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Tom Costabile
Ron Jeremy as Ron
Alexandra DeMartini as Possessed Girl
Gina Fantozzi as Demon
Ruth Reynolds as Stacy Cole
Daniel Kozul as Trey Neil
Dominic Matteucci as Spencer Boyd
Constance Strickland as Serafine L'Amour
Alec Justin Henderson as Sunset Playboy
Samantha Stewart as Dani Lamb
Lavelle Roby as Venice Gypsy
Storyline: When Dani, an innocent southern girl, vacations to Los Angeles to evade her increasingly complicated life, she learns that escaping her past isn't as easy as she hoped.
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Solid enough if overall decent found-footage film
Arriving in Los Angeles to visit her cousin, a New Orleans woman intending to document the entire trip finds that her former lover's wife has spread a voodoo curse onto her trip and forces her to confront the very torments of Hell in order to fulfill the curse.

This wasn't that bad of a found-footage effort. What really works nicely for this one is the rather interesting setup here that still comes off rather nicely here even despite the clichéd set-up. Going from the idea of a person looking to escape a curse only to find it's followed them doesn't give this one much to go on, yet the way it starts off with the innocent trip and the meet-up with her friends give this such a strong beginning into the eventual encounters with the supernatural encounters. Once it starts going into the idea of her being tormented by the temptress, this one has a lot to like here with the initial shock-jump of the ghostly figure hovering over her bed that's only visible on the camera, the freak- out by the palm-reader while they're walking along the boardwalk and the paranoia she experiences while constantly out in the city which really works nicely here. That makes the final half even more impressive, with the utterly twisted and dark abduction sequence in the house where the supernatural entities appear to torment her before chasing her around the apartment filled with the satanic signs and bloodshed along the walls and finally dragging her off into the alternate dimension which is where this really has some fun. These scenes of here in the dimension with the demonic beings is where this one shines, offering all forms of demonic tortures with the demons shown tormenting people for ages as they not only abuse them but also go for dismemberment or straight-up cruelty in what they end up dishing out on their victims while putting her through all sorts of tortures and torments as well. Given the severity and the duration of these scenes, it goes a long way towards making this a lot of fun with such a dark and twisted finale alongside all the other positives here. There's not a whole lot wrong here, as the main issue is the reasoning for the revenge here. This one makes absolutely no rational sense why they target her as the explanation is actually more in line with punishing her partner rather than her for what she did so that really makes what happens to feel rather nonsensical. As well, the other big factor against this one is the found-footage aspect of the finale, which makes no sense at all. Considering the situation at hand and the players involved in the scene, it makes no sense who's holding the camera recording it all nor why they'd be so invested in holding onto a video camera at all during the time, leaving it all rather confusing why this section was being recorded. These few questions are what hold this one back.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity, demonic Rape and mild drug use.
If you liked original evil dead
Seriously I was not expecting a movie to go down such a depraved path but it did and there's some genuine creepy parts aside from the grotesque descent into what seems like hell. Like the original Evil Dead, the acting is bad and though the special effects lack, that is what makes it work. I get the horror junkies not liking this cuz it lacks more depth or whatever they crave but it's horror and it did what it was meant to do. I had a girl peaking at the movie while I watched it and she went into the other room cuz it freaked her out. Entities with red eyes are something no one wants to see in their room. It's a slow starter and they could've cut out some scenes but I did appreciate the back story as to why this happens to the main character. Also reminded me of the recent Turkish horror movie, Baskin. VooDoo was a sliver better imo.
Hot Damn
This is probably the most disgusting movie I've ever seen. I don't watch movies like this AT ALL but the girls got me in the beginning. It was like watching me and my bf on film (who I watched this with). We were laughing at these girls doing their stupid shizz and when all hell breaks loose (LITERALLY) we were like OMG. Watch it. Just....watch it.
Just wow. This movie is INSANE. I'm not going to talk about what happens. I went in with my boyfriend because he wanted to go and I had no idea what it was about. You should do the same. I was FLOORED by what happens in this crazy f#$%ing movie. For a little indie film it's a solid 10.
Another movie with a poor ending
I'm getting fed up with modern movies starting off really good and then either not having an ending or the ending is poor and this is another one of those movies. Voodoo movie started really well and I thought this will be a good movie but at half way the movie changed and went downhill fast, so the first half was 6/10 and then the last half was really poor with a poor ending hence my score 3/10
I went to watch this movie because of the title "VooDoo". I am really interested in these kinds of stuff. And I have to say, the movie really made my day. I was very entertaining. I was hoping for this kind of movie for A while now. It really fits my taste. From the start to ending, the movie kept its flow. I really expect more horror movies like this. This is the best horror movie that I have watched so far. It gets A score of 10/10 from me. If you are looking for A movie to really enjoy, go ahead. TOP RECOMMENDED
End was best part of the entire movie
voice acting of 2 main characters was terrible maybe some acting help from a pro in accents would make it worthwhile but overall the movie is annoying mostly due too the terrible accents they try too mimic but the end is some what worth watching but overall try too avoid because movie is terrible waste of time
What was that accent supposed to be exactly?
I kept seeing this film showing up in "Best Horror Movies of the Year" type lists and in comments here on IMDb. I'm not sure what film they were watching, but this one does not live up to their praise.

Samantha Stewart does not come off as a terrible actress except when she is trying to (occasionally) put on a Louisiana accent. It sounds different every time and was confusing why the filmmaker even bothered, except to maintain a connection to voodoo.

This is another "found footage" style film, which is becoming synonymous with "we couldn't afford to hire an actual camera man". Where it makes sense, this style can add a first person creep factor, but does anyone actually believe that someone running for their life from supernatural entities would take the time to keep picking up the camera and putting it down in advantageous locations to capture the action?

The special effects and bit players here appear to have been borrowed from a Halloween haunted house. If you have ever been to one, you have seen enough of these rubber dismembered body parts to spot them immediately. Once the heavy effects and action kick in, any creepiness that was built up in the first half of the film is lost and I just found myself wondering how long I would have to endure the goings on.
UNBELIEVABLE!!! Dude. I don't remember the last time I felt this satisfied after leaving a theater. The story in the beginning was good, kept me hooked, and hell was what everyone said and then some to me. Dude below said the ending was weak. Did you see the same movie man?! That was INSANE! Loved it. 8 out of 10.
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