The Show
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Giancarlo Esposito
Nils Hognestad as Stagehand
Giles Panton as Darren Bradshaw
Johannah Newmarch as Sara Hickey
Lucia Walters as Rebecca Washington
Beatrice Ilg as Jessica
Matt Anderson as Male Host
Chris Ellis as Keller
Famke Janssen as Ilana Katz
Josh Duhamel as Adam Rogers
Chelah Horsdal as Elliot's Mom
Storyline: An unsettling look at reality T.V. where a disturbing hit game show has its contestants ending their lives for the public's enjoyment.
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A decent movie- *****Contains spoilers*****
This movie had several real life elements which I can see why some people didn't like the movie. First there is desperation and the depression and sense of foreboding failure that comes with desperation. Poverty, which is corrosive and on the opposite end of the spectrum its equally as corrosive twin, greed. Hidden in the undertones is the deprivation of our society in to a reality culture where anything goes and the more outlandish the more attention and exposure it receives. The final and most shocking premise is that as a culture that is angry, decadent and ready to lash out even death can be used as a tool. In the end, those caring and compassionate souls won as some would call the moral hero's but not before many were used as expendable pawns, collateral damage for a damaged world. Sound familiar?

The acting was good, plot solid and overall it was worth the watch. How good the movie is and what you get out of it will largely depend on how open are your eyes, heart and mind.
Extremely different and original take on reality TV
First, I am a big fan of Giancarlo Esposito who has been in many films as well as gained much notoriety as the Meth Dealing King in "Breaking Bad". Although I'm not sure, I believe this is his directorial debut in a feature length motion picture.

Without any spoilers, I will sum up why I thought his was a very well done and interesting film.

The premise: A reality show host witnesses two contestants get killed on live TV in a previous show he hosted. Fed up with mindless fake Television (aren't we all?) he formulates a "real" and fully transparent Isea for a show that has people wanting to commit suicide live on TV. The idea is, the network will put up $100,000 and the TV audience can match or donate as much to the surviving family members to better their lives.

Clearly, I'm sure this concept would break many laws in each and every state in the U.S. But, as is done in Hollywoodland, they address the legal aspects and find loopholes to allow this to be broadcast.

What I thought was very entertaining and thought provoking was the simple concept that Reality Television seems to be getting more and more perverse and it's not impossible to believe something of this sort and magnitude will eventually air and be watched by millions. This is not to say actual suicides will ever be televised. My point is, it seems television today has to go bigger and bolder to outdo one another to gain ratings.

The acting by all was way above par. The story line and plot simple enough but highly engaging. The concept very morbid but again, there is a quality of realism in its concept.

This is a very different story then the typical slop put out within the premise And done with a reality I thought was accurate. One caveat....again, I don't believe a show like this would ever be aired and those who would watch should have their heads examined. That said, I give it an 8/10 for originality and something entirely different.

Kudos Giancarlo!
Peeling Back The Layers of Society
We turn our blinders on to the ugliness of this world for there is so much ugliness. The news is a barrage of horrific tales. The internet is infinite with fact and fiction. Games and Apps claim our minds, throwing the white wool over our eyes to distract us, but the scars remain. And we are angry. We are hurt, broken, and mortified at the society that we live in today, and we want escape, an outlet to take us away. But the golden age of television is long dead and burnt to an ugly crisp, and Reality Television is king, shedding light on corners of life that maybe are better never to be known at all. But we got a taste for it now.

Our attention spans have shrunken down to the size of dimes, and we may only remember yesterday. But days long ago, ugly videos have crept across the internet, showing horrific scenes of death. In the late nineties, there was a series called, Faces of Death, and even Saddam Hussein's execution was live and viral. Some of us didn't turn away. We watched instead as the lights went out and blood was shed, and maybe we even told ourselves that this was entertainment. But how hard have we fallen to become primal once again, bent on other people's misery and even their death?

The sad truth is that we are numb to misery and death. It is no longer fiction. It is entertainment from shows such as Scare Tactics to Ridiculousness to Law & Order True Crime. We have a taste for it. We need it to forget our own ugliness, our own scars and lose ourselves in the lives of others, but what if those others took their lives right before us? Would we look away? Would we feel something, or would we want more, maybe even believing that their death would be justified by a kind deed or promise of a better future? But what kind of future awaits us, if we treat death as nothing but a circus act? The road to hell is paved with good intentions, a hard lesson learned for one, who has spun death around and around like a wheel of fortune, only to have it stop on another's fate, but in the face of death, he could not let go. And in that sacrifice for life did our numbness break for we are not barbarians. We are human, and we feel. And we hate to feel for there is too much ugliness to this life, but sometimes, we need a strong dose of reality to bring us back from the brink. And like with Disconnect and Trust comes The Show, another blunt movie to peel back the layers of society and make us question who we are.
What absolute rubbish
Please. Just do yourself a favor and pretend you never came across this movie. This was unbearable. The Storyline. The Acting. All of it - just ridiculous. The editing is terrible. Plot told so poorly you cant help but feel like you've missed a few scenes - it just doesn't tell a coherent story. The idea of people committing suicide live on TV to inspire people to live their best lives.. what?!! Laughable. Even the actors with somewhat reputable careers came across as crappy actors. Just terrible. I got angrier and angrier as the movie went on. Definitely in my top 3 for worst movies ever conceived, filmed and released to the public. A stain on our human history of filming. AVOID. AVOID. AVOID!!!!
Excellent film, but do not watch it alone!
This movie contains several subplots, all converging at the movie's climax. Part of the plot is science fiction, and like most sci-fi, it's an exaggeration of our current society's values. The other stories portray current realities with outstanding performances by Esposito, Callies, Janssen, and Duhamel. The portrayal of suicide in the movie is graphic and I can see where some would be shocked and not be able to see past it, but what really makes this movie 'scary' is the portrayals of good people who've lost their way and the stories of despair and hopelessness that drive people to commit terrible acts.

This movie is not meant to be watched alone because no matter how you feel, you will feel strongly about what you saw. The urge to share your thoughts with someone else who saw it will be overwhelming. ,,, and isn't that what a good movie is meant to do? Incite emotion, thought, and conversation? This is a movie you will remember long after the credits roll.
Interesting and mostly enjoyable.
This one was OK, I struggled between a 6 and 7 but decided on the latter as it does deliver (oddly) as a good entertainment piece. It struggles a little after the first 20 or 30 minutes when things begin to follow the recognise formula for development, but it picks up in places where the emotional content becomes more prevalent.

It's far fetched, even a little sill, but it has a great cast and there are some solid performances that bring a good deal of presence and charisma to the proceedings, which is just as well because realistically even though this one may pull a few unpleasant hairs, there isn't much substance to it outside these performances.

The plot is a bit thin in and is essentially a nightmare of morality that I imagine many will have difficulty with. Personally, I simply view this as film entertainment that it is no more or less questionable than horror movies which feature people being dismembered or action flicks where people are blown up maimed and killed on mass. There isn't really much substance outside the main premise, people consenting to death on TV as entertainment and as I said that aspect of it gets boring quite quickly. Fortunately there are some nicely interwoven sub plots to give if extra dimension.

Some issues exist with character identities. Initially our lead is so traumatised by events he witnesses he's having difficulty coming to terms. That he would shorty become primarily responsible for instituting systematic practice of the same on network TV, and descending further into moral depravity... is questionable. Its a Jekyll & Hyde transformation and thankfully Josh Duhamel does an excellent job with the role. The janitor's domestic situation (played by Giancarlo Esposito) is similarly stretched, but I'll concede as some leeway is required for he movie to work in spite of some slightly flawed characters.

Most everything else is done very well. Great directing, good script... a very able production in general. It may sound heartless even callous for me to label a film detailing on screen suicide as a little lacking but I maintain the basic plot is not where the enjoyment lies. All the interest really revolves around the personal situations, relationships, and the personal experiences detailed in the screenplay, and that does make the movie interesting.

I think its definitely worth a watch. There is some emotional depth here, not in the subject matter per se, more in the portrayal of people and relationships.

I recommend it, but as a caveat also recommend that you avoid it if you find such subject matter upsetting or offensive.
Good story executed poorly with sub-par acting from most leads
The story/writing was very interesting and what hooked me into watching this film. Right from the start, the score was overbearing. All the main actors except for Giancarlo Esposito (who's performance was outstanding) gave a poor performance, especially Josh Duhamel. What's with this guys cone-head helmet hair? The directing was decent but could have been much better, especially in directing the actors to better perform as most were unconvincing. It's a shame, as this film had a lot of potential. Still, a decent watch and a 7/10 from me.
Utter garbage
If you found this film "thought provoking" and "multi-layered" then I feel sorry for you.

I was hoping for a well acted, well done take on reality TV but after the first 15 minutes is was clear that none of the above can be said about this film.

I felt embarrassed for those involved. Famke Janssen (Once Upon a Time in Venice, Blacklist / Redemption, X-Men) James Franco (Why Him? Burn Country, 127 Hours, Spider-Man 3) Josh Duhamel (Several Transformers) Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break, Colony, Walking Dead)

It felt like they had just finished high school drama, amazingly dismal.

Several great actors with many MANY great roles behind them, I can only presume they were blackmailed into doing this project.
A movie not for the fainthearted
Giancarlo Esposito's directorial debut is a movie not for everyone. It's a grisly take on the world of reality TV, and how the genre keeps pushing the boundaries in an attempt to get better ratings.

Many viewers will not be able to stomach some of the scenes and will get repulsed by the morbid imagery.

Esposito as Mason Washington hits it out of the park with his portrayal of a man desperate to change his fortunes. He's a family man and wants the best for his wife and children.

Sarah Wayne Callies' role as Karina is crucial because she's also struggling in her own way. She used to have a bond with her brother but then something happens.

Josh Duhamel as Adam Rogers is more than just a cocky reality TV host. He thinks he's doing the right thing in his mind, but then loses the plot. This is where the greed for ratings come into play.

All in all, it's a movie that has nothing to do with "The Social Network". It's a completely different movie, and it satirizes the reality TV genre in a way that you haven't seen before. Sure, it might repulse you but that's because it hits close to home.
Unrealistic garbage
To compare this to the masterpiece that is Network is an insult, this film is shallow and just plain stupid, the characters have no realism whatsoever because the majority of them lack the empathy of real human beings at least the ones behind the show, if you want to watch a film that has no grounding in reality with a bunch of suicide scenes and a the pointless message that making money off people's deaths is wrong then yeah enjoy, seriously I don't see the point? It's not shocking and it's not controversial it's just boring.
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