Undercover Grandpa
Action, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
Erik Canuel
James Caan as Grandpa
Christian Bako as Krak Guard1
Paul Braunstein as General Komenkho
Brendan Murray as Aspic Agent2
Jennifer Robertson as Jake's Mom
Rob Archer as Rocky
Joanna Douglas as Monica
Dylan Everett as Jake Bouchard
Amy Matysio as Field Reporter
Jessica Walter as Maddy Harcourt
Kenneth Welsh as Harry
Paul Sorvino as Giovanni
Storyline: Jake Bouchard,a shy 17 year old, has finally scored a date with the incredibly wonderful Angie. When Angie gets kidnapped, the truth about Grandpa comes out. In a last ditch effort to rescue Angie, Grandpa re-enlists "The Devil's Scum", his old WW2 unit who band together with Jake to go on one last mission.
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Resolution 720x304 px
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Bitrate 2426 Kbps
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Worse than "Dirty Grandpa" ? Answer below.
Well, I saw De Niro's Grandpa and found it awful. Right now, I thought "this one cannot be worst, it should be better".

Ouch. Leave Grandpas alone.

"Undercover Grandpa" is just plain dumb. You can't believe the story for a single second ! Watch Caan having trouble to just walk away, and suddenly, doing hand fight almost like JCVD...unbelievable. The whole thing is a total mess.

The girl playing as Angie is a bad actress, she looks "lost".

If you really want to see what "old" actors can still do, I suggest you to watch "RED" and "RED 2", they are much better. And avoid "undercover grandpa" at all cost.
Awful, just awful.
How did something with such potential, at least on paper, go so wrong? Everything was there, the writers, actors, directer, producers & yet this is all they managed to come up with? Clichéd, hackneyed & plain ridiculous. I wonder if they all lost a bet & the penalty was to be involved with this production? Terrible all round. Don't waste time on this dud, just click along to the next on your viewing list.
One for the over seventies
Most of us over 70 could not manage to work as hard as these guys did to produce this film. I asked my husband if he enjoyed the movie and he said he did. He is 75. Maybe the bad reviewers are too young and critical to appreciate a film about old people. It is not a great movie but it is also not a terrible one. Lower your expectations and sit back and enjoy a few old people jokes and the fact that 70 plus guys can actually make a reasonable movie. Caan is a good actor and he carries the film along with some help from his buddies. The two young ones do a reasonable job as well. They are older than the characters they are portraying. There are no earth shattering scenes or fast chases but the storyline is okay. It is about rescuing a damsel in distress by her boyfriend and his grandfather along with some aged buddies. There is no trick photography or devices used to make it faster paced or more exciting. Expect an okay movie and if you are over 70 it will help.
Surprisingly Not Bad
After reading reviews on line, I did not particularly want to see this film. But, I had a Red Box coupon for 16 cents, so I rented it. It was not as bad as ANY of the reviews said! It wasn't the best movie ever, but I would recommend watching this movie for people of all ages! It's funny and has action, which makes it a perfect film.
Don;t Waste Your Time
I would say don't waste your time viewing this below B-quality mess of a movie. The humor is ham-fisted and the plot elements are silly and rather ridiculous, plus the age jokes get really tiresome.

The story revolves around 17-year-old Jake Bouchard (Dylan Everett) whose friend Angie has been kidnapped by a General wanted for war crimes and who is holding her in a heavily guarded warehouse. Jake will enlist the help of his grandfather Major Lou Crawford (James Caan), a former Canadian Special Forces officer from decades before, to help him free Angie. The Major will in turn enlist the help of his former military team to assist in the attack.

I'm sorry to say, it's nice to see such stalwarts of the silver screen as Caan, Louis Gossett Jr., Paul Sorvino, and Jessica Walter in a film together but not in a rather lame vehicle like this.
Boring! It's a waste of time.
I could only watch the first 30 minutes. It's not much happening, and it's not even funny. The acting is terrible as well: the boy founds out that his grandpa is indeed a special agent when the grandpa starts kicking ass, and the boy is just like 'yea, whatever'. I know, it's a comedy, but this "acting" what I saw in the movie is not funny, it's just simply bad. But by far the worst part is the music. Never in my life have I ever saw a single film before, that had music as bad as this. The music is the same when they just cruising in the car, and when the girl tries to escape the cell she's in, or when they show her face, and trying to show us how frightened she is. It's really a waste of time, i don't recommend watching it.
Possibly the dumbest movie I've ever seen..
This may not have been the worst movie I've ever seen because there are so many terrible movies being made anymore but it certainly feels like it. Stupid "plot" with old retired government agent elements swiped from Bruce Willis',"RED"--but MUCH older men, the Robert Duvall old guy/young whippersnapper fight scene from "Second Hand Lions" and what seems to be the now requisite dopey teen love story. And I was once again reminded of what an awful--truly awful--actor James Caan is. Ugh. Can't believe I watched the thing all the way through. Another example of the complete lack of quality and creativity in entertainment anymore.
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