The Mummy
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
IMDB rating:
Alex Kurtzman
Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll
Erol Ismail as Ahmanet's Warrior
Sohm Kapila as Reporter
James Arama as Second Man
Stephen Thompson as First Man
Matthew Wilkas as Reporter
Chico Kenzari as Malik
Sean Cameron Michael as Archaeologist
Annabelle Wallis as Jenny Halsey
Jake M. Johnson as Chris Vail
Rez Kempton as Construction Manager
Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet
Courtney B. Vance as Colonel Greenway
Tom Cruise as Nick Morton
Storyline: Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient princess, whose destiny was unjustly taken from her, is awakened in our current day bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.
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Pretty good Mummy movie
I don't understand all the bad reviews. If you like Tom Cruise movies then you are definitely going to like the Mummy. The supporting cast also does a very good job. Sofia Boutella is beautiful and acted as you would expect any 1,000 year old Egyptian mummy to act, after being cooped up for so long. Annabelle Wallis also played the Tom's, somewhat, jilted girlfriend, as you would expect any slightly used person to feel. The cameo part that Jake Johnson provided ..very.. subtle but none the less, semi-slapstick humor. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Russell Crowe. Russell is an actor and was paid to do a job, which, on screen,...was not given time for much character development (perhaps in a sequel). The action and graphics were superb and because we go to a Tom Cruise Mummy movie to see a Tom Cruise Mummy movie,... if you're a fan, then you don't want to miss this one on the big screen. Enjoy.
Sublime Horror Movie
I enjoyed every second when I saw The Mummy in the theater and never expected it to be so exciting and funny. I think the critics and fans of the previous films are really wrong for rejecting this movie which is a reboot of the 1930's classic and it's more entertaining and has a better story line that takes place in the present. Props to Tom Cruise for choosing to do a horror movie after Interview with Vampire, he always gives 100 percent and does his own stunts at 55 unlike Brendan Fraser. Haters are going to hate because they're ignorant and don't appreciate a cool popcorn movie. Watch this sublime movie because you'll have fun and I can't wait to own the Blu Ray and DVD.
And from here, IMDb user reviews are going downhill
So much bashing for a film that was actually entertaining.

It looks that 15 percent of the votes are 1s or 2s, along with films like "Manos: The Hands of Fate" that actually deserve it.

Well, that's what you get from viewers having the wrong expectations for a film. Yes it is forgettable, yes you wont get the Brendan Fraser first mummy (the other ones don't need to be mentioned either). And yep, you'll get Tom Cruise running a lot, along with a girl half his age. And 20 minutes of Russell Crowe.

But it was well made, beautifully shot and good paced. No Oscar nominations here but I didn't feel robbed of my ticket.

Give a person a rating button and witness the new era of humanity: the era of haters. Definitely this (and tons of other films) does not deserve its overall rating.
if you didn't like the original Mummy, this one might be right for you
I didn't like the original Mummy in 1999, acted by Brendan Fraser. Brendan's funny acting/face simply doesn't fit a movie talking about life and death. The original story is good, but they put a "comedy" actor to run a show that is supposed to be serious. This "comedy" effect is amplified in Mummy 3 Tomb of Dragon Emperor, and it killed this series of movie completely.

Comparing to Brendan, Tom is better, if not too "serious" (image from Mission Impossible?). There is a twist in the middle of the story, making its ending completely different from the original. I like it. (who would want to see a mere re-make anyway?)

The new Mummy also presents a larger plot. People would want to know what happened after this ... change. Interesting.
Loved it!!!!
After reading all the bad reviews about the film I simply had to go and take a look at it myself. Needless to say, next week I'm going to go watch it again with my family.

I believe the biggest problem is that people are taking this too seriously. Instead, after watching the trailer I said to myself "Oh great, this will be great fun, something I can relax with!" And it was so. It is a film where you just sit back, eat popcorn, watch the endless action, laugh and enjoy.

I'm giving it a 9/10 simply because I wasn't a huge fan of scenes with Doctor Jekyll, but everything else was truly enjoyable. Acting was fantastic and also funny, Tom Cruise did an outstanding job (I still don't get the critics) and Sofia was incredible!

It is a fast-paced film, packed with a lot of action, some bits of 'horror' and some bits of nice humor as well.

I recommend it big time, especially if you feel like just relaxing and forgetting about daily worries.
The Most Expensive Garbage of 2017
When you watch a movie that stars Tom Cruise you can't see the character Nick Morton, you only see Tom Cruise. That's the problem for most of his films. Cruise also thinks he can still play roles meant for younger actors and he needs a wake up call. We know Tom Cruise as a 54 year old, thrice divorced grown man who had a series of hit films from the 80's. The guy we watch on screen today is an aging actor desperately trying to hang on to his youth. It's sad.

The film itself was (I'm going to say) questionable. The ease at which the secret tomb is found, and the mummy comes to life, was pages of a script that had been cut just to give Tom his action scenes. It was a lazy plot device designed to push the story along much faster than it needed to be. If you remove the CGI this tale it's only 30 minutes long. I remember cartoons with better scripts.

The introduction of Dr. Henry Jekyll didn't make any sense. His transformation into Mr. Hyde was incredibly dull when you compare it to other versions such as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or Van Helsing. It was interesting to cast Russell Crowe and his famous temper in the role, but ultimately his transformation was a let down.

The finale was just a means to cast Tom Cruise in future sequels. The beautiful Sofia Boutella who played the evil Ahmanet dies and Tom Cruise gets the powers of Set without becoming Set. From what I've read from the producers; Tom Cruise is now The Mummy. That's absolutely stupid.

I don't usually jump onto the band wagon of feminism when watching movies, but 'The Mummy' so ineptly fails to have a strong female character that the "Big Bad" is chasing her male love interest (her Chosen One) Tom Cruise through the entirety of the film. Yawn.

Don't watch this movie. Go look to the older black & white films or even the Brandon Frasier trilogy we're more familiar with than spend any time or money wasted with this garbage. Sincerely.
An outright disastrous start for any Universe
"The Mummy" is the first movie in what Universal Studios wants to call their "Dark Universe." Yeah, that's right. Those re-shoots that 2014's "Dracula Untold" went through to tie into a Dark Universe; those don't matter now. That 2010 Benicio del Toro "Wolfman" movie; also doesn't matter.

In a world where Universes are becoming more and more of a thing, Universal seems determined not to let this monster mash-up of The Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde and more slip through their fingers.

And they're also not skimping out on finding A-list talent to help sell the whole thing. So far we've heard Johnny Depp, The Rock, and Javier Bardem's names being thrown into the mix, plus Russell Crowe is already here as Dr. Jekyll.

That last one I think is really cool by the way because while so many others have been portrayed by the likes of Gary Oldman and Jack Nicholson's, Jekyll's best portrayal in the past 20+ years has been ugh….David Hasselhoff.

But now let's talk about "The Mummy", specifically that old trilogy with Brendan Fraser. There's no doubt director Stephen Sommers lucked out with that first film and there's also little doubt Universal wants to move away from that overall cheesiness here. The question is can they still go serious but also have fun at the same time?

And say what you will about Sommers; the guy was a C-grade filmmaker who got a kick out of a cheap thrill but at least you could say he committed to it. This new Mummy is just a wrong-headed disaster.

The set-up is pretty much the same as the older Mummy film although here it's a woman played by "Kingsman's" Sofia Boutella. She's Ahmanet, an Egyptian Princess who wanted power, sold out to some powerful entity for eternal life, and paid for it by getting entombed.

Universal of course is also putting it's faith in Tom Cruise, who plays an Army Vet prone towards treasure hunting. He and several others find Ahmanet's sarcophygus but while bringing it back to be examined, the plane goes down over London and a bunch of strange things happen that they learn can't just be coincidence.

This is Cruise just being Cruise here. He gets to run around a lot doing his "intense face" all while an attractive woman half his age is along with him for the sexual interplay (more on her in a moment). Yeah, there's discussion about his character growing something of a conscience as this goes on but it's pretty perfunctory.

Plus having the Mummy be a woman after Cruise's body so she could plant her demon God inside of him and they can reign as King and Queen; this seems more like it falls into being of one of Cruise's aging vanity projects than on acting skill.

Boutella gets very little to do otherwise but try and be seductive while waving her hands in a threatening manner. Otherwise auto-tune does the rest.

The Cruise character's love interest is an archaeologist played by Annabelle Wallis who looks like she just stepped out from a Paris fashion show into an archaeological dig. Did I believe her as an archaeologist? No. Did I believe she could spell it? Sure. Either way, it doesn't matter. What does is that she and Cruise are DOA in their scenes together.

No character makes much impression here, including Crowe's Dr. Jekyll who's maybe in the film for 20 minutes to explain stuff so simplistic, silly, and predictable that it hardly needs explaining at all before the film rushes through his particular ailment.

For some reason screenwriters David Koepp and Christopher McQuarrie think more explanation is still warranted though and in that they couldn't be more wrong. For something trying to feel new, it's remarkably easy to tell where all this is going.

Their biggest crime is what they do to New Girl's Jake Johnson, a funny actor who they turn into the Dark Universe's version of Jar Jar Binks in only five minutes. He comes in and out of the film at really odd intervals, either screaming dialogue in the hope of making it funny or giving us yet more exposition we don't really need.

Add to that first time action director Alex Kurtzman is a disaster. The action sequences look haphazardly thrown together, just cartoonish and unbelievable, while a spoiler I won't give away about the Tom Cruise character makes them even harder to give a crap about anyway.

The fights are stiff and uninteresting, and the special effects are either forgettable or look just as hokey as they did in the Brendan Fraser movies. The plane sequence we saw in the trailer looks pretty decent but hey, you've already seen the most decent thing in the movie, why pay to see the rest.

Overall this is not just a bad film, but a film that has no idea what it even is. It wants to resurrect classic monsters, but isn't the least bit scary. It wants to take it in original directions, but winds up being an ultra-serious, dull version of the 1999 film. It's silly but not funny, it's a lot of commotion but no excitement, it's a Mummy movie that if the ending of this can even be believed, thinks it's something totally different. This is a worse start to a Universe than King Arthur was.

If you liked this, check out more of Craig James Review on Youtube
I'm having fun with this intro of Dark Universe
First, it's not bad. I mean i see those review, ridiculously low so i give myself a chance to see it. Turn out it was not bad. It was rather good. It was not mission Impossible, or like previous mummy. It's different mummy. In this movie, Tom introduce great action in this movie, which is really great and entertaining for me. Yes some effect or some scene it was from Brendan The mummy but still feel original for me. However there is or there are some part that quite let down, such as, the leading lady "jenny" is quite blank, and there was a guy name Vail(?), I don't really know or why his ghost or anything related just pop out and start talking to Nick. Which is weird. But a part of that, i like it. You should see it. Trust me.
It's the start of a wide universe to tap into.
This new version of the mummy is exactly that.... New! It's a completely new story line with some aspects thrown in to reference the previous versions.

It has been extremely well written in terms of it's potential. You have to think about what will come next and look out for the little clues throughout. It makes you think about the future possibilities of this franchise.

In regards to the film it self. Well it definitely has moments of suspense and a good degree of comical moments. The actors involved show great commitment to the franchise and I can only imagine what is to come.

All in all it's a great start and with the list of monsters the film can tap into I am definitely looking forward to the next installments. Just a warning though when watching this universe try not to compare it to the Marvel comic universe because this is something far different to that.
Life Force? The Mummy? : Jekyll versus the Mummy! Ahmanet and Jekyll Meet Tom!
Unexpectedly I found Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hide in this originally supposed to be a Mummy movie! What a remarkable sandwich I bought at theater!

In fact, mixing different feature monsters are fatal to serious attempt to the tradition of the genre.

Although genre mixture is functional, feature characters' combo is doomed to be not fanny comedy.

From other point of view, I appreciate Ahmanet's horribleness and making audiences think that is a kind of creature from outer space not like traditional mummy with OK bands.

Ahmanet is like vampire in Life Force. The filmmakers exactly were affected by Tobe Hooper's sci-fi horror classic.

Audiences bit confused about the feature of this film. Is it Jekyll movie or the Mummy or revive of the Life Force? I think this is the mixture of all of them.

Does it work? no...

5 out of 5!
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