The Shadow People
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Brian T. Jaynes
Grant James as Elderly Ghost
Bug Hall as Andrew
Juli Erickson as Elderly Ghost
Kat Steffens as Megan
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Deja vu all over again
You have an uncomfortable feeling that you know which way this film is going 5 minutes into it. A young married couple are driving through torrential rain to their new house. Look out! A figure in the road right ahead of them! The car swerves into a ditch. Instantly the seasoned viewer will guess what's coming. Oh come on, surely not another one of those! You hope you're wrong but as the film progresses it becomes clearer and clearer that you're right. You watch on in grim determination to finish the film but you've seen this a hundred times before, maybe a thousand. Sometimes there are interesting variations on the theme but not here. Perhaps the writer is young, hasn't watched many movies and thinks he's being original rather than following one of the oldest and most tired templates in the screenwriter's book.

I've marked this review as containing spoilers and if you've been watching horror movies for some years then it does. For those newer to the genre I'll say just this. The couple crash their car at the beginning, run to their house which happens to be just up the road and then start seeing spirits and other assorted phenomena. Think about it, guys, you really don't need to be Einstein to figure out what's happened.

3 out of 10. A poor rehash of a theme that was already old when Methuselah was in short pants.
If you want to watch a scary movie this is not it.
The movie starts out looking like it might be OK. Ghosts start appearing and you think it might by scary. Throughout the whole movie it is not scary. It seems that the whole point of the movie is for the couple to kiss. That seems to be all they do. There is a gratuitous sex/nude scene at the start. I actually did not even see the end. My wife and I could not even care enough to watch it till the end.
Any story can be made to be interesting.. Not the case here. Possibly a decent story line but the acting is so fake and child like that I was unable to get passed the first 8 minutes without leaving it. I cannot blame only the bad acting, and trust me the acting is near comical, I must also blame the directing and effects producer for a job badly done.

This could had been possibly a good story line but I'm afraid I will never know as I could not stay interested for more than 8 minutes to find out.

(Clap Clap) for destroying possibly a decent story.. And where did you find this acting? The worst I've seen yet.. Reminds me of a SCIFI channel movie.
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