Transformers: The Last Knight
USA, Canada, China
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Michael Bay
Anthony Hopkins as Sir Edmund Burton
Ben Webb as Hengist (as Trent Seven)
Marcus Fraser as Gawain
Isabela Moner as Izabella
Liam Garrigan as Arthur
Rob Witcomb as Percival
Laura Haddock as Vivian Wembley
Stanley Tucci as Merlin
Josh Duhamel as Colonel William Lennox
Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager
Storyline: Optimus Prime finds his dead home planet, Cybertron, in which he comes to find he was responsible for its destruction. He finds a way to bring Cybertron back to life, but in order to do so, Optimus needs to find an artifact that is on Earth.
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A movie out of even common sense
The movie is made by a teenage writer who cannot even write conversations natural, read part of DaVinci Code, part of Arthur, and watched a Star War movie. Putting everything together without logic, this is what the movie is.

There are more than enough critics on plot and poorly told stories; I'm not going to repeat. But I have to point one character: the Old Man. Who cares what his name is (I didn't get it AT ALL) I don't know what kind of personality Michael Bay want to create. What I saw was a rude, uneducated, changing man with a lot of money. It was so awkward while he dump the famous names into my ears and declared that all those people tried to keep that stupid secret. I don't know what he said "I can't go with you" because he eventually was there, and...just died there.

After 10 min, the only though I had was to see how bad the movie can be. YKW, it's just worse than I thought.
A work of insane genius
Future generations will study this movie as the dawn of a new age in film-making. It has everything you could possibly want out of two- and-a-half hours of cinematic, action-packed gold; and so much more besides. Anthony Hopkins giving the finger to the police outside downing street and calling random people 'dickheads'? Check. A mad, four-foot robot butler who kind-of- but-not-quite breaks the fourth wall by accompanying dramatic scenes with his own incidental music, before firing himself out of a World War II submarine torpedo chute to catch a brace of tuna, cooking and preparing them and setting up the bickering main characters on an underwater date, as they're being chased by the military, on their way to the crash site of a 1600 year-old underwater spaceship, which contains the grave of Merlin. Um, check. And speaking of which; a drunken Merlin (played by Stanley Tucci) riding through the ancient and dramatic British landscape on horseback, wielding a mystical staff that controls an Autobot dragon, who goes on to destroy some Saxons and save King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table from certain destruction? Check.

Historical note: the Saxons actually won that wider war, they went on to become the English. Arthur was actually Welsh, although at the time Welsh and Scottish people were all just 'Britons', of Celtic origin. The Welsh word for English is 'Saeson', which means Saxons. Most English people don't realise this, but the Celtic peoples have never forgotten how they were driven out of their lands all the way back in the Fifth-Century. In Scottish Gaelic the English are called 'Sassanach', which also means Saxon. Both languages are still spoken today. (Don't tell the English.)

These are just a few of the myriad delights this mad film has to offer, there are many more besides. The fact that it has only gotten a 15% 'fresh' rating on the site that gave Paul Feig's Ghostbusters 73% just goes to show what politically-motivated snobs movie critics are at heart. This is genuinely the freshest, funniest, most exciting and emotional film I have seen in years. No wonder people don't make excellent movies any more, when original works of wonder and imagination are met with sneering and contempt, by the same people who fawn over politically-motivated rehashes that offer little or nothing in the way of entertainment.

Whoever would have thought that in the year Alien: Covenant was released that two of the absolute best, most enjoyable movies released would be the fifth installment of the Transformers franchise and Kong: Skull Island. Two movies which - unlike others I have mentioned in this review - are perfect slices of awesome entertainment, without a hint of pretension.

Michael Bay has finally made the movie he's wanted to all his working life. If he had only gone half-way with this film, it would have been a mess. Thank goodness he went all in and served us up such a magnificent, rousing spectacle!

Autobots, unite!
I used to visit Detroit, MI, all the time . . .
. . . which is why I can recognize so many of the Roman Ruins featured in TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT. This entire flick is steeped in Roman traditions, much more so than Dan Brown's DA VINCI CODE series. Probably since the inception of these toys, the insurgent minds at the Hasbro Concern have presented the Autobots as the Free Thinkers of this World, and the aptly-named Decepticons as the Priests of Mind Control, Hell-bent upon stalking Our Mother Earth as Wolves in Sheep's clothing, cajoling, seducing, and generally intimidating the Masses into a Fascist System of Thought Control, burning any Disbelievers of their Creed for Heartless Tyranny in great conflagrations of Hellfire. After being exposed for the diabolical frauds they are by such vehicles as the recent "Best Picture" Oscar winners SPOTLIGHT (which revealed the Roman Decepticons to in Truth be a swampy cesspool of Perverts and Sexual Predators), the Romans have fallen upon Hard Times. That is why director Michael Bay ventured into the Heart of Roman Decay--Detroit--to film a major scene in the dilapidated remnant of what was once a Roman Cathedral. (For World Citizens unfamiliar with Detroit's History, a gang of Roman thugs began systematically murdering members of the Black Resistance on 12th Street in 1967; when the Truth behind the Algiers Motel "Incident" emerged, more than a million Roman Detroiters fled the city in fear of Just Retribution, abandoning their Homes, Businesses, and Holy Places such as the TRANSFORMERS Cathedral, during their hasty flight.)
a reshaping your legend a hero with as bug secret that changes how we see him on his world or ours a war defines everything can we find the true leader and change history
Writer Matt Holloway is a fan of the drama Downton Abbey (2010), and jokingly said that Jim Carter (who plays the butler Mr Carson in the show) should voice Cogman . He was shocked when director Michael Bay got Carter on as Cogman Isabella and her lovable robot that nobody cares for only her is a blast there is an emotional bonding going with cade as he asks him about his daughter there USA story in Michael bays film which is good as we have another new comer Laura haddock she is a university professor who show the history to kids about everything she has a hidden secret only for Sir Edmund Burton who gurads a past to help keep humanity safe follow her because she will be needed to help the world from becoming cybertron the impressive Alnwick Castle, he has a robot butler called cog man who is very good but sarcastic humour I really don't have much else to say. As stated above, it's the fifth film, you've already made up your mind whether you want to see it or not. If the negative reviews have put you on the fence or dissuaded you, think about whether or not you enjoyed the last four films. If yes, then ignore the critics and enjoy yourself. what can i say from a Michael bay transformers his story has an actual story line and he gets the best story of the lot and good acting from his cast with Anthony Hopkins he gets an actual good story to tell Michael bay is given his lead actors and reamigining of the Arthur and the knights of the round tables with the transformers been involved so we kinda gets another king Arthur of the summer and also ww2 story in there two this film is 2hrs25mins long and a closing credit sequence just in case the make another like the rumored bumblebee spin off Anthony Hopkins character has been guarding a secret so the decepticions his character shows a bit of comic timing don't get the it hands on a so we see mark whalberg back as cade Yeager minding his robots at a junk yard the film takes place in parts in Chicago mostly in London and Africa. its a nice welcome from America getting hit to spread it out as a globally war Autobots and Decepticons are at war, with humans on the sidelines. we see Merlin his mystical power but he comes good as Arthur in medieval times losing the battles but we see the dragon from the artifact that Merlin's has been given so its lost to time and nobody knows where the artifact as mega tron is on the lookout for it as as we see barricade give cade a special item as we as we see the josh duhamels character is group take down the transformers comes to alliance with cade as they find his group in the out of bounds part of Chicago but strange things hap-ping to optimums we see the army helping mega tron find cade follow him to a little town as as they give chase and battles the other auto bots as well as drones so cog man get cade o his plane to England to help his search as the police give chase to him in London as wheels brings the professor and Edmond Burton to explain his mythology and secrets he keeping but all these stories make sense as there is 12 robots guarding a secret as we see the the group get to a submarine this sequence is impressive underwater to a ship of importance that leads to an all out assault in Stonehenge with everyone gathering the support the flying sequence the action are top notch with cybertron here on earth like the way they tried in transformers 3 this time they succeed please Michael bay come back when you have another story there police chases through London submarine chases as well this film has everything Optimus Prime is gone to search for his maker he comes across the dead cybertron and quintessa is going to play her cards right and get the artifact. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth. Unlike the first three films where Sam was always "The Chosen One" and his girlfriend's job was to just run in slow motion yelling "SAAAAAM!". The main group of Decepticons were actually given personalities and unique identities. Though completely under- utilized. They make a big deal of giving them Suicide Squad-like introductions and their screen time amounts to maybe 45 seconds each . I was actually surprised how much screen time Anthony Hopkins had. I figured he'd slum it for two or three scenes, of exposition, grab his paycheck then disappear.

But he's actually a prominent character and he seemed to have a lot of fun in the role. this film has a budget of 217 million wow it really shows being the last film despite the bad review here i gave it 10 out of 10 i hope they make more here is the list of transformers Peter Cullen ... Optimus Prime Frank Welker ... Megatron Erik Aadahl ... Bumblebee John Goodman ... Hound ( Ken Watanabe ... Drift ( Jim Carter ... Cogman ( Steve Buscemi ... daytrader ( Omar Sy ... Hot Rod ( Reno Wilson ... Mohawk / Sqweeks John DiMaggio ... Nitro Zeus / Crosshairs Tom Kenny ... Wheels ( Jess Harnell ... Barricade Mark Ryan ... WWI Tank / Steven Barr ... Volleybot
better than the last 2 films, slightly overloaded
This was a lot better than the last 2 films , a lot going on , a lot of the old characters back ,which is good . The action was good and even more of scenes with Bumblebee ,there seemed less of Optimus which was a downer ,but with the Autobots from the previous film , this felt like a sequel. Some of it was quite confusing and overloaded ,but the action was put together well , loved the humour parts as well. Far too much criticism from a lot of reviews ,but this film was action packed which made it great . One major positive was that we got a twist in the credits which will make us wonder what will happen in the next film..
Ignore the "Professional" Critics. This is one of the better movies in the series.
This movie has been heavily criticized for being poorly written. If it had been the first in the series, it would probably have a meta score well over 60. I suspect most will see this and be pleasantly surprised.

Think I'm wrong? Well go and look at what the critics said about the last 4 movies and see how much money they made! Obviously the critics and the fans are not on the same page.
The reviews are all wrong!!!
I am a huge transformers fan and I loved this movie it is absolutely my favourite transformer movie. All the reviewers are all liars you only hate it because you either don't get it or you are just not true transformer fans. Michael Bay has down an amazing job with the 5th installment of the transformer franchise. When I saw the reviews I had huge doubts about the movie and then I watched it and I realized that the reviews are all wrong.Two words for this movie ABSOLUTELY AMAZING One word for the reviewers disappointments. I am so disappointed with how the reviews turned out. But the movie was excellent.
Excellent movie!
OK, I am not sure where all these bad reviews are coming from....(were we in the same movie??). My husband and I saw it and we absolutely LOVED the movie! I would very highly recommend seeing the film in IMAX 3D... I believe the sound, graphics, etc will not be at their full potential if not viewed this way. There is a medium amount of foul language but no sexual a parent, I would definitely say ages 10+ are suitable for the film.
What a joyful ride!
What a joyful ride! I had an awesome time at the cinema and I actually want to go again, this time for the 3D! If you're a fan of the Transformers do not hesitate for a second to go see it. What others might think is not what everyone should think and there's never a "right" or "wrong" opinion. Enjoy!
It delivers what it promises
I have to be fair, this movie isn't good enough to justify a 10. But people need to get off their high horses and judge these movies fairly. It's a movie about robots that transform into cars based on a cartoon from the 80's that originally existed only to sell action figures. You have to take the stick out of your butt and appreciate it for what it is. This movie delivers exactly what it promises: nonstop action and fun.

My biggest critique is that the middle of the movie dragged on a little bit longer than it needed to. There really is not much to complain about beyond that.

It was epic, fun, visually appealing, and it tied things together well. It didn't feel as detached from the rest of the franchise as the fourth one did. Also, John Goodman as Hound was absolutely fantastic, as he was in the previous installment.

Watch this movie with an open mind, don't seek to pick it apart for every little thing, and enjoy the ride.
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