Wish Upon
USA, Canada
Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
IMDB rating:
John R. Leonetti
Ryan Phillippe as Jonathan Shannon
Alice Lee as Gina
Alexander Nunez as Tyler Manguso
Mitchell Slaggert as Paul Middlebrook
Josephine Langford as Darcie Chapman
Shannon Purser as June Acosta
Raegan Revord as Young Clare
Daniela Barbosa as Lola Sanchez
Ki Hong Lee as Ryan Hui
Sydney Park as Meredith McNeil
Elisabeth Röhm as Johanna Shannon (as Elisabeth Rohm)
Kevin Hanchard as Carl Morris
Sherilyn Fenn as Mrs. Deluca
Joey King as Clare Shannon
Storyline: A teen girl discovers a magical box that will grant her seven wishes. As she uses her wishes for personal gain, bad things begin to happen to those around her. She discovers an evil entity lives inside the box and may be behind the gruesome deaths.
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almost a satire on American selfishness
This is not the most entertaining movie of 2017 (though at times it certainly aims high), but Wish Upon is one of the most *2017* of 2017 movies. It's a story of selfishness and the worst impulses people tend to go to, especially when they're inconsistently written; Joe King's Clare starts off in the story seeming like one of those smart but decidedly outsider-ish teenagers (you know, the ones who are fairly normal until up against the bitchy 'mean girls' of the school like the one who gets the first wish upon to "rot"), perhaps like a second- rate but recognizable Daria type: artistic, witty, someone we might root for... and this falls apart very quickly as soon as she gets the wish box, and all of her wishes are the most shallow crap.

Of course, one can't have a Monkeys' Paw horror story like this without a character making some foolish decision, but this takes it to the limit and BEYOND. This movie takes that concept - remember that Treehouse of Horror segment from The Simpsons? Good, this is *almost* as funny as that, whether intentional or (especially) not - and gives it the Final Destination treatment. It's not like random people become dead due to Clare's wishes (aka the "Blood Promise" from each wish granted) - it's people (including, spoiler, a dog) who Clare knows and (sometimes?) cares about, but what's uproariously, hysterically, WTF-are-they-smoking-in-crack-form funny about it is how at times the sort of 'fate' type of murder scenarios play with the victims like a cat with a string.

This is a movie where every death scene is elongated and, while in PG-13 somewhat without blood or gore, are still effective for what they can get away with... and the director can't help but tease every single death to comic lengths (i.e. an old man getting into a bathtub we think is dead hitting his head, but he gets up and, as if out of classic Stooges short, his his head on the *faucet* above him and that is what gets him to shuffle off the mortal coil. But it's not just that - it's *every* death scene that gets the Final Destination treatment, even in moments where it would be so easy for a death to occur (where's Tony Todd when you need him!) Every death carries some level of humor, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out if the director (former cinematographer turned director Leonetti) was in on the joke or sincere with his set pieces.

And all the while, Clare becomes so much less sympathetic that she becomes the villain of her own story. This could become interesting, and Wish Upon feels like it's stepping up to the ledge of perhaps being a kind of horror/thriller satire of sorts, maybe looking at the way that young people become totally engrossed in their own self interests (Clare's friend dutifully points out she didn't try to wish for world peace, or any wishes for her friends). But it never really goes over the ledge, or feels like it's knowing entirely what it's supposed to be, like Get Out earlier this year certainly did. At any rate, we have in this movie things like Ryan Phillippe as Clare's dumpster-diver-ex-sax-playing father (in the backstory, Clare's mother committed suicide, but the how and why is so lame to tie back into the plot you can see it a mile away if you try), and he's here to... get a check I guess. And there's other odd things going on like a class where students learn Chinese in what appears to be Anytown, USA (is it some weird comment about how movies are pandering to Chinese audiences? I don't know if this even *is* a movie that would play in China anyway)

The movie is a mess, but it's highly entertaining, and I had many, many ,laughs while watching. Was it at its expense? I don't know. But if you're hankering for a Final Destination light experience, this is a decent one to seek out. Is it scary? I wish.
Horror flick for teenagers
Wish Upon is a typical teenager horror movie. High school kids will probably enjoy this flick more than adults. The only thing I liked about it was the different ways of dying in it. That was creative. But the problem is that there is no element of surprise at all. You all see it coming and that makes a movie without any suspense. And for a good horror movie you need a bit of suspense. The acting is what it is, just average. The story isn't that bad but with the lack of suspense it all feels a bit boring. I would probably have liked this movie more when I was sixteen but unfortunately (or not?) I'm not anymore. But there are way worse movies than this one that's for sure, but also way better, luckily!
What a nightmare, and not in a good way.
If Tina Fey had have been brutally dropped on her head as a baby and decided to write a horror film, having never seen one before in her drooling, cabbaged life; it might look something like this. Who on earth is this movie aimed at? Is it supposed to be a spooky morality tale, or a dark high school comedy for girls? Oddly enough, in trying to be both, it succeeds in neither. The writer's conceit reeks through this whole effort, they obviously thought they were being exceptionally clever with little references to the multiverse and having Jerry O'Connell (from Sliders) making a cameo; but the whole thing just screams 'amateurish overindulgence'. The tone of the movie is all over the place and the protagonist is an absolute psycho, even before she starts murdering people with a Chinese box; just so she can be popular. She's also perhaps the densest person known to man, singularly failing to realise what's happening as everything she wishes for comes true; and bizarrely, not taking advantage of the situation when it does. We're supposed to believe that a box has sat in a bin on the street untouched for ten, or more years, in a town where her father scavenges the same bins seemingly several times a week? Instead of prattling on about physics she doesn't understand, perhaps the writer could have spent some of that excessive brainpower on filling this egregious plot hole, and all the others besides. The soundtrack is without a doubt the most inappropriate, awful racket that has ever graced a so-called horror movie; it's like Sofia Coppola was ingested by Lena Dunham in some bizarre satanic union, and this music was the accidental result. I am very skeptical that this film has gotten so many nine and ten star reviews on this site - something is very rotten in the state of Denmark. I expect with Halloween coming up, we'll see a truer picture of how this movie is received as more and more people have the misfortune to actually watch it.

Plus points: Barb.
its not that bad but its not good ether.Its not even :so bad that is good"
it's supposed to be a horror movie.Well is not scary,at all.... Such a generic and cliché "horror" movie... Its kinda boring and very forgettable.The main character is so unlikable and f#cking annoying.Its not even entertaining,it wont do for a night with your friends.Don't see it,its a waste of time.
You might just be surprised how good this one is
I have to say I really did not go into 'Wish Upon' expecting to like it. I have been almost entirely put off the supernatural horror genre by failed attempt after failed attempt. The only upside to that is that when I do come across one I enjoy, I really enjoy it. 'Wish Upon' is not a bad film at all.

Let's get the negatives out of the way first so we can finish on a high. The only ones I see are that the "wish" element to any film can be incredibly frustrating in terms of the way the characters use them (or misuse them). There are times when you just want to scream at the screen. Then again I've never been lucky enough to be granted any wishes, so what would I know?

The other downside comes in terms of the death sequences (which are actually a strength in a different way, which we'll get to soon). The negative side is that they are trying to be like 'Final Destination' and yet failing in every way. What made the death scenes in 'Final Destination' so brilliant was that every one of them had their own little mini-twist. It made you think they were going to die in one way, and then did it in the completely opposite way. 'Wish Upon' felt like it was going for something similar, but all it really ever achieved was dragging out the inevitable.

Into the positives of the movie now. Let's start with why the death sequences were also well done. What I liked about them was that for a PG-13 movie they were extremely graphic at times. They pushed the envelope to the absolute limit and got away with it. 'Saw' would be proud.

The dialogue and character development were also extremely strong for a horror movie. Joey King in the lead role did an excellent job of carrying the movie and making sure we cared about the things that were happening and the people they were happening to.

Finally the ending was a real bonus for me. It was unique. Without giving anything away I'll simply say it is a lot more abrupt than expected. It didn't fall into the usual extended cliché horror movie ending. I liked it.

Whether people will find 'Wish Upon' scary is a tough one for me to judge. There certainly is a lot more potential for audience members to find it terrifying than there is a lot of other modern horror films. If you're in two minds about seeing this one my advice would be to give it a chance. It might just pleasantly surprise you.
This movie is right up there with Final Destination 1
I was skeptical about this movie in a HUGE way... so much so I waited till it was playing at the discount theater to see it. I can tell you, I was wrong.

Wish upon is about this girl who loses her mom when she is very young. I won't tell you how that would spoil it! Anyway, forward approximately 14 years ish. She is now in high school, yep...the scariest place on Earth. Her father is a upcycler going from dumpster to dumpster to find things to sell at the swap meet. While out looking for items to sell he finds an oriental box in the the garbage and decides to give it to his daughter. Since his daughter is taking foreign language she can read enough of the characters to see that it is a wish box. She's a skeptic and wishes for her enemy.....well you'll see.

My thoughts. I loved this movie. I am a huge huge fan of the final destination movies. It feels very similar although the box is much much creepier. The overall acting and twists in the story caused by the box are incredible. The writing in this movie also sets up the scares very well for the audience. Some of them you can't see coming, but they're there.

I truly enjoy that this movie does not follow the rules of horror movies set out by Scream :) Sex drugs and rock and roll are not a part of why...or how these people die.

I have not seen a movie like this in quite some time, nor done as well as this movie was written and directed.

Everything, from the initial idea...right down to the nitty gritty of perfecting a scene was done to perfection. Being a true horror buff, I truly appreciated this movie.
Worst Horror Movie
This movie doesn't deserve more than 1 star...it was more like comedy movie rather than horror movie...watched movie because of some good reviews but don't know what they were smoking when they were writing reviews..over acting by Joey King....can't guess how many times I wished to slap her during whole movie....If you want to send your time watching this s**t then you are most welcome...
the main is so ugly... I'm sorry girl. but they keep the camera so much on her and I wanted to throw up... the other blond girl was super hot and I really hate when the try to make these ugly girls favorites to the public... also the story is kind of yeah I mean it makes a point ton give power in the hands of the looser / retard / lame person... so this is what I liked in the movie. Also I thought that the black girl will get hooter when she grows up but it didn't happened...
Just look at the poster of Joey King crouching in anguish: its a big sign that Wish Upon sucks
Though a bit overused in fantasy situations, the "wishes" plot can be a great point of inspiration and an interesting look into ones psyche. I think its safe to say we've all had moment where we wished that a genie could come around and let us have a wish. Personally, I would have wished to see into the future, access to every movie in existence, and a pizza supply that would never run out. What's also neat about "wish" stories is that there always seems to be tricks to them, whether its out the wishes are said, or maybe the genie's magic doesn't work right.

Let's say I got my visions of the future. This might mean I could only see two seconds because I didn't specify how far I could see. Then there's the movie one. This would likely mean I'd have to dig through a lot of crap to find the good ones. Even the pizza one has flaws; let's say I'm not hungry for pizza one day and whatever was left would rot.

Though it would be easy to bring up Aladdin, I think The Twilight Zone did it first with "The Monkey's Paw" episode where the wishes went wrong. Wish Upon takes the idea into a high school setting.

Claire (played by Joey King) seems to be doing fine; she has a dumpster diving father Jonathon (played by Ryan Phillipe), friends, and a talent for the arts. But she's unpopular and a target for bullies. One day, her father happens to find a mysterious box with Chinese lettering and gives it to Claire, thinking she'd like it. She finds that the box means that it grants wishes. Though she thinks it's nothing more then decoration, she still wishes that the girl who bullies her "would go rot" only to find the next day that the same girl had caught a disease where her skin was rotting away.

Curious, she continues to make wishes including that she inherits a ton of money from a relative, that the boy of her dreams would fall for her and that she would be the most popular girl in school. What she doesn't know is that with each wish she makes, there is a blood price, which causes people close to her to die. The wishes add up, but they also start to backfire on Claire, who starts to understand the consequences more.

You'd think that with an idea as interesting as Wish Upon, the filmmakers could come up with a lot more then repeating a lot of teen and horror film tropes. Let me put it this way; you go in already knowing that the wishes are going to end up bad and that's it. This is a movie that exists for your reaction. Wish Upon is the movie equivalent to those YouTube reaction shows that are fed on your desire for your shock. The problem is that not only are you never surprised by any of the deaths, but with a PG-13, the gore and blood are restrained.

So what about those tropes? Many of the deaths are from Final Destination and Saw, the girl wanting to be popular is from 10 Things I Hate About You and The DUFF, the stalking boyfriend is from Fatal Attraction and The Boy Next Door, the ditching the friends is from Mean Girls, and the stupid people dying from their own fault is from too many horror movies to count. I'd be shocked if any the writers got paid (or perhaps not) as almost nothing original is present.

The only good thing I can comment on is of the acting of Joey King. You can tell she's giving it all she can for a movie that's not worth the work. She can do alright playing the geek, but I have a hard time believing she would be unpopular. I thought that looks were only half of the high school social scene? Don't most kids hang out with the ones that have interesting personalities? Maybe in some parallel universe, this could have been a story about a popular girl who suddenly finds herself an outcast for no reason.

I'll give this two wish boxes out of ten. Wish Upon has to be one of the most ridiculous thrillers I've seen in a while. You know something is bad when even at an hour and twenty minute running time, it felt like three. Perhaps there is a reason the kind of story used for Wish Upon is reserved only for those supernatural TV shows.
Very average, but still entertaining I guess.
I enjoyed this movie, but I don't really know why.

When a movie is so obvious that you can guess the plot from the very start, it makes you feel clever or something.

It's average as a horror movie, but it has big plot holes, poor character development, and is way too obvious.

And why the hell does she wishes to be more popular ? It felt so random. And it doesn't even work on her friends.

I noticed two interesting things though : - the representation of the wish box, I really like the complex gears when the box opens ;

- The deaths are beyond ridiculous, but the tension is actually funny ; the grinder death scene is so long you don't really know if anything's gonna happen. So, a wish means a sacrifice, and some parallel editing tricks you at one moment, you don't know who's gonna die, I liked this idea.

TLDR; Meh.
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