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A well made, eye opening must see for all
I'm not sure of the motive behind anyone who could possibly write a negative review about this film. How much were they paid and what industry do they work for that profits from meat and dairy?? I've watched several documentaries on the benefits of a plant based diet, and I follow the wisdom of many doctors who see, first hand, the profound changes in their patients' health when they switch from eating poorly to a whole food plant based diet. What The Health is a remarkable film that I wish everyone would see. What The Health exposes the truth behind how the incredibly powerful animal agriculture industry controls not only what we eat, but what we falsely believe to be healthy. It is surprising to see who is getting paid to promote that which makes us sick under the guise of looking for a cure for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. This film is a threat to the meat and dairy industry because it has the potential to change lives with its valuable information. I have personally watched this film several times and continue to learn something new each time.
We need more films like this to expose the corruption in out society.
Everyone should watch this. I want this shown in schools along with "Cowspiracy", "Earthlings", and "Forks Over Knives". One of the things I like about this film is it shows you the steps they took to get their information. Anyone with a phone can do the exact same thing and get the same results. In an era of proud heightened anti-intellectualism (in the USA at least) I'm glad there are still people trying to open peoples eyes and minds.
Uneven at times, but hugely important in it's subject matter
Some of the negative reviewers here ironically in their writing seem to be doing what this documentary warns viewers about: finding excuses to avoid making changes, and take personal responsibility.

I would agree What the Health does present some important scientific proposals and questions quite simply - probably so the layman viewer can understand the critical arguments that are being made in favour of the overall message. Any viewer is free to go away and find criticisms and arguments against this elsewhere. It's a documentary, and it's important that it be open to criticism.

However, the fact that prominent charitable and health organisations highlighted in the film are consistently ignoring and downplaying some important and strong arguments for plant based eating – actions that could aid the health of at least some patients, and perhaps increase environment well-being - is stunning. If previously ignorant patients might be able to make changes that benefit them, and this relieves their health, it seems criminal and heartless to not point this out for these people. I especially liked that this documentary does a good job of showing that agribusiness and pharmaceutical companies should have no place in influencing public health policy, but they do. And in a disturbing way.

8/10 for effort overall for this film, and trying hard to illustrate the problems that too many people are willing to ignore each day. Lost 2 points for me on being a little light on presenting some of the science; not presenting other scientific findings that on the surface might contradict their key messages; and not presenting some "debunkers" of a vegan diet alongside, and seeing how strong their arguments are (or not).

But this is an important film overall. Whether you like or dislike it on a feelings level, these issues I have to admit are of huge importance to the public good.
A film everyone should see.
This is an excellent film. It clearly explains how the foods we eat affect our health and how the food industry tries to conceal the truth and mislead us. Everyone should see this film and take its message to heart. The food industry is not unlike the tobacco industry was when it denied the proved, harmful effects of smoking and published misleading information. Now the food industry is purposely doing the same and the consequences are devastating to our health, the animals that provide the meat, eggs and dairy we eat and the health of our planet.
Well worth watching and thinking about!
I'm a big fan of Kip's having watched and enjoyed his earlier release Cowspiracy so I come at this with my eyes previously opened. The waste of resources both in the land ruined by the cattle grazing on it, be it private or public and the GIANT amounts of water used to make the oh so juicy Big Mac or filet mignon on your dinner plate are reason enough to watch this to get a better understanding of just how bad it is but add in the health effects on everyone dining on these pigs and cows and the real worth of watching and understanding this and Cowspiracy begins to shine.

Watch this to the end and then stop and really think about all that cow & pig waste that's either being sprayed untreated on the fields or just flowing into the local rivers and running downstream and tell me we don't need more Kip's out there sharing the truth with all of us.

Please, please, please keep up the great work Kip!!!!!!!!!!
May Save Your Life
Watching this documentary could save your life and that of your children, it's as simple as that.

You'll be shocked, appalled and then finally angry.

Then you'll be telling your friends about it.

You need to watch this is you care about your health in the slightest.
So good I organized my own screening
Throughout the movie, it laid out compelling facts about what is causing our nation's poor health and it did so in an interesting, captivating way. There were numerous doctors throughout explaining the mechanism of why meat and dairy are linked to a host of diseases, and the movie also brought in other important issues such as the environmental degradation caused by the pork industry and how poor people are most negatively affected. I read some of the other reviews criticizing the movie for so strongly advocating a plant-based diet. My take from the movie was that it advocated this way of eating because it's the optimally healthy diet and the movie explains why. I suppose this is inconvenient to those who want to continue eating the current animal-based Standard American Diet. To anyone reading this, I would suggest watching the movie and then decide for yourself.
Must Watch
What the Health deep dives into why many health organizations are not actually looking out for people's health. The filmmaker conducts a series of interviews revealing this major issue. The documentary helps people find the tools to look up more information and become their own health advocates. It's depressing yet empowering.
Misleading, Irresponsible, Mostly Vegan Propaganda with Little Scientific Backing
There are different ways to reach your goals. One is engaging in an honest debate, backed by verifiable research, stating even inconvenient truths and the other is use of selective information and data to arrive at a predetermined conclusion. Unfortunately, the director chose the latter.

The alarm bells went off right away when the narrator and the "doctors" interviewed stated that the meat / eggs / dairy and not the sugar are the main causes of diabetes and cancer and that carbs do not lead to weight gain. Anyone who has ever tried a low carb diet, both meat based and vegan, knows that is complete and utter BS. Anyone who did even the most basic reading of recent scientific studies that compare different diets knows that low carb diets such as Atkins, Paleo and others are most effective at maintaining a healthy weight and great general health.

The ethical angle, often touted by members of the vegan cult, is also questionable. Many of them seem to be blissfully unaware of the fact that hordes of small animals (mostly rodents) that feed on vegetables/crops are regularly killed off during growing seasons. Google "The Least Harm Principle May Require that Humans Consume a Diet Containing Large Herbivores, Not a Vegan Diet" for relevant research paper.

If you want minute by minute debunking of this sorry excuse of a documentary and the expose of its shoddy science and doctors, Google "What the Health A Wolf's Eye Review". It is very detailed and contains scientific references to most recent studies on the subject.

To the author, the only thing I can say is you make me sad, dude. You may think the ends justify the means, but what you did is simply disgusting. If you chose a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons, fine. Environmental aspect? Fine. All valid points. But to mislead people by misrepresenting facts, research and the conclusions of scientific studies about health and the causes of major illnesses is a bridge too far. You should be ashamed of yourself! And I truly hope people educate themselves by looking at scientific literature instead of this piece of garbage.
Brilliant, Courageous and a Revelation
A followup to their game-changing documentary, "Cowspiracy: The Sustainabiliy Solution," the long awaited "What the Health" tackles yet another aspect of our cultural addiction to an excess of meat, dairy, eggs and other animal derived foods: their impact on our health and the willful neglect of our for-profit health care industry to make it more clear that eating lower on the food chain and minimizing or eliminating processed foods makes a huge difference in the many chronic diseases now epidemic in modern societies. Unfortunately, most doctors know less about nutrition than many of their patients, due to its woefully truncated role in medical training. But those who have bucked the trend, including doctors in this film such as John McDougall, MIchael Greger, Garth Davis, Milton Mills and many others, have found the key to truly curing their patients, not just suppressing symptoms with expensive and profitable drugs and surgeries.

Some 35 people from our potluck group crowded into our house to watch this one shortly after its release.It's a film whose time has come, and if you haven't seen it yet, now is the time to do so. Also, please, be mindful that this is a big game with much at stake and there are trolls afoot seeking to undermine the ratings and credibility of this film and others like it.
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