand.

I think where my biggest issue is over the movie's lesson of words over violence, which is a good message, but I feel like that The Lego Movie already covered it much smarter and more unexpected. If they were going to do it again, at least offer a new angle, especially with the stock story presented.

I'll give this five green ninjas out of ten. This is probably the first Lego film that I was unimpressed by. While it wasn't bad, it may have aimed for children too closely. This is probably going to disappoint the adults who liked the previous movies. Kids will like this fine, but The Lego Ninjango Movie won't be the big hits that the last movies were.
Cute movie made for kids
I loved the previous lego movies so I went in to this one not knowing it's from a TV series for small children. To be honest it does stand alone and if the kids in the theater weren't pointing out things from the show I wouldn't have even known about the series.

It does appeal to children under the age of 10 as the whole movie is written in away that makes it seem like it's happening in an 8 year old's mind. From the kindda corny dialogue to the super obvious "hint hint" that was happening... also sharks, why would a mech shot sharks and crabs at you.... meh whatever.

It was corny, it was a bit too obvious but in the end I wasn't the target audience for this movie and I still had fun with silliness and some of the jokes in it come at you from left field. There was more then one child in the theater pretending to do karate while the movie was going on and once the end song started so I'm going to say the they had their audiences attention.

A good movie for a family night with the little ones.
Colorful animation but lacking the fun humor that The Lego Movie had which is starting to show these films are slowly fading away.
The Lego Ninjago Movie is a third entry in the lego movie franchise which tries to have that energetic fun atmosphere but at same time losing the enjoyment. Eventually, the lego films would be running off its course and this film may be the example of it. 2014 The Lego Movie was great and a lot of fun and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller managed to give it a lot of energy and fun humor that adults and kids could enjoy. The Lego Batman Movie had the fun humor but was lacking depth and emotions with the characters. Now, the Ninjago movie is lacking depth and not as fun as the other movies.

It is a coming of age tale for Lloyd (voiced by Dave Franco) who lives in Ninjago were the people in the town despise him. Cause his father Garmadon (Justin Theroux) is terrorizing the city with his evil ninjas. Lloyd and his team are secret ninjas that have their own gifts based on the elements. When it gets personal with Lloyd and Garmadon both trying to retrieve a secret weapon. Lloyd will need the help from Master Wu (Jackie Chan) training to master the weapon.

Kids will enjoy the lego Ninjago movie cause its legos and some fun humor with the characters. But there is barely anything left for the adults to enjoy. There is some colorful great animations. The humor with Garmadon and his son is the best part. Otherwise, the film is quite dull this time around. Lloyd and his team are similar like the power rangers. Every one in the team has their own color and their own vehicle of choice. They have their secret identities hidden while they go to school and wait for their city to be attacked. Sure, most of the movie spends with Lloyd going on a self discovery as he is trying to make peace within himself cause he was fatherless throughout his childhood. And he is trying to bond with his villain father.

I also thought the action sequences with the legos in this film was a little convoluted with hard to tell whats going on when these ninjas are fighting each other. The film was also lacking depth with these characters, especially since this is a coming of age tale. The direction tried to be like the Lego Movie, were they have random pop ups that tries to be for fun. Or have a live action Jackie Chan telling a kid a story about Ninjago. Who knew Jackie Chan had a lego collection. And a cat person. Which the cat is an ultimate weapon to a town of legos.

Overall, The Lego Ninjago Movie is a dull film. The plot is lacking depth. The action is boring. The colorful animation is fun to look at. And the humor is less which adults may find it boring. These Lego movies are running low on steam with it being less fun.

I rate the film 2.5 out of 5 stars.
the Ultimate Weapon?
While the visuals were much too overwhelming for me, the movie is cute, and at times decently funny! Especially the "ultimate weapon"! Oh yeah, and the whole L - Loyd thing! As often happens with me, I liked the bad guy the most, but that's just my character defect. My 9 year old - 'scuse me - 9 and a HALF year old - daughter, enjoyed it too, and as we saw it together, that's all I really wanted! So thank you LEGO Ninjagos! And keep flutin' Master Wu!
Ninjago gets the LEGO treatment
Expectations were mixed before seeing 'The LEGO Ninjago Movie'. Part of me was intrigued, having loved the first two films (especially 'The LEGO Batman Movie', while also being shocked at how unexpectedly great 'The LEGO Movie' was). Part of me was also apprehensive, with the critical reception being less than enthusiastic.

Do have to agree that 'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' is the weakest film of the three by quite some way. Does that make it a bad film? No, and despite being an underwhelming film it's, to me, nowhere near close to being awful because there are good things and moments here. 'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' also could have been much better, in comparison to the first two films it is not a patch in quality, judging it on its own it's watchable but falls short. The previous two films were wonderful, this was disappointingly just okay.

'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' does have good things certainly, always try to see the good in disappointing films and even in films that have very little good to them. Like the first two films the animation is impressive, unlike them it's not quite first rate (attention to detail isn't as refined and the visuals aren't as imaginative). The vibrant yet dynamic colours are remarkably vivid to the extent that it makes the eyes pop, the backgrounds are immaculately designed and the characters look remarkably good in Lego form.

Music is breezy yet atmospheric. The voice actors do a good job with what they're given, Justin Theroux in particular is excellent. The father-son relationship does have some heart, it's not particularly new to put it lightly but it is the film's one attempt at depth and it's done pretty well.

Regarding the action and film highlights, the highlight is the Godzilla-style trashing of LEGO city tower blocks by Meowthra (the best character in the film), which was truly enthralling and makes one wish that the rest of the action was on the same level.

However, too many of the characters are bland and the film could have done with having less of them perhaps. The story is too thin for the running time and drags a lot in the middle third especially, for a LEGO film it's a bit dark and heavy perhaps as well.

What worked so brilliantly before doesn't come through here, or at least not enough. Humour isn't enough and when it does appear it's not particularly funny, some of pretty dreary, and isn't as sharp, witty or clever as with the previous two films. It doesn't do enough with the Kung Fu, Ninjago or Japanese monster-movie elements, the mocking/parodying of them may go over younger viewers' heads and be too obvious for older ones and it doesn't execute them cleverly or imaginatively. It doesn't feel as much a celebration and is almost too pandering.

Aside from the father-son relationship, 'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' is rather devoid of heart, with it being lots of chaotic and brash noise but little substance. The action tends to lack clarity and only the Meowthra set piece enthrals, the rest by LEGO film standards is pretty routine and the opposite of block-busting. The inspirational messaging is non-existent and personally did not see the point for Jackie Chan's inclusion and found his scenes little more than padding.

Overall, okay but the weakest and only disappointing film of the three. 5/10 Bethany Cox
100% worth the watch!!!!!
I have seen this movie twice now and I wasn't disappointed. Most of my expectations were met. It is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable movies I have ever seen! I am a huge fan of the Lego Ninjago TV series and enjoyed all the references and in- jokes the movie made to it. The first two Lego movies had better story structure but I honestly prefer this movie over the Lego batman movie. In my opinion, this movie is being picked on unfairly by most critics. The story structure is a little all over the place but the pace of the movie is really good. Also, the voice acting is amazing and the animation, soundtrack and writing is awesome! But I feel the movie would have benefited from giving the other ninja some more character development. The movie was mostly focused on Lloyd and his evil father Garmadon and the other ninja weren't really necessary to that plot. Also the editing was a bit sloppy. All that being said. The movie actually worked. AND IT WAS EPIC!!!!! I enjoyed this movie 10/10 but because of a few plot holes and the strange story structure I rate the movie a 9/10. As someone in their late teens, I highly recommend going to watch the Lego Ninjago movie! It's a movie for all ages! It's got heart. It's hilarious! and the characters are awesome!!!!!
Good, not as bad as people say from my point of view
I think it was great, yes it had a more or less good story, but that isn't the writers' fault because there is so much that's taken from the other Lego movies, feeling so cliché, but the animation is the best of all three so far, mixing Lego and real elements was the coolest thing the last two didn't have, it doesn't have as many jokes as the last two movies, it's not supposed to, and it's really hard to keep both fans of the TV show and new fans because they had to change a lot from it, and also keep some things from it, maybe if people watched the TV show before watching the movie would understand what I'm talking about, that's why I understand why people doesn't like it as much as the other 2, having to deal with keeping us fans of the show happy and also everyone else is a hard job, so I'm thankful for their work, and also there is some great music in the soundtrack and the voice actors are amazing, some great highlights would be Jackie Chan as sensei Wu , Dave Franco as Lloyd,Zach woods, Michael Peña as Kai and the best is Justin Theroux as Lord Garmadon, he did it great, and his lines really are the best, and the action is unbelievable, it's great that a stunt team recorded all those moves, something that the last 2 movies didn't have, so there are all my reasons to like this movie, and I hope if someone reads this can understand why I really enjoyed the movie and maybe learn to appreciate it a little bit more and change your opinion if possible.
At least it was better then LEGO Batman
LEGO ninja Man, I must have watched this over a month ago but hardly remember it. I do remember laughing a few times but being overall disappointed. In the grand scheme of things this film can be left off of a serious film lover's list. It is honestly just a cash grab trying to sell the LEGO ninja line of toys. I'm not calling it bad (well, not as bad as anything DC or Michael Bay has put out over the past 5 years)or anything, I just saying whatever, you get the point. I'm being too harsh, at least it didn't end up being as bad as LEGO Batman.
Plenty of laughs and gags
Grade: B+

In a Nutshell:

While this third installment in the Lego movie universe isn't getting the rave reviews that the first two did, I still got a kick out of it and recommend it for families.

As a mother of 4 sons who were all obsessed with Legos while growing up, I wish these movies had come out years ago. The jokes and gags fly fast and furiously, making for an energetically, fun time.

Uplifting theme: "Some powers you cannot see, and those are the most important powers of all." – Master Wu (Jackie Chan) "Even if you're different, you can still do great things." – Master Wu "To be a master, it takes patience, hard work, and courage." – Master Wu Family Love, forgiveness Everyone has a unique talent "You must forget everything you know and see things in a new way." – Master Wu "The strongest weapon is inside you." – Master Wu

Things I liked: Jackie Chan is currently in two great movies in theaters: this Lego movie for families and The Foreigner (DVD) for parents only, where he shows impressive dramatic depth. He's so amazing. The beginning and end were super sweet with live action Jackie Chan. Plenty of humor for kids and adults. The visual gags are hilarious. Cat humor. Voice talents include Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Olivia Munn, Fred Armisen, and Michael Pena. Keep watching during the rolling credits at the end for a funny blooper reel with Jackie Chan and to hear the funny "Dance of Doom" lyrics. There's a good dose of the Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker relationship going on for all you Star Wars fans out there.

Things I didn't like: Sometimes you can't quite understand what Jackie Chan says because of his thick accent. Some of the jokes are repetitive and tired. The storytelling is uneven, but the target audience for this movie certainly won't care one bit.

Tips for parents: Some text messages, so kids who can't read will miss the humorous notes. Lots of Lego fighting. Some potty humor, but not as much as you would think, considering the target audience's age. Strained father/son relationship. Lots of fighting and Lego destruction (nothing you haven't already seen when your kids play with Legos.) Safe for all ages Lots of current jokes about society

Movie Review Mom @TrinaBoice
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