The Snare
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
C.A. Cooper
Roman Kemp as Jake
Mike Powell as Shopkeeper
Maria Popska as Lost Spirit
Rose Parker as Cherub
Stuart Nurse as David Clarke
Lily-Mae Hebbes as Forest Child
Renate Morley as The Spirit
Emma-Marie Cooper as The Ghoul (as Emma Cooper)
Dan Paton as Carl Weston
Nathan Brine as Forest Man
Eaoifa Forward as Alice Clarke
Rachel Warren as Lizzy Abel
Fin Banks as Forest Child
Storyline: Three friends head to the seafront for a drunken weekend, only to be imprisoned on the top floor of their holiday apartment by a malevolent paranormal force.
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Horrifying for all the wrong reasons......
Its alright to have a limited budget, its alright to have a simple setting, but that's all that alright about The Snare.

This film is horrifying for all the wrong reasons. For starters the characterizations are, for the most part, dismal. There's the truly repulsive boyfriend and his slightly less repellent, "blonde" girlfriend. The other female character comes across as more refined and intelligent. Its an inexplicable match up, that just doesn't make sense. Perhaps aside from the suggestion that she might be an abuse victim. That said, her association with her train wreck "friends" really does not make sense.

The spooky atmosphere is alright and the scares are OK but really the whole film is pulled down markedly by the cheesy characterizations. Its hard to take them seriously and general "ickiness" of two of the three leads makes it hard to really vest in them and their welfare when things turn sour.

Some reasonable acting let down by flawed characterizations and limited, rather bland, story development. Four out of ten from me.
Pay attention!
The first reaction that rose to my conscious mind is that this movie is about the subconscious. The blurb indicating some demonic paranormal entity is wrong: what is truly frightening in this film is what's called "life." Life is an experience from which there is only one escape - DEATH. But, death also holds an irrevocably horrific place in our psyche. Such is the case with Alice, on whom her mother's death unleashed hell in her young life, i.e., her father's abuse (which began the day of her mother's funeral). Ashamed of her own sexuality, afraid of any type of emotional connection, and utterly introverted, the empty apartment building (indeed the entire complex!) is The Snare - Alice's life, from which the only escape is suicide (pills on the floor), madness (the evocative darkness of her journal) or old age (her mother/herself as the old woman and a corpse). So, when we see her finally escape, we expect her to be stronger, to escape and break away from her life. But where do we see her in the end? In the same Hell that the film began in, even in the same bedroom. Perhaps there is an echo of Sartre's "No Exit" - Hell is other people.

All in all: creepy, disturbing, dark, thought-provoking and an excellent vintage.

PS - Did no one notice that the old woman bore a striking resemblance to Alice?
To gory
I feel like the move was to gory but I'm not one to like gore so maybe that is why I didn't enjoy it as much as some other people spoiler alert the maggots in the movies just gave me the chill and it was a good idea I just didn't like where they put it and I feel like another spoiler the sex scene thing towards the ends was just not necessary another spoiler I know they then ate the guy who they killed I just feel like it wasn't to the story but I would recommend it if you like gore unlike me
Not scary and not very good.
Having just walked out of the very hyped La La Land after the abysmal opening number I decided to try and scare myself back into appreciating films. Unfortunately I once again believed the positive reviews and was suckered into watching (well OK I was on my phone after a very short while) the meandering pointlessness of this dreary and uninspiring dirge. Now I have seen some truly awful films and also refused to watch the majority of many (Death race 2050 being one) but I mostly don't bother to review them unless the reviews are ludicrously generous. If you like horror films then just don't bother with this as it is not scary at all (unless you are a microwave oven, but you would have to watch it, or find someone else who has, to understand that comment). Avoid - you have been warned!
SO DUMB! Please don't waste your time
Really not very good at all. It doesn't make sense, there's no continuity. Also pretty gross for no reason, the characters could have avoided the gross stuff easily but I guess that's part of trying to be scary. The only good thing were the actors performances, they looked really scared even though I wasn't. I feel like the makers of this movie were really trying to make a statement and do something artsy and it just really didn't work. This really was pretty awful, I definitely feel like I wasted my time and took away nothing from this movie.
Not a Logical through
The story was some how good but there was no plot of logic throughout the movie. They stood trapped all the time rather they had many ways to get out from that apartment. They had long curtains in all rooms through which they can climb out from the attic by joining them all. They had to throw all of the stuff from the height to the bottom of the building so that people may know somebody is struck up there. No plot, no logic just some terrifying common scenes and body cutting making the movie creepy than horror.
VIEWS ON FILM review of The Snare
Three people consisting of a romantic couple and their friend, plan a getaway to an abandoned apartment building. While staying on the top floor, they become trapped and eventually lose all access to food and water. Oh and I almost forgot, the place is haunted too. That's the gist of 2017's The Snare, my latest write-up.

"Snare" is a British horror flick. Better yet, it's riotous psychological horror. The Snare doesn't have an MPAA rating but I'll happily give it an NC-17. Rookie director C.A. Cooper (his only other credits are two short films) doesn't want to delight you. He wants to upset you, to make you feel perturbed and disgusted all at the same time. "Snare's" opening shot consists of a dead animal nestled in a graveyard, covered with flies and maggots. As the movie prolongs, there are then progressions of gratuitous violence, rape, cannibalism, and you guessed it, more maggots. Yikes!

The Snare initially reminded me of stuff like The Shining, Cabin Fever (from 2002), and even this year's The Belko Experiment. I kept thinking, what if Eli Roth and the late Stanley Kubrick managed to be each other's long lost brainchild. Anyway, filmmaker Cooper relies heavily on close-ups, wide angles, numbing long shots, and differing kinds of ominous music. "Snare's" first half (the film's weakest section) has C.A. cutting away from scenes too early, giving the feeling of his plot threads having dangling, loose ends. He then finds his footing, letting The Snare go from happy holiday to truly repugnant nightmare.

The actors featured (Eaoifa Forward, Dan Paton, Rachel Warren) effectively convey a sense of fear and dread. And although "Snare's" ending can be confused and over interpreted, this is still something hardcore fright fans might want to check out. "Snare" starts out slow, with paint-by-numbers fortitude, fidgety editing, and stylistic indulgence. It then turns effectual, becoming its own, macabre entity. There are some uneasy dreamlike sequences involving the main character (Alice Clarke). Also, there's some other, jumpy and hallucinatory moments that The Snare likes to revel in. Be sure to avoid eating chicken while watching this movie. Also, bring an ironclad stomach and don't expect to be actually entertained by what you discern. My rating: 3 stars.
Decent if flawed psycho/thriller
Taking a trip into the wilderness, a group of friends on a retreat to a remote seaside lodge find themselves alone and stranded inside a cursed apartment complex by a malevolent entity that holds a powerful spell over them and forces them into desperate means to get away.

For the most part, this one was a decent if unspectacular effort. Like most modern British horror films, the film is really undone by the languid and wholly uninviting pacing that just really drags this one out far longer than it really should be. The first half of this one is a prime example as this one just goes through such a sullen and drowsy tone that just starts this one off on a downbeat feel showing them at every stop along the way, taking their time getting set-up in the building and their initial interactions together makes this one feel quite challenging. That it takes a while for them to realize they're trapped and for the horror to kick in makes this one feel like so many of the recent British efforts which utilize the same factors, taking far longer to get its main point across since it spends far too long on the plodding build-up rather than anything else. That there's not a whole lot of intensity or energy to the proceedings as everyone tends to offer up no urgency in their actions really completes the picture for this one in how dull and drab it really sets itself up as being, and with the whole build-up taking so long this one does have some problems to work through. There's also the rather troubling issue here with this one really leaving a lot of elements open to speculation, really not letting it's burning mysteries get explored in any shape or form as so much of this one goes unexplored or unanswered throughout here. From the source of the visions showing the mysterious children playing in the woods, the scenes of her watching her memories from her abused childhood or the whole point of luring them to the complex in the first point, there's a lot on offer here that doesn't make much sense and it really lets a lot of questions go unanswered. These here hold it back somewhat even though there are some rather engaging elements within it. One of the film's better features is the fact that this one really manages to evoke a creepy and somewhat unsettling atmosphere with the way it builds itself up along the way. Once we get the impact realized that they're stranded and isolated together, this one offers up some great ideas of their plight together as the fear and paranoia they experience is manifested in their behavior as well as the increasingly strange and mysterious visions. Those are where this one really picks up, going from the quick flashes of people wandering down by the sea to the full-bore visions showing the happenings of the strange cult and how they end up altering her version of reality that really brings up quite a lot of nice freak-outs here to go along with that burgeoning paranoia. That all leads into the fine finale that brings about quite a shocking conclusion to it all as the revelation given here is quite a striking and shocking conclusion that wraps it all together quite nicely offering some decent blood and gore along the way. It's certainly good enough, but it's just too flawed to be higher.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Brief Nudity, a sex scene, Rape, drug use and close-up shots of dead animals.
The movie is a waste of time. DO NOT WATCH. The ending is the worst ending ever, the story line is the worst story line ever. Nothing is good about this movie and I do not recommend anyone to waste their time to watch this movie. If you want to watch the most boring movie in the world, go ahead and waste 1 hour and 32 minutes of your life.
Amazing Movie!...Bold! Divisive!...Haters gonna hate!
First off, let's get one thing clear. THE SNARE is nothing like THE EVIL DEAD. The comparison seems so far off the mark to me it's as if the guys on the marketing team who put out that press release comparing it to EVIL DEAD haven't even watched this movie.

Secondly! After all that said...Wow this is a great movie! It's utterlly relentless with what it throws at you....Starts slow at first but then it just hits you again and again and again.

Gripping, believable performances, a rich, foreboding atmosphere and extremely harrowing to watch all round.

DEFINITELY NOT FOR EVERYONE...I totally get why some people wouldn't enjoy this, especially if you're going in expecting something like the Evil Dead.

I'd say that as a movie its much closer to THE SHINING in style but is different enough to be it's own thing.

Like I said, some people really won't like this but if you fancy something different and a genuine scare then this one is certainly worth a watch, even if just for the experience!!!

But not when you're eating!
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