Action, Horror
IMDB rating:
Hamid Torabpour
Tony Todd as Detective Sommers
Aundrea Smith as Litlle Girl
Brian Thoe as Shrimp Scampi
Amber Rhodes as Lily
Jim Westcott as Beaker
Bruce Miller as Porch Man
Heidi Fellner as Haley
Amanda Day as Tala
Marcus Dee as Dave
Raina Hein as Bena
Todd Vance as Dad
Steven Luke as Luke
Aaron Courteau as Marcus
Storyline: When the world is in shambles, plagued by a zombie outbreak, only the strong will survive, but just how much determination will it take? Will Luke and his crew have enough ambition and ammunition to stay alive long enough to save the human race?
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If George A Romero ever comes back from the dead.....
... he will be undoubtedly be looking to kick his son in the balls for ever allowing the great film making name of Romero to be attached to this fiasco of a film.

First of all, I offer my sympathies to the currently living Tony Todd and wonder, "how dead is his career that he actually took a role in this?" While Todd delivers the only credible performance in this festering cesspool of bad acting/actors it shouldn't be the "selling point" as he seems to be doing his own zombie walk even though his role is that of a living survivor.

Todd is no "Brando" by any stretch, but generally his performances are suitable to the role and effective to the story. In this case his role is minimal (mainly in the opening scene(s) and his delivery pretty much falters from the start and just nosedives by the end of the movie. I think anyone/everyone would see that his presence and name (much like the aforementioned producers namesake) is here to sell the film to fans. My advise would be "don't buy it and even if it's sent to you for free, send it back and demand a refund!"

Clearly the budget for auditions was in the double digits, but fortunately (for no one, including himself) fellow producer Stephen Luke offered his "talents" (and yes, this is a complete bastardization of the definition of that word) as the main lead. When the beautiful Raina Hein (2010 America's Next Top Model finalist) is finally introduced it gives little relief to anything other than the aesthetics. Still, I can't help wonder; with Hollywood's increasing obsession in making practically every female character in every show/film, no matter the genre, into some invincible super heroin, maybe Hein would've/could've been more convincing as the lead?

On the more positive side, Todd Vance (as Bena's dad) delivers the only performance, in one single particular scene, that might give viewers a chuckle. Yes, a single chuckle. Lastly, fight sequences towards the end seem over choreographed at times, but I've seen worse.

Directing, dialogue, writing and plot (along with subsequent "plot twist") are all as the Brits would say, "complete and utter rubbish." Uninspired, unimaginative and just plain lazy.

I honestly think I would've had a better time digging a shallow grave in my backyard, then having someone bury me alive (don't try this at home kids) and video record me digging my way out, then watching that over and over and over again, than watching a single viewing of this dreadful, undead filled flop.

If zombie fans want excitement I'd suggest going to an open casket wake and standing over the body for a time slightly more than the acceptable limit for a complete stranger. It's certain to deliver a better bloodrush than this movie; which will likely only cause rigor mortis... and not in a good way either.
Bad acting, effects zero, boring, flat atmosphere, watched only 15 minutes couldn't stand it anymore, anyone who says to you to watch this movie is more brain dead than zombies.. Line 4................................ Line 5................................
Hard Core Zombie Fans Can Overlook AND Enjoy
The action starts right off in this movie, and although it is a lower budgeted film and the acting is no where near Oscar winning level, there is quite a bit to enjoy in this movie if you are a hard core zombie fan.

There are some very nicely done camera work. The special effects are simple but believable and works well to keep you invested in the story. There are lots of action scenes with plenty of extra's/undead to keep you entertained. The story line tries very hard to add substance to the movie. There are some humorous moments and one liners to tickle you funny bone. Sound is very good.

As long as you don't compare it to TWD and perhaps have had an unfulfilled hunger for zombies so strong , that you have watched every stinky BAD zombie movie that every Joe Blow has thrown together then you will enjoy this movie. (Of the MANY lower budgeted Zombie Movies I have watched, there are some REALLY BAD ones. This is one of the better ones.
Is this what passes for originality nowadays?
After observing the summaries, character names, themes, and the title of the film in general, I can already see it is an abundance of clichés and cheap attempts at intense violence and in-depth story lines. Only getting as far as the trailer, I refuse to waste my time on such an overused film concept while I could just as easily be watching something I haven't already seen thirty times. "Zombies invade the world, it's up to a group of survivors to save civilisation," sound familiar?
One of the best "comedies" of the year!
If you're looking for a good zombie movie stay away from this awful film. If there was a script (which I doubt) I assume there was no money in the budget for a script supervisor to monitor continuity. The inconsistencies and time line mistakes drove me crazy. If there was there was a script, I hope the author never writes again. The acting was some of the worst I've ever seen.

Zombies is almost completely lacking in anything original or creative. Even the name is lazy. There's one scene that I have to give some credit for and that was the one involving a combine. It was the one interesting minute in the whole movie and it was, literally, a minute.

If you're looking for a movie full of unintentional hilarity...this is the one for you! I haven't laughed that hard at a movie in years. It may end up a cult classic as one of those "so ridiculously stupid it's funny" movies. My suggestion is to wait for it to come on SyFy or Netflix and turn it on when you need a good laugh.
Not bad in a sea of VOD zombie/virus films.
A survivor of a virus outbreak goes about finding more unfected people to come to his sanctuary.

Director/writer Hamid Torabpour offers a competent low budget offering, with plenty of kills, CGI blood and shooting as survivors take down zombie-like virus infected hordes. Torabpour also puts in a nice little nihilistic twist in the closing.

It's not a found footage type film like Zombie Diaries or Diary of the Dead. Sadly Zombies, like other above average low budget chomps including, The Dead, The Battery, Autumn and Mutant to name a few get lost in the sea of substandard DTV zombie films hell. Even though George A. Romero's son Cameron produces it doesn't reach the heights of his father work but thankfully this digital presentation has an almost film like feel appose to the abundance of camera work on VOD and SyFy that lack atmosphere.

It's played straight, the music, lighting, make up and locations add to the solid production. Veteran horror actor Tony Todd has an extended as Detective Sommers. Steven Luke's Luke plays the subtler scenes well rather than the action segments. Notable is Amanda Day as Tala but most memorable is Raina Hein's Bena. Despite sporting a zombie cliché killing weapon of choice bow Hein makes the most with what's she's given and offers much of the emotional clout.

Overall, looks good for the budget, don't expect Land, Dawn or Day of the Dead nor WWZ, think more on the level Survival of the Dead meets 2010's Rammbock and you may enjoy.
Avoid at all costs
This is the kind of bad that causes embarrassment for the viewer on behalf of those that are acting in it. You can't watch this without wincing at how bad the acting is and wondering what the 'actors' are thinking while they are wandering around trying not to bump into the furniture or look at the camera. I only watched it for 5 minutes but it is 5 minutes I will never recover. Whoever gave this a 10/10 needs help.
Horrible Script And Horrible Acting
I'm a huge fan of Zombie movies. Zombies was brutally bad. I was only able to get through 25 minutes of the movie before having to turn it off. It was a waste of time and money.

The worst part was the script. It's what you would expect if a 2nd grader wrote a zombie movie. The script was very predictable and cheesy. None of the cast was very convincing. It felt like acting from a local play.

I've seen higher quality videos and production with an iPhone. The video and makeup quality were lacking. Needless to say, it seems like they were on a very tight budget.

Bottom line...Save your money and find another film to watch.
Just an "Eh" kinda film
What was George Romero's son thinking when he decided to produce this film? The movie was just eh. Definitely have seen a lot worse. Don't expect this to be like The Walking Dead or even George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. I was very excited to see Tony Todd in this. However, even him couldn't save the film. The acting was not great at all. The lead actor and the villain was just terrible to look at. Tony Todd was the only decent one. They should have recast the whole thing. As far as the action and the gore goes, they should have cast actors that can actually fight or hire doubles. Or even have the actors go through extensive fight training, like Keanu Reeves in John Wick. You can totally tell the actors in this had no fighting background. They couldn't even hurt a fly if they tried. The people who played the zombies that dies help cover up the lead's fighting and the acting skills. All the zombies that died were a lot better actors than the leads like the zombies in the cornfield, the zombie that fell down the stairs "OUCH!", the tomahawk to the head zombie also "OUCH!", etc. It's like they hired amateur/first time actors but hired professional I'm guessing stunt people. I'm assuming those were real stunt people, right? So, kudos to them! The camera work was decent. The set design was pretty damn good for the budget they had on this. The music however was a bit corny and unfitting to the film. The production could have used more of the money and brought on a composer that knows how to score this kind of genre. Don't expect John Williams or Hans Zimmer style of music or even like Halloween's John Carpenter. The directing in this felt a bit rushed. It's like they filmed this in like 2-3 weeks or something and did everything in like 1-2 takes. For a budget in the million, they could have spent more money on filming. Where did the money go? Overall, I'd wait until it comes out on Netflix or something.
It would have to be kids
The film starts in the middle of a zombie apocalypse without any build up or known cause. Luke (Steven Luke) and Tony Todd create a safe house and scout for human survivors. Memorable scenes include kids on a bus and driving a combine through a field of zombies.

Tony Todd had a less than stellar role and was rather mundane. Steven Luke didn't exhibit any more life than the zombies. His bath salts joke fell flat. Dialogue was somewhat boring with my favorite character being the old guy sitting on his front porch guarding his beer. The ending has a twist which has been done before and better.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.
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