Zombies Have Fallen
Sam Hampson
Sandy Jamieson as Priest
Alan Muir as Billy McLoughlin
Finn H. Drude as Mercenary
Heath Hampson as John Northwood
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Clean up on aisle 2
Kyra (Tansy Parkinson) has telekinetic power and has been the test subject of Raven Health. She escapes and Raven sends men after her. She is aided by mercenaries because umm, it is the right thing to do? The film is a cat and mouse chase. The zombie aspect (not true zombies) enters into the film at about 47 minutes changing the film from a bad thriller to a bad campy film. Bagpipes with one of the pipes being a gun? and then a flamethrower? Rifle flashes didn't match the bullet sounds. Sound was bad or uneven for much of the film. The acting was as bad a a Utah production. Some of the sound track is one riff looped. I didn't understand the sudden change in the film from serious to camp. It was like it was written and directed by two different people...or one person with a serious issue.

Guide: no swearing sex or nudity.
Zombies Have Fallen: 2017 really isn't shaping up as a good year for movies
This British north east made zombie film was made on an estimated budget of £500! If this is true then it's very impressive, but that is the only thing that is.

A mercenary gets brought out of retirement to protect a girl who displays psychic powers from an unscrupulous shady organisation. They go on the run with your generic black wearing henchmen at every turn.

Oh, and there are zombies for some never even remotely explained reason.

The acting is amateurish, the effects are dreadful and the movie simply isn't exactly very engaging.

From the cover art I expected something more, and by something more I mean anything.....something! This right here is a mess and a further example of why I tend to dislike UK cinema.

The Good:

Cover art is interesting

The Bad:

Some really bad acting

Zombies are dreadful

Doesn't explain much

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

The cover art is better than the movie

People with psychic powers can turn folk into zombies for some reason
Cheap Scottish zombie antics
ZOMBIES HAVE FALLEN is a very cheap British zombie movie filmed in Scotland and on a very low budget indeed. The plot attempts realism by having a lot of set up and scenes of supposedly important characters discussing matters in board rooms and the like, but the zombie content is low. When you see the quality of the acting from the actors playing the zombies you'll understand why.

It takes about half the running time before things kick off with a zombie outbreak in a church, a set-piece which is fairly well handled considering the budget. The main character is a psychic to boot and the actress they've chosen for the role isn't too bad, but the film is too repetitive and unconvincing to really work. It reminded me a lot of HAROLD'S GOING STIFF but made without that film's angle so that it becomes another generic and forgettable zombie movie.
A low budget movie with very little going for it.
With a title such as this, I was looking forward to a parody of Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen movies. An agent on the attack against an enemy that outnumbers the good guys. This is, on one level, what you get; on another level, it doesn't come anywhere near the standards of the Hollywood movies.

Don't get me wrong, I know this was made on a shoestring budget as it's painfully obvious when you watch it. Some of the locations are dire. There's an opening scene where the director of the pharmaceuticals company who is holding Kyra to observe her psychic powers, gets into a lift. This appears to be a grimy car park lift they used one Sunday morning when no one was around. The director's office is a small room with crappy office tables and nothing on the walls... maybe he sold the stuff to make the film(?)

The zombie effects are also very weak and could have been done by the actors themselves as there are quite a few varying designs, the best of which you only get to see for a few seconds.

Sam Fountayne, who directed and wrote (under the pseudonym Sam Hampson), gives the audience a run of the mill film with no special or attractive camera shots or angles. Along with the cast's below average acting skills, it makes the movie bland and boring, even when the action hits the screen. This is a shame as the premise of the story could offer the viewer an entertaining hour and a half if everything had been done better.

A girl with psychic powers has been discovered, she is taken to a laboratory where she is watched and trained to utilise her talents to her best ability. She arranges a breakout and all hell ensues as the company try to recapture their number one asset... Wait a minute that sounds all too familiar...

Ah... That's right...

Watch Stephen King's Firestarter with Drew Barrymore and Keith David rather than this. There are no zombies in Firestarter though the premise is the same as Zombies Have Fallen. However, the director can direct and the actors can act pretty well, oh yeah Stephen King can write one hell of a story.

Another good thing is the poster for the film, though I cannot help but think they knew how bad the movie was so they altered the title from Bad Blood, to make use of the popularity of the "----- Has Fallen" movies. I actually prefer the Zombies poster, it's a little more dynamic - so yay for the artists.

It's a shame this film wasn't given the cash influx it deserved as it could have been so much better.
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