The Sex Addict
Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Amir Mo
Ken Davitian as Ken Davitian
Kaitlyn Fae as Roxanne
Anthony Shams as Rex's Father
Fariba Skobin as Rex's Mother
Valerie Tosi as Suzanna Murphy
Anyi Malik as Transman
Sergio Crego as The Camera Guy
Caleb Thomas as Theodore the Intern
Mary Carey as Herself
Timothy A. Bennett as Jerome Gillespie
Horatio Sanz as Horatio Sanz
Bryan Callen as Bryan Callen
Type Resolution File Size Codec Bitrate Format
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DVD-rip 640x352 px 699 Mb mpeg4 1017 Kbps avi Download

if you value your time, don't bother
Classed as a comedy drama? Really? Predictable, self indulgent, boring, no comedy, can't class it as a drama either as the script and acting is so so bad. Even if you just want a bit of titillation, adult comedy... look elsewhere it offers nothing at all in any category of movie making. In summary, I've no idea what the movie is trying to be or say. Avoid. 0/10
Wow what was the movie
Hey how are you doing guys Hopeful you are doing great. I just let you know that all the things that I wrote above just the pieces of crap and just to complete the 5 lines requirement. I just watched this whole crap thing this is totally wastage of time. What the piece of crap. Who are you just do these child games at your home but please do not use the camera. Losers.
Wacky mocumentary about sex addiction
This is a crazy movie. It starts out reasonably believable and serious as the female grad student follows a sex-crazed addict named Rex around interviewing him and documenting his life. Despite being a fairly despicable individual, Rex is charismatic and has a pretty quick wit. It's entertaining to get to know Rex through the movie, and you almost do wonder if it's real. But about mid-way through, it seems like they gave up on maintaining the air of seriousness and things just get crazier and crazier, but not as entertaining because it gets fairly juvenile and goofy. I did enjoy the first part but the second phase was more or less a waste of time.
Irreverent and Funny
I didn't expect this movie to be good looked like an indie low budget POS but the characters turned out to be pretty cool. I liked the non PC humour and quite a few of the jokes and gags were pretty good.

It really isn't that bad a movie and doesn't deserve the shitty rating. It's a cool absurd movie.
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