Wonder Woman
USA, Italy, UK, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada, China
Action, Adventure, War, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Patty Jenkins
Eugene Brave Rock as The Chief
Lilly Aspell as Young Diana (8)
Ann Wolfe as Artemis (as Ann J. Wolfe)
Danny Huston as Ludendorff
Lisa Loven as Menalippe
Lucy Davis as Etta
Gal Gadot as Diana
Elena Anaya as Dr. Maru
David Thewlis as Sir Patrick
Saïd Taghmaoui as Sameer
Ewen Bremner as Charlie
Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta
Chris Pine as Steve Trevor
Storyline: Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when a pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers and her true destiny.
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An insult to human intelligence
~~~spoilers in tilde~~~

The following is a (paraphrased) conversation between a supporting and main character in the middle of final battle scene. Mind you, there is absolutely no lead-up to the revelation that follows. "We need to stop the bombing plane!" "Let's blow it up!" "We can't. It'll kill everyone if it's on the ground" "I'll fly it far away from everyone then!" "Okay but the bomb is on a timer"

At this point, some words manifested themselves in my brain. Words like "forced drama" and "asspull". I turned my palm upright and apathetically stated, "Seriously?".

My head turned to the moviegoers around me, expecting groans or eyes rolling, but saw naught but zombie-like blank stares. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and assumed they turned off their brains in attempt to salvage as much enjoyment as possible out of the $11.50 and two hours of their life they had lost. But alas coming here and seeing mostly rave reviews and ratings have proved my faith in humanity to be misplaced.


Wonder Woman 2017 is (or is supposed to be) a story of a naive but strong woman who discovers that humanity is not as black-and-white as a comic book is. She must journey to understand this trope and learn to use her strength to bring out the best in people. The movie begins with the titular character in her "naive" phase in a village isolated from a world in conflict.

About 15 minutes into this and the movie has already betrayed its own narrative. To begin, there is no sense of ease. Not a single joke, not a playful moment, nothing. It's all character conflict, hints of future conflict, or expository world building (tell-don't-show instead of show- don't-tell). This is NOT how you convey naivety. The potential for character development is ruined within these first 15 minutes.

In phase 2, the violence of the outside world stumbles upon paradise. Except it's not a paradise because we've only ever seen people arguing with each other. What could have been an exciting "awakening" moment instead falls flat.

Enter male MC. Almost immediately he steals the title with some innocent and light-hearted moments. The beginning looks even worse in comparison because now he's the naive one. What follows are poor attempts at chemistry between the innocent-but-not-really-innocent Wonder Woman (gadot) and the true star of the show (Pine).

Skipping ahead a lot, a ragtag team of misfits is formed who generally don't get enough screen-time to develop or be explored. One is a guy who sees ghosts and this point is never mentioned again. In the middle is the only scene with any emotional weight where gadot charges an enemy trench ending years of stalemate. As expected of the horrible script however, the moment overstays its welcome. It moves right into an attack on a town without any pause to punctuate the significance of the scene.

Skipping ahead again, there's more bad pacing and scenes without emotional impact. The ending is particularly terrible. ~~~The "big bad" who had been hyped throughout some scattered scenes is defeated effortlessly. As referenced in the beginning, Pine is the person who sacrifices himself in the end for the sake of a dumb plot-point. Naturally, you can't have a character better than the titular character surviving the franchise.~~~ A random supporting character is introduced as the true villain and some CGI magic occurs instead of some visceral man vs woman combat.

Overall, almost everything was bad.

The plot was terrible: twists or conflicts happen with little-to-no buildup.

The directing was terrible: scenes are poorly timed and paced.

Gadot is terrible. Of the few negative reviews here, most criticize her horrible uninspired performance, which is true, but then again how could anyone perform such a bad character? Pine is actually interesting ~~~but is killed unremarkably because he is too interesting. I wonder if the writers realized this. Why didn't they fix it if they did? ~~~.

The action was bad: while I don't really mind obvious CG anymore, there was a complete absence of visceral "human" fights that DC have had in the past, like when Bane is savagely brutalizing Batman with his fists and there's no orchestral accompaniment or CGI to be found. Maybe it would have looked weird with a lanky gadot beating down or getting beat by a villain. Then again you could have just got rid of her and gotten a better woman. In fact just get rid of everyone except Pine while you're at it.

Final rating: 3/10

*Note: I felt compelled to rate as a 1/10 to offset the fake reviews (by shills perhaps? Or maybe Idiocracy is becoming a documentary).
Shocked at how this movie has received good reviews.
I don't get it. I must be completely out of touch with what is popular for today's movie going public, and am scratching my head how this terrible movie receives such good reviews. This was the first movie I've been to at the cinema that I wanted to leave. I wanted to leave after 20 minutes. I decided to stay to see if things would turn around. Big mistake.

I fought back the urge to get out of my seat a further two times staying till the end. One of the only things keeping me going was getting home to go online and enjoy the critics laying into this atrocious movie. Only they didn't. They loved it. Apparently this is one of the best superhero movies of the year ("slash,") ever. If so I'm glad I've avoided most of the others.

The plot and dialogue was extremely dull, and the WW11 setting didn't really take the film anywhere beyond the realms of mundane. People seem to be getting giddy about how the film represents a positive step for feminism. This again shocks me as the film seems to be quite anti-feminist in it's nature. Just because the films main character is a woman doesn't mean this film is feminist. I swear that most if not all the people who have rated this film highly have either been brainwashed, or they are idiots, I can think of no other explanation.

Back to the content, and after sitting through rather lousy dialogue, we get to the part in the film where, Diana is introduced to a trio of guys who are going to help her out in her mission. And what a trio they are, they get my vote for the worst characters in any film ever and instantly took this film from a 1 out of 10 to a -2. I'm not going to name them. They are not worth it. If they weren't bad enough the villains are also exceptionally bad, a grumpy Nazi general, and a woman with a disfigured face, covered phantom of the opera style, with the moniker Dr Poison. In another film this might be a fun nickname, unfortunately the grayness of the Nazi's and the backdrops we find them in just make Dr Poison seem dull.

There are a couple of fun moments in this film, like a trailers worth, and to be fair they are no means exceptional. Just plain standard. As such this is a film that has not pushed a single boundary.

Spoiler (this next part reveals what happens at the end of the movie.)

The worst part for me was the climatic battle at the end. It would take some extremely effective and persuasive acting for a British male mustachioed MP type to play Ares (based on the Greek God with the same name,) here we reach the films climatic failure. The fight now just seems stupid. For what, omg, that politician guy I never cared about is Ares! Facepalm. Most pointless twist ever.

Superhero films seem to be popular and make a lot of money at the Box office. Hopefully one day people will wake up and stop eating this garbage, and If you think this film represents a step in the right direction for feminism you probably need your head examined.
Awful rubbish
Saw Wonder Woman yesterday... quite frankly it's actually really bad. Story line all over shop, character development, all over the shop, main Charakter Wonder Woman stumbles through the movie like a naive 16 year old imbecile, she's a goddess for crying out loud, the logic for not telling her who she really is, screwed up and all over the shop. The way she kills Ares in the end, could have been achieved by telling her who she really was from the get go and a full 2hrs earlier, granted, it would have been a short movie but better. I'm not even getting into the feminism part of it.

In Greek mythology Amazons were mainly concerned with war and were rather brutal. To be expected if they were the supposed children of Harmonia and Ares. Yet in the movie they are portrait as peace loving, just, fair, superior beings to all mankind. But also especially superior to men who are essential for procreation and useless otherwise, really?!

It wouldn't have hurt if "Wonder Woman" would have hit the gym before filming commenced. But I guess if your main character believes that love is the ultimate answer to all of mankind problems, there's no need for that either. The rainbows one can vomit, lightning actually in this case, with all that fuzzy love feeling are blinding your opponents into oblivion, which she kinda did... there you go... The women training her in the movie looked fitter and in better shape than Gal Gadot despite being twice her age, at least in the movie. All this seemed like a bad parody of Thor and captain America, without the humour, without a plot, and atrociously bad acting from an otherwise good cast.

So all this really is, a quick money maker with main selling point: "Female Lead"

I am all for women kicking ass, in movies as a well as real life, here however, to me, it's all to artificial and contrived.

For example, in iron man one can believe the change Stark is going through, for one, out of necessity,shrapnel in his chest, for the other he decided to use his wealth for the good because he actually sees what his weapons are causing.

Captain America, he's full of idealistic "Americaness" alright but is cool, most important the character does not come across as naive. WW did not need to be so clueless. As far as the plot goes she's naive because she was sheltered from the world, fine, but yet she had access to literature about how Humans procreate but not about how the world outside her realm operates? And the character seemed to struggle almost seems to resist to accept the reality she finds herself in. Whereas good old captain America, after 70 years of sleep, just keeps kicking ass.

Her character development seems awkwardly written. To me, the biggest disservice to the movie. Overall the movie also felt sadly discombobulated. And then there is the WWI one setting... no one is expecting historic accuracy here, however, to try to glorify or find good in something that was so absolute and inherently not good. More specific to bring in the gas, as was used in WWI on a massive scale for the first time in modern warfare on top WWI having been a downright horror show in recent human history, dunno mate, it's bound to fail in a movie like that.

Marvel also incorporated WWII in Capo America, but didn't even try to bring in the concentration camps for example, it would have opened a can of worms the audience wouldn't have bought and it's not what captain America was about. Also the narrative flow is way better with Marvel I find.
Hold on to your seats!
I'm glad they finally brought Wonder Woman to the big screen. I became a fan of Wonder Woman when I watched the Lynda Cater version on TV as a kid. Wonder Woman sure has come a long way. I just love the costume they made for her, it's militaristic yet still feminine. And Gal Gadot rocks in the role, she's hot (for one thing!) and projects a lot of strength and courage. There is non-stop excitement in this film! The action scenes are amazing, but I'm glad they found time to squeeze in some character building in between the awesome fights scenes. I like how Wonder Woman is like a fish out of water when she first arrives in industrialized 1918 London. I found it interesting that they set the story during World War I instead of World War II. Though I wish they explained how on Earth can the Amazons speak English when they have cloistered themselves in Themiscyra for thousands of years and English did not even exist before they took refuge on the island. A great blockbuster movie overall, if you are a Wonder Woman fan or a fan of super heroes (or heroines) in general, you will enjoy this movie!
"Wonder Woman"- Not only the first truly good film for the DCEU, but just a darned fun movie on its own right!
If there was one thought to streak across my mind throughout the entire run-time of director Patty Jenkins' long-awaited cinematic adaptation of the iconic comic-book character "Wonder Woman", it's a simple word... redemption. This is the first film in DC's struggling Extended Universe to live up to the promise of its comic-book origins. There have been hints at brilliance here and there, but the three previously released films have all ultimately faltered and fallen flat due to their own numerous issues and contrivances and infuriating focus on convoluted style over substance. Not so with "Wonder Woman"... this is the first film in the entire series that places all of it's focus on delivering a charming, thrilling and entertaining film foremost, where the style is dictated by the story, and not the other way around.

If you've grown tired of waiting for the next great DC cinematic adventure. If like me and many others, previous releases like "Batman V Superman" and "Suicide Squad" left you feeling empty and angry and underwhelmed. If you were worried that the DCEU would just be a constant exercise in misery and tedium... your hopes for something better- something good- have been fulfilled with the absolutely delightful "Wonder Woman." It's not a perfect film, mind you. It's uneven at times and suffers the same one-dimensional villains that have plagued the similar Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it is a promise of better things to come in the future, and is not only by and far the best the DCEU has to offer at this point... it's just a darned good film in its own right.

On the island of Themyscira, Diana (Gal Gadot) lives in peace, princess of a tribe of Amazon warriors created by the great Greek Gods to protect humanity from the clutches of Ares- God of War. However, the human world soon enough intrudes on Diana's idyllic life when American Spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash-lands near her home and she and the other Amazon warriors are told of the "Great War" that is taking place- World War I. Diana goes against her mother's wishes and leaves the island with Steve, hoping that in helping him on his mission to stop a deadly chemical attack by the German army, she will be able to confront Ares and put an end to all war. But at what cost will her daring mission come?

The great success of "Wonder Woman" comes in large part from its simplicity and keen storytelling. It doesn't venture into needlessly lofty and overstuffed (and half-baked) themes and sequel-baiting as has been the case with previous installments of the DC franchise, but instead just tries its hardest to be a competent, concise and entertaining origin story. And that's why it succeeds. Director Jenkins and screenwriter Allan Heinberg smartly concentrate on the fundamentals of character establishment and development above all else, while also giving the film a great deal more personality than has been evident in previous films. With razor-sharp writing, top-notch action set pieces and a constant and appropriate sense of humor that keeps the chuckles coming, you'd be hard pressed not to find yourself grinning ear-to- ear throughout the entire film.

The cast is also just a ton of fun. Gadot was by and far the best element in the otherwise sloppy "Batman V Superman", but she wasn't given much to do. Here, she absolutely shines and proves herself more than worthy to call herself "Wonder Woman." She's got the dramatic chops to handle the heavier moments, the light-hearted whimsy to perfectly land the film's many delightful "fish out of water" gags... and she just kicks major butt! I can't wait to see her again on the big-screen. I also quite enjoyed Pine in his supporting role. It's a bit of a standard character, but he gives it the same wonderful personality he's injected to so many other roles. And supporting parts played by the likes of Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen and Saïd Taghmaoui are all exceptionally well-cast and performed.

This praise all being said, the film does have some rather large issues that I feel are being generally overlooked. Especially with the film being as hyped up and over-politicized as it has been. Funnily enough, the film suffers a major issue that also desperately plagues many films of their rival studio Marvel- the villains are weak. Pathetic even. Despite having the delightful duo of Danny Huston and Elena Anaya portraying them, the villainous Erich Ludendorff and "Doctor Poison" are frankly laughable at times, coming off as so stock as to be ridiculous. At times they even feel like they're in a completely different (and far inferior) film. I know I can't be the only one to cringe when they repeatedly use the old trope of "villain kills an associate to show he's a threat" several times to increasingly hilarious results. In addition, the film is a bit uneven as it reaches its midway point, with several key characters from the first act seemingly vanishing and some plot-threads being abandoned for prolonged periods of time. It's a bit distracting. You know the film is capable of so much more.

But despite these complaints, I can't help but whole-heartedly recommend "Wonder Woman." It's just such a breath of fresh air for this particular franchise thanks to its smart filmmaking and fantastic performances. I was worried before the film came out. Because I will fully admit I have not enjoyed a single other film in the DC Extended Universe to this point, and I was fearing that "Wonder Woman" would deal one last fatal blow to the franchise. But it did just the opposite... it revitalized it in the best of ways. And I would favorably compare it to other great superhero origins of the past 10 years, and say it's one of my favorite Summer action films of 2017 thus far.

"Wonder Woman" gets a very good 8 out of 10.
OMG what a bunch of ranting babies wanting to be adults. It's a comic book story. You're (not all) the kind of people that walk into a restaurant order a Waldorf salad and wonder why there is apple in it.

If you want to be critics then get some column time, otherwise go watch your heart felt meaningful films that make you exist in a place you'd rather be in your dull unassuming lives.

This film is for kids if you can't remember how to be one then feck off, humbugs...
Serious Greek Myth Fail
This review focuses on Greek Mythology in the Wonder Woman story line, or rather the lack of it. I expect superhero movies to play fast and loose with history and myths. As long as its fun, all is forgiven. Unfortunately, the WW movie didn't rise to this low bar.

On the positive side, it was nice to see that the Amazons were placed on a Greek Island, instead of somewhere else on the planet. The island and the training amazons were pretty cool. That's where it stops.

We were introduced to a creation myth where the head god, Zeus, created mankind and made them good. What? Zeus didn't create humans. He disliked them, except when he was having sex with them. The titan Prometheus created humans out of clay and Athena, the Goddess of Cities and War (yes, there is more than one war god), breathed life into them. Zeus tortured Prometheus for allowing humans to walk upright and use fire. Neither the gods nor humans were good or bad in the Greek mythos. They simply were.

Then Ares (the male god of war) led a rebellion against Zeus. Killing all the other gods. Well, this at least has mythological precedent. The gods under Zeus led a rebellion against the titans and cast them into the underworld. However, Ares seems to have done this all alone.

Zeus then created the Amazons to defeat Ares. What? In actual mythology, the tribe of Amazons were the offspring of, wait for it.... Ares and Harmonia - a nymph. So, Ares is WW's father, not brother.

Ares then devotes himself to corrupting mankind for the rest of his existence. Odd, in Greek history, the Greeks were so busy waging war they needed two gods to keep up. No corruption necessary.

Finally, Zeus, creates a child of his to serve as a weapon against Ares to save mankind, Wonder Women. Really? This sounds odd and forced in a Greek setting. That's because it is. There is another setting where all of this becomes very familiar: the Bible. The Christian God created humans and made them good. His head angel, aka the Devil, rebels against him then devotes his existence to corrupting humans. So, God creates a child of his to help humans resist the corruption, Jesus.

Why in the world do we find the bible story as the central plot of a superhero movie? It doesn't make much sense, cheapens the story of the Christ, and obliterates the Greek myths in the process. There are a lot of other issues with this movie, but I have a hard time letting this go.
IMDb has failed me.
For as long as I could remember this website was a beacon of light guiding me throughout a vast ocean of bad movies, actors and directors. Tonight, i feel disappointed. This picture was SO AWFUL I don't know even where to begin. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that it has 8.0+ score?

Gal Gadot is beautiful, sexy and physically looks like Diana Prince, but she's not an actress. Well, at least not for a character with this depth. I actually felt sorry for Chris Pine, which is the only salvageable thing in this 2h20min disaster.

The movie has zero continuity, it's so bad written it makes you wonder how these guys ever got into a position to have had the chance to write something like this. It seems as an 11 year old could have written it on the car ride before school.

I don't want even get started on the details, because everything major on this was wrong.

From now on, I'm not sure how I'll trust IMDb again.
Grade: A-

Rating: PG-13, 141 minutes

In a Nutshell: I used to watch Wonder Woman on TV back when I was a little girl. I loved it. I thought she was beautiful, kind, and strong. As a little girl, it made me feel like I could do almost anything. Yep, this superhero movie is about female empowerment, but it has a lot more than that.

I don't know why it has taken this long to bring Wonder Woman to the Big Screen. Maybe we were waiting for the perfect Gal Gadot.

This fun action flick has just the right amount of humor and Justice League magic. Warner Brothers gives us an extremely entertaining summer popcorn blockbuster that gives Marvel a run for its money. It's part of a set up for Justice League and a planned trilogy for Wonder Woman.

Uplifting theme: "If you see something wrong happening in the word, you can either do nothing or you can do something." - Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) "What one does, when faced with the truth, is more difficult than you would think." – Diana/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) "It is our sacred duty to defend the world." – Diana/Wonder Woman "Everyone is fighting their own battles, Diana, just as you're fighting yours." - Sameer "A promise is unbreakable." - Diana "Only love can truly save the world." - Diana Love vs. hate, peace vs. war, humanity

Things I liked: Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are both gorgeous and awesome. As Chris Pine's character explains, "I am above average." Gal Gadot has the perfect accent to sound exotic. As Sameer says about her, "OMG, that is a work of art." Eye candy for everyone. Great female stunt work. Some cool and fun slow-motion, as well as sped-up action sequences. Female director Patty Jenkins was going to film Wonder Woman back in 2005, but she became pregnant and the project was put on hold. She said she was thrilled to be able to pick up the project again, because it was the movie she had been wanting to make her whole life. She's the first woman to direct a superhero film with a female protagonist. We haven't seen a female superhero since Electra in 2005. It's about time, right? Most of the CGI is very good, although it becomes a bit heavy towards the end. Gal Gadot was actually 5 months pregnant during some of the filming, so they put green screen on her belly so they could remove the baby bump during post-production. I love it when the directors and producers put themselves in small cameo performances in their own films. In this case, producer Zack Snyder shows up as a World War I soldier. Did you know this movie has been banned in Lebanon? Gal Gadot is Israeli and even served in the military. Ah, romance. I love that both Diana and Steve learn from each other and make one another better. I wish I had one of those truth lassos. It was cool to see the symbolism of light and color illustrated in man's world and that of Themyscera. The soundtrack was noticeably good.

Things I didn't like: There are a couple of long, explanatory scenes to help you understand what's going on. I wish Lynda Carter, the first TV Wonder Woman, could have made a cameo performance. Apparently, she sings in cabarets and couldn't fit it into her schedule. She definitely should have made the time for her fans. The villain was pretty weak.

Interesting lines: "You let this little thing tell you what to do?" – Diana/Wonder Woman talking about Chris Pine's watch. "You know that if you choose to leave, you may never return." – Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) "Who would I be if I stayed?" – Diana "What kind of weapon kills innocents?" – Diana "In this war, every kind." – Steve Trevor * "I believe in love." - Diana

Funny lines: "How could a woman ever possibly fight in this?" – Diana "Fight? We use our principles. Although, I'm not opposed to using fisty cuffs, should the need arise." – Etta (Lucy Davis) "Please put down the sword." – Steve "It doesn't go with the outfit." – Etta "Welcome to jolly 'ole London!" – Steve "It's hideous!" – Diana "Yeah, it's not for everyone." – Steve "You're a man." – Diana "Yeah. I mean, don't I look like one?" – Steve "Stand back! Or maybe not." – Steve "I'm both frightened and aroused." – Sameer (Said Taghmaoui) "You should be very proud!" – Diana after she tastes a vendor's ice cream. I feel that way about great ice cream too. "May we get what we want. May we get what we need. But may we never get what we deserve." - men's toast at campfire

Tips for parents:

You see a LOT of Chris Pine…bare naked after a bath while he covers his junk with his hands. Lots of violence, destruction, and explosions. At 141 minutes, it's a long movie that a lot of little ones won't be able to sit through. In the comics, the war is WWII, but the director chose to highlight WWI in the movie. Parents might need to explain the differences between those two wars.
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