Thomas & Friends: Journey Beyond Sodor
David Stoten
William Hope as Edward (US) / Toby (US) (voice)
Sophie Colquhoun as Frankie (UK & US) (voice)
Mark Moraghan as Narrator (UK & US) (voice)
Jules de Jongh as Emily (US) (voice)
Teresa Gallagher as Emily (UK) / Annie and Clarabel (UK & US) (voice)
John Hasler as Thomas (UK) (voice)
Rob Rackstraw as James (UK & US) / Troublesome Trucks (UK & US) (voice)
Lucy Montgomery as Lexi (UK & US) / Troublesome Trucks (UK & US) (voice)
Joseph May as Thomas (US) (voice)
Darren Boyd as Theo (UK & US) (voice)
Nigel Pilkington as Percy (UK) (voice)
Steven Kynman as A Workman (UK & US) (voice)
Rasmus Hardiker as Philip (UK & US) (voice)
Colin McFarlane as Beresford (UK & US) (voice)
Storyline: Join Thomas and his friends in this exciting adventure to the mainland that shows us friendship is more important than being the favorite engine. Can Thomas and the new experimental engines save James and help bring him back to the Island of Sodor?
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While not "perfect" in my eyes, it's been perfect for my two sons
Before I review it, what matters most are my kids' reaction to it: they LOVE this movie! Other than Hero of the Rails, this is the only other Thomas movie they've ever requested again and again, back-to-back. My sons are (currently) 2.5 and 5. And as for the music? Well, it's the first true "musical" Thomas movie: Six different songs, with the first and last based upon one another in order to start and finish the story arch. My kids can now sing all six songs by heart, in the car, in the bath, at daycare, at the dinner table. And if it wasn't enjoyable enough, it's PERCY who delivers the funniest, grown-up humored joke in the entire movie!

There are two significant, questionable (adult-upsetting) plot choices made by the production company in terms of how the story unravels. 1) Thomas outright STEALS a job from James, and as a result, Sir Toppemhat is complacent, and James is stuck unfairly pulling Thomas' branch line in his place. Thomas is never truly punished, scolded, or even given a talking to for his selfish actions. 2) Two trains working in what can only be referred to "train hell" - a molten steelworks factory - lure other unsuspecting trains into the factory and essentially entrap them because they, themselves, are overworked in their highly-dangerous professions and would rather be doing nothing except telling their "captives" what to do. Ultimately, they become friends with Thomas and the other new friends Thomas has made along his journey on the mainland... essentially rewarding the former captors for their misdeeds.

It's not a perfect story. Again, I've highlighted larger, adult-noticeable flaws. Otherwise, the movie itself is actually quite enjoyable as an adult to watch! The pacing is very good for keeping my kids attention; the songs are far from Grammy- or Oscar-worthy, but plenty fun enough for my sons to have memorized. I believe "catchy" is the correct word. I feel like modern toddler TV shows have moved towards the "act poorly and be rewarded" model - look at great shows like Curious George and Caiou (well, Caiou maybe not so great) as perfect examples.

And, perhaps most importantly, my kids didn't see the two plot issues I've had, but instead gleaned the positive messages: Even if you don't think you can do anything right, you should still always try; Friendship is more important than selfish pride.

So, after all this... I do so want to give it only 8 stars, but cannot! Because it's not really about what I think in this case, but what my sons think. And to them? This is perhaps the BEST movie yet. Musical Thomas movies are hopefully the way of the future! Combine the musical idea with better stories (like Hero of the Rails or The Great Race) and they'd have a superb toddler masterpiece.
Journey Beyond Sodor: the new adventures for 2017 and beyond
From watching the trailer, reading the reviews of everyone who also has seen the trailer and segment of the movie, the "endless" debate about how the new effects will affect the 22nd season of Thomas and Friends, and the complaining that this is nothing but a Thomas/Chuggington collaboration, but most importantly, watching the movie for the umpteenth time, its my turn to give my thought about if this series will be the end of Thomas and Friends as we know it, or the start of something new.

Body Language: The moment when I saw that Thomas and his friends are now able to use the same features as the characters from Chuggington, using "body language" I actually like the fact that it didn't stand out too much as to what everyone feared, maybe the effect was used a little too much, but none of the engines jumped off the rails, or did back wheelies. Why I liked it was because it gives engines more human quality, showing expressions and getting the message across t. Although the effect was used too much, the movie itself, in my opinion are experiments that the producers wanted to show to the audience what will happen in the future and give their feedback about what to change, do and so on.

target audience: Although i'm 25, each time I watch the newest movie or episode, I feel like 5 years old again but watch the audience in my range should understand is that the company itself is targeting towards families with the new generation of children that are being introduced to the Thomas franchise. None of them know about the models that were used in the earlier series, so none of them could possibly know how the series started.

Overall, I loved the movie, the new features, effects that will be used and with the way the company is going, especially with what happened in the movie itself, I hope that in the upcoming movies and episodes, we will get to see more of whats "Beyond Sodor".
No story
We are huge Thomas fans normally and enjoy a huge range of Sodor films from the good old Ringo Starr ones right up to The Great Race. Unfortunately this film seriously lets down the whole franchise. I think the makers have tried too hard to explore a whole range of modern issues and in the confusion have forgotten that the most important thing is to tell a good story well! The songs are also awful. The DVD will definitely not be on our Christmas list!
The Thomas & Friends Movie NOBODY Wanted
Before the movie was released, I had high expectations for this movie. I thought Thomas the Tank Engine would finally get to see the world. Unfortunately, this film is a COMPLETE MESS!!! It includes useless "Wizard of Oz" jokes and too much musical numbers, much more like "The Great Race." The only thing that I liked was the animation and how they made the engines moved by themselves! Overall, this movie is trash, and no one should be able to watch it!
Bring back Ashima!!!
Do you think those with special needs should get a job and stop using it as an excuse to get out of exhausting and dangerous work? Then you'll love 'Journey Beyond Sodor'!

Watch along as Thomas and James escape being trafficked by talking their new, 'experimental' friends into taking their place. Discover that traffickers aren't that bad; they're just understaffed. Marvel as Thomas avoids talking with a clingy Jamaican who has the audacity to try to start a conversation with him.

This film has it all!
Higher The Rating
STOP LOWING THE RATING!!!!!!! on his branch line, Thomas is feeling bright and sunny, whistling hello to everyone he meets. As he pulls into Knapford station, he is complimenting how wonderful the day is, and feels like bursting into song. He is then promptly interrupted by James, who is boastfully singing about how he believes he is the best engine on Sodor. As James pulls up to the platform, Thomas rolls up, telling him that he isn't the favourite engine and that he was going to sing a song. James calls out to everyone at the station that Thomas is going to sing, and everyone listens. Hesitant at first, Thomas is just about to sing, but James interrupts him and starts singing again about how he's the favourite engine.

Thomas meets up with James at Knapford station yard, once again insisting he's not Sir Topham Hatt's favourite engine. James begs to differ, boasting how he always gets the best jobs and teasing him for collecting pigs from Farmer Trotter.

That evening, Edward arrives at Vicarstown with the Judy and Jerome to help lift Henry back to safety, and Harvey handles the derailed trucks. At his office, Sir Topham Hatt is talking on his telephone and using a map and wooden trains to monitor the situation. Thomas overhears Sir Topham Hatt making plans for James to take Henry's trucks to a goods yard in Bridlington, where the trucks were meant to go. Thomas plans to tease James back over pulling a goods train, but James takes Thomas by surprise, as for the importance of the goods train, James is not bothered. Later that night, Thomas is upset. He complains to Percy about James' show-off attitude. Percy doesn't listen and leaves to collect the mail train. Frustrated with James, Thomas then has an idea to pay him out. I Love This Movie. If You Lower The Rating 1 More Time, You Will Regret It!
Excellent Movie
This Thomas and Friends movie is highly one of the best so far for the franchise, however, it is underrated. Many people do not see the effort put into the animation, which has now slightly evolved, and the lessons learned. Remember! This is a kid's show and not for adults who will focus too much on unnecessary details. Many children, and adults including me, have found this movie memorable and its songs were catchy.
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